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Fun & practical resources to grow your happiness from the inside out!

Stuck Between Two Worlds

Will Ruby choose The Wilderness and stay with her other Wildheart friends, or will she return home to the family who doesn’t understand her at all?  

Stuck Between Two Worlds is a heartwarming story about a 9-year-old girl dealing with the negative emotions and scary feelings that many school-aged children struggle with.

Smiley Thought Cards 

40 beautifully illustrated affirmation cards. Have fun fostering a growth mindset and feel confident from the inside out!


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Backstage Pass

Listen to the most popular episodes for free or buy a backstage pass and unlock ALL the Wildheart wisdom and magic!

Whether you’re a Super Fan who is curious to learn more about life and your place in it, an Intuitive Educator or Homeschooler looking for lesson plans and teaching inspiration, this is a real treat for you!


£8.99 per month 

Truly Madly Smiley Creative Journal 

For backstage pass members, you can enjoy some creative quiet time as you listen to Truly Madly Smiley. Creativity helps focus the mind, reduces anxiety, depression, and stress. This fun 40- page activity printable integrates all your podcast learnings into your heart and soul. Smiley invites you to self-reflect, answer some thought-provoking questions, doodle, colour and draw your way to happiness. Such fun!


Digital Downloads 


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The Energy Pod


Relaxation Pack

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feel good bundle

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