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Do you know what makes me REALLY happy? When I can have conversations with you

I’m talking about proper 2-way conversations where we both share and reach an understanding. That takes a certain level of vulnerability, so we can have an emotional connection. 

The more we emotionally connect, the more I understand and the more I can help.

If you’re not very good at asking for help, don’t worry. I think I know why and I would invite you to explore that a little bit more if you are able.

Do you pull your hair out at bedtime?

Is your child clingy or can’t do things without you?

Last week, a Mum called me because she had been at the end of her tether.

Her 9-year old daughter wasn’t sleeping (she has melatonin from the Doctor) and she also struggled to leave her Mum to go to school.

(If you suffer with separation anxiety, check out this blog).

That was until last week, when she discovered the Truly Madly Smiley podcast.

She said ‘If that’s what the podcast can do, then we’re very interested in the ‘Get Your Worries Out’ course!’ 

Now her daughter is falling asleep super quick because she is feeling emotionally connected, safe and her brain has another job to do aside from overthink and worry. 

Why? It’s the Emotional Connection

In coaching we call this rapport. It’s the emotional connection that YOU and I have with them that makes them more open to suggestion, feel seen, heard and loved. If you’re a Freeze Type Stress Responder,  then you will find it hard to connect to your emotions.

You might also like to read about why bedtime is the last call for connection which sometimes makes it hard for your child to separate out from you. 

That’s why it’s such a good idea to warm up your kids to coaching by virtually introducing them to me – via the podcast. It works! To get your child more involved why don’t you show them this behind the scenes blog so they can learn how to make their own podcast for fun.

How do we emotionally connect? 

It would appear that my voice is doing the job. Her daughter said she liked my voice and found it soothing. Funnily enough, another little girl said the same thing to me last week:

I know that it’s more than that.

It’s empathy, it’s validation and it’s acceptance. That’s what I teach parents on my ‘How to Listen With Love’ course.

Now, I’d really LOVE  to hear what your kids think of the podcast. I write this stuff for them. So be sure to leave a review when you’ve found an episode that really speaks to you. 

Or leave a comment below and spark off a conversation. You know the one where we both share and reach an understanding. 

You know how much I love to chat! 

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