‘I wish we’d called you sooner!’ is the phrase I hear repeatedly after parents have that initial session. The relief is palpable as they have often been struggling on for a long time and are exhausted. Whilst it can be hard to reach out and ask for help, it’s by no means a reflection of your ability as a parent. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

Lisa Parkes 

Being a messy human in this crazy world can be scary and really damn tricky. Without a parachute or a training manual, everybody is doing their best!

Have you ever thought about how comfortable society is with puppy training classes and a licence for our pets, and yet there is no prerequisite for raising tiny humans? If you’re finding it hard, it is, but it can get easier.

Let me help you with that.

Private 1-1 coaching is for teens. For tweens, I offer a lighter, more fun approach with with Truly Madly Smiley. I am also available to talk to parents who would like to get expert guidance, clarity and support (see below).

Parents’ Clarity Call

 Introductory Price

For parents with children under 10 who are searching for answers. We’ll work together to cut through the confusion & clear the path ahead, so you feel reassured you’re doing all the right things and giving your child exactly what they need. Access expert guidance & support from Smiley with your very own Coaching Success Blueprint – a detailed, customised report that gives you the answers you’re looking for.

£249 £297 

🔸 1 private 121 Smiley coaching session (50 mins) Deep dive into your current situation and get it off your chest. Together we will get to the heart of the matter, and I’ll quickly move you from stuck to Smiley. Your child does not need to attend. 

🔸  Your Customised Coaching Success Blueprint 3 days after our call, you will receive a detailed report with my expert observations, suggested areas for improvement, some quick wins and immediate actions, and a proposed on-going plan of action. 



What You Get

The session and customised report combined will: 

✔ Cut through the confusion and chaos to see what’s really going on.

✔ Pinpoint where to start and what to prioritise to get the best results.

✔ Reduce any anxiety and fear that may arise from constantly wondering ‘Am I doing it right or differently to everybody else?’.

✔ Reduce the overwhelm that may arise from feeling unsupported, triggered and having too many plates spinning at once. Imagine being able to relax and feel calmer knowing you have a concrete plan.

✔ Work out exactly what you need so you can think straight and be an anchor during the storm.

✔ Teach you how to confidently support your child at this time (step-by-step guides of what to say and what to do).

✔ Identify your strengths and highlight any areas for improvement.

✔ Shine a light on your blind spots – what you’re not seeing is very likely holding you and your child back (don’t worry we all have them!).



Ready for Change? 

The secret to happy parenting is to know that it is not a skill, but a relationship which must be a priority in our busy lives. Happy parent-child unions are rooted in self-awareness, a willingness to introspect, and a commitment to continually learning how to love yourself and your child harder. 

You can learn important life skills, grow your family’s emotional intelligence and deepen that all important loving emotional connection with each other. This is often lost in the day to day busyness of life. Your emotional and mental wellbeing needs taking care of just like your body or your home. Children who are raised in this way, grow up to be well-rounded, healthy, happy adults

“I was nervous about our first call but you instantly put me at ease.  You literally made sense of our chaos! Somehow, you knew what I was trying to articulate and picked up on my deepest fears. Such great intuitive insight and very different to my previous counselling experience.

Our Coaching Success Blueprint was exactly what we needed. You presented everything so clearly with easy to follow steps. It’s so reassuring to have it to refer to. I’m back in control and more confident about a way forward for us. And just like you said my new-found positivity has rubbed off on my daughter. ”  

Susan P, Surrey


“When I booked, I wondered what I was going to talk about for 90 minutes, but once you started asking me questions about things I hadn’t even considered, I found it easy to talk to you. I didn’t realise how long I’ve been holding it together and it was a huge relief to tell somebody who got it and didn’t make me feel like a terrible mother. 

 I’ve learnt so much about myself, my daughter and more importantly, our relationship. You get stuck doing the same thing every day and you don’t stop to consider alternatives. You panic that nothing is working and feel like you’re failing. It was helpful to have it all mapped out in the report and to get your professional opinion.

