You may have already read first part of this blog post I’m Not Just The Girl You Call in An Emergency  where I told you:

  • why self care is essential for Mums
  • how letting things slide is the road to disaster
  • there are some quick and easy baby steps you can take to make a difference.

Are you still resisting your health as a priority?

If you are thinking ‘I don’t have time’ or any other resisting thoughts, you definitely need to go back and read the first part again because this stuff has to be a priority, and what else could be more important than you family’s emotional and mental health?

Here are some helpful tips for creating healthy habits 

1) Attach a new habit to a habit you already do.

I tell the kids when they’re doing their Smiley Thought Cards, if you have the card up in front of the mirror, and say your affirmation over and over while you clean your teeth.

You might say them in your head or do a card in the car on the way to school.  Instead of moaning about the fact you don’t want to go to school or worrying about whether you have done your homework or not, do a Smiley Thought Card!

Find a way to attach it to something you do every day. You can read about how when I’m cooking my dinner I tend to have You Tube streaming on with gurus who I aspire to and motivate and coach me. I put them on in the background because listening to them, I’m marinating my brain in all the things they’re telling me so while I’m making my dinner every day now that has become a habit. 

There’s loads of helpful content on my You Tube Channel and The Truly Madly Podcast is much adored by the kids. 

2) Create new habits that are small and achievable.

You don’t say I’m going to give up chocolate and think about the next 100 years without chocolate because that would be depressing. You just think for the next hour I’m not eating chocolate.  So you break it down into little chunks (not the chocolate), and you make it achievable.

When you start out this new way of connection parenting there’s a lot to remember and you’re very used to your old habits of parenting in a certain way so you will find yourself shouting, you will find yourself losing it, you will find yourself forgetting to do empathy, you will forget to connect, you will try and control behaviour, you will do all of those things but if you can just wake up in the morning and say: 

Do something really small and you do it day by day and you just build on it and keep repeating it.

If you train for a marathon you don’t just run 26 miles do you?!  There’s daily training, you have a training schedule and you map it all out  and you stick to your plan. You also have a coach like me to help keep you on track. There’s lots of ways you and your family can work with me. 

3) Find your best time of day.

When are you at your best?  Doing something new doesn’t have to be a struggle! When are your energy levels in the right place? I’m all about energy and how things feel.  It’s because I’m an emotional intelligence coach.  In the mornings I am at my best!

  • Are you a morning person?
  • Are you a dawn bird or a night owl?
  • Are you better after lunch when you’ve refuelled?

Work out when energetically you’re in a good place to take action. Your brain will naturally want to rebel and resist. You have to give yourself the chance of more success because that’s more motivating and make it easy for yourself.

We all have a belief that doing a new thing should be a struggle and it should be difficult and hard work. No, no, no, no, no!  Just make it easy, just get on and do it!  As long as you’re taking action, it’s small bits of action, you will achieve it. You will! 

4) Be Accountable.

Coaches like me keep people on track in a really nice, caring, non judgemental, supportive way. Have you got a buddy to keep you in check or if you’re doing it with someone else at the same time. My coaching programmes, are designed to teach you how to do it for yourself. It’s not about making you dependable on a Coach, it’s about internalising the new stuff and giving you the tools to be able to do it for yourself. To make yourself accountable. Say it out loud “Today I’m going to do this” and get on and do it! 

5) Reward yourself.

Sometimes I’ve got my eye on something and if I do well in my business I will treat myself. My latest obsession L’Occitane.  Parenting does get overwhelming  and you can have parenting ideas from loads of people but I think it’s important to remember that your mum-tuition is normally bang on the money. Listen listen to that. Take bits from whatever you hear then bring them all together and make your own formula for being a mum!

Creating new habits isn’t as big as it seems

It can be broken down and you can do it in small bits and make it achievable.  As you do those little bits, little things become big things and then you can see yourself succeeding and you think, ‘Wow that’s amazing!’

In my practical eBook, ’30 Days to Rediscover the Magic of Parenting’, I coach you to prioritise the important stuff for little pockets of time consistently. It’s well worth it as you can see from the results here. The Mums who gave it a go were pleasantly surprised.

What would happen if YOU chose to do it differently starting on 1st May?

What if you prioritised the important stuff for 30 days? I’m helping Magical Mamas like you get shit done as a live coaching eCourse, simply click here for all the details. All you have to do is take the first step and sign up!

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