Important Announcement About Smiley Workshops

Sadly, we are stopping our workshops in June. Don’t Miss Out!  The Good News! They will be replaced by The Energy Pod. This is the Ultimate Weekly Online Workout for all the family.

This means means no age limits, no leaving the house, no panic about how you are going to get them there …..just snuggle up on the sofa together and Get Your Happy On! Click here to find out more!

Thank you for the great workshop in half term. We have fantastic artwork and my daughter enjoyed a lot. Perhaps the biggest compliment to you is that she has used the ‘confidence suit’ at school. This has helped her with a tricky situation. She will definitely be coming back again!

Mrs Stein, Weybridge

We were walking to school today and Poppy was telling me that she wasn’t really looking forward to it as she had PE. She then turned to me, gave me a big smile and said ‘Actually, I think I will just zip up my power suit! Thought you would like to hear that Lisa!

Kerry Harrison, Woking

I learnt that I am confident……..It was useful creative fun and friendly…….I am glad I came…..The thing I enjoyed least about today was leaving…..I learnt to love what I have and not to ask for more things……It was awesome…….I wasn’t looking forward to today because my Mum told me to come but I’m glad I did, it was easy and fun…….I enjoyed decorating my poster and playing games.

From Various Smiley Surrey Children

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