Do the summer hols feel stressy?

Wouldn’t it be heavenly to relax in the sunshine, instead of feeling like it’s up to you to make  summer special? Pressure!

Imagine if you didn’t have to referee all the squabbles. Or be a children’s entertainer. Or what if you actually discovered the secret to preventing boredom.

I’ve got something to help you!  Get your hands on my free Summer Survival Kit  (handy video and worksheet) so you can step into the holidays without the stress.

Smiley Resources

From cards, videos & fun sheets to detailed online learning packs; I’ve created a tonne of helpful stuff so the whole family can Get Their Happy On!

From £20

Smiley Podcast

Truly Madly Smiley is the only show where children everywhere get their weekly burst of confidence,  encouragement, love and positivity.


The Energy Pod

A fun, light-hearted weekly workout for your family’s mental & emotional wellbeing with practical tools for handling all your emotions.

£15 per family

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