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How are your summer holidays shaping up? Last week, I told you about  Why the School Holidays are not a Cure for your Child’s Stress Levels.

This week, I want to help you if you’re finding it all too much. Here are the most common reasons your family may feel STRESSFUL to be around during the holidays.


This is what we fear the root cause of all the drama is, but actually it’s not that at all. Here are 3 resources which can teach you a thing or two about boredom and why it’s essential for your child’s development.

  1. Grab my free Summer Survival Guide so you know exactly what to do when boredom strikes.
  2. Watch this video ‘Dear Smiley: I Feel Total Overwhelm by my Bored Kids in the School Holidays’.
  3. Get your kids listening to the latest episode of the Kids Podcast Truly Madly Smiley.
  4. Check out my book recommendations so you can learn together (psssst….Smiley has a new book out – Stuck Between Two Worlds. A heart-warming story about dealing with anxiety and anger for kids).


This is what we fear will break out and we will spend all our time refereeing. When actually this blog post tells you what lies beneath that and how you can help siblings get along better. It has to be said that the heat is probably not helping matters.


Yep, not a hosepipe ban in this heat. This is what we fear we won’t get enough of – alone time, peace and quiet. We feel constantly on call and in demand. OK, it doesn’t have to be this way. How about:

  1. Working on your boundaries so you can say no without guilt and not feel overly responsible for everything.
  2. Why you need to schedule in self-care and not feel selfish if you want to make it through the summer (treat yourself like you matter and notice how other people start to treat you that way too)
  3. Notice how all of these situations begin with your fear of what may or may not happen. Worrying about what hasn’t happened yet will drive you INSANE!!! It’s tiring and it’s not going to help you.

Imagine feeling lighter, happier and knowing what to do when it goes wonky?

All that lovely free stuff I’ve just given you right there will put you in a different headspace.

If you want to dive deeper into learning more about how family life can be more HARMONIOUS, hop on over to Smiley’s Online Learning Den where there are lots of juicy learning packs for you to get your teeth into. I recommend ‘The Ultimate Feel Good’ Bundle.

I think there’s enough in there to keep you going. You’re in control of what you choose to think about and you can choose to do it differently. If you need my help, I’m right here and this is how you can get hold of me. 

Make your goal to enjoy this special time with your family.

Don’t expect perfection. Don’t expect it to go according to plan (life rarely ever does).

Don’t put pressure on it to be anything other than what it is right here right now.

Instead, make it your mission that come what may, you’re going to enjoy the summer that you all truly deserve.

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