After a few tweaks and your encouragement, we’ve had a more peaceful week and we’re talking instead of arguing. You were right about the power struggle and I’m confident about how to diffuse that now. I’m proud of us and how far we’ve come in a short space of time. We can both go to sleep happy and not stressing about what the next day might bring.”  Maggie D, Wimbledon


 “Growing up in this challenging world can be tough for kids. Lisa is a guiding light in all the confusion, arming kids with the tools they need to navigate it. She was born to do this work and I am so glad that she was recommended to me and my family. Thanks Lisa.” Paula, Cobham 

Got Questions?

Here are the things people often ask me about coaching.

Can I call you for a quick chat?

Everything you need to know about private coaching is here on the website. Please take the time to explore and understand the services I offer.

I don’t have a receptionist like other caring professionals, but like them, my busy schedule is prioritised by my existing client caseload. My experience of quick chats after 10 years in this business, is that they inevitably turn into coaching calls. Part of the coaching process is to give adequate time and attention to your personal and private situation in a safe and professional environment. People are often overwhelmed, emotional and confused when they make that initial call asking for help. It takes courage to reach out sometimes, but it is the right thing to do. If you need my help, please book a Start Up Session or a Parents’ Clarity Call.

If you have read the information on the website and you still have questions about the coaching process, you can email. I respectfully ask that you do not email me personal questions that relate to your current situation. I am sorry but I cannot respond unless you are a client.

Do you offer face-to-face coaching?

I don’t!  In the past, getting anxious children to me was a struggle. Not to mention the after school rush hour! Now I can coach children anywhere in the world…and I do! Children are happy and relaxed in their own environment. Feeling safe in familiar surroundings is the perfect setting for this type of work, especially, if you don’t like being out of your comfort zone, away from home and you’ve had a long day at school.

Think of me like a personal tutor for life and for your emotional wellbeing. If you envisaged your child sitting on a sofa talking with me in the same room, are you sure that it is coaching you are looking for? Read the next question: ‘How is coaching different to therapy?’ to understand more.

How is coaching different to therapy?

I don’t tell you what to think or do. Instead, I teach you how to think and feel so you can figure out what feels right for you. Only you know that! I will give you choices, helpful exercises and challenge your thinking patterns. I want to empower you to take charge and feel in control of your life. I do not have the answers – you do! I’m going to help you remember where you left them!

My role is to facilitate change and to give you the tools to move from stuck to smiley I will be a mentor, a good listener, a guide and your biggest cheerleader. This blog post explains more.

How do I explain it to my child?

Present coaching to your child in a positive light. Get their input and make sure you have their buy-in. Coaching isn’t for problems. People don’t need fixing. Coaching is for getting the most out of life! I find using positive analogies that your child can relate to work. e.g. comparing me to a Sports Coach who is helping an athlete train for a marathon or a Football Coach who ensures a player is top of his game before a match. A Life Coach ensures you are the happiest in your daily life and can help you overcome anything that troubles you.

If your child has been listening to Truly Madly Smiley, often they are excited to meet me and they want to. You could also show them this video of me talking about how to get rid of your worries once and for all!

Why don't you coach children under the age of 12?

I will happily support parents, but I am reticent to put a young child in a coaching environment for 50 minutes. Besides, whilst they are still young, YOU are the biggest influence in their life and so it makes more sense to coach you.

For a lighter touch, your time is better spent learning together with Truly Madly Smiley – little and often over time. There is no magic bullet or quick fix. There is an option to get some 1-1 support from me during this process BUT you’ll need to start listening and be committed to that before we talk.

We don't have the budget for 121 coaching what else can we do?

This blog post The True Cost of Your Child’s Happiness tells you about all the free and more affordable coaching options available. I’ve tried to make coaching affordable for everybody, so whilst bespoke private 121 coaching with me may not be a viable option for your family, there are plenty of juicy resources to get stuck into; including this stack of freebies.

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