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Truly Madly Smiley Podcast

An essential emotional education for life. Join thousands of Wildhearts, parents & educators, who are committed to following their hearts and are on a mission to discover their own kind of happy ….one episode at a time.  

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Free Daily Smiley Thoughts

For those of you who have an Amazon Alexa, your child can now get their Smiley Thought Cards read to them for FREE, and by another child. Simply say ‘Alexa! Play Happy Thoughts!’ and see what happens.

It’s a great way to infuse your child’s brain with positivity before they go to school or sleep at night.  This was a joint project with ‘The Little Book Magazine’.

How to Grow Your Own Happiness (and shrink your worries)


A wonderful little pack to show you how to be more Smiley and less worried in life! There’s heaps of fun stuff for you and your kids. It’s my dream to help as many children as possible grow up feeling GORGEOUS from the inside out.

Beginner’s Guide to A Growth Mindset

This is the stuff that helps children grow up happy. The way you think and see the world affects everything you feel and do. Watch  your emotional resilience and confidence improve dramatically.

Reading + Resources Library

 Over the years I’ve read hundreds of books and articles related to my work. I thought instead of letting them rattle around in my head, I’d share the cream of the crop with you. I think you will find them just as brilliant as I did.

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