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Stuck Between Two Worlds

Where does she really belong? Ruby’s life with her family in the Hologram House seems to be a happy one. But despite its perfect appearance, Ruby’s family is hiding dark secrets. Ruby longs for another life, but there seems to be no way out. Until one day, a stranger appears and leads Ruby to the Wilderness, where she discovers another life does await her—the life of a Wildheart. As Ruby discovers her true power, one question remains—will she stay in the Wilderness with her Wildheart friends? Or will she return to the Hologram House where her family and their secrets are waiting?

Smiley Thought Cards 

40 beautifully illustrated affirmation cards. Have fun fostering a growth mindset and feel confident from the inside out!

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Customised Coaching Success Blueprint

For parents looking for answers. Cut through the confusion and clear the path ahead. A detailed, customised report with my expert observations, suggested areas for improvement, some quick wins and immediate actions, and a proposed on-going plan of action. 

Introductory Price £197 £250 

Digital Downloads 


Problem Solving

Emotional literacy

Express Yourself




Back To School

calm the overwhelm

Self Soothe

Self Esteem


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feel good bundle

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Safe4Kids Parents’ Workshop

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