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For Families

Smiley Thought Cards

40 Beautifully illustrated affirmation cards. Improve your growth mindset and help your child feel gorgeous from the inside out!

£19.99 plus P&P

Smiley's New Book

A heart-warming story about overcoming anxiety and anger for kids


Smiley's Feel Good Bundle

Make sense of your anxiety & anger. Discover practical ways to soothe those feelings, so you can feel more like yourself again!


For Children

EQ + Confidence

Grow your child’s EQ and confidence from the inside out! Lots of fun, easy & practical techniques for you to have fun learning together as a family! 

From £18

Feel Confident about School!

Give your child the confidence to handle the transition from the weekend or from the holidays back to the classroom.


Turn it all around!

Let Smiley help you find your inner strength so you can bounce back from wonky days and not let them overwhelm you!


Be Your Own Best Friend!

Learn to value yourself enough & like who you are, so you can enjoy healthy balanced friendships that bring out the best in you!


Emotional Regulation

Help your child understand & process their big scary emotions so they can feel empowered instead of overwhelmed by them.


A Fun Adventure!

 with Smiley Venture into The Wilderness & discover valuable life lessons that every strong-willed sensitive child needs to know!


Empower Your Child!

Let go of your worries with Smiley and feel relaxed and safe in your body! Empower your child to deal with the stress of living in a busy world.


Wildheart Starter Pack

Smiley’s quick + easy Wildheart Starter Pack for creating and maintaining your inner smile….because happiness is an inside job.


For Parents

Prioritise what matters!

For busy parents who want to be the best version of themselves, take control and stay calm.


Be A Confident Parent

Parenting is full of uncertainty. Learn how to trust your innate parenting wisdom, so you can cut down on worry, doubt & Googling!


Learn how to Set Boundaries

Learn to set boundaries, take back your power without crushing your child’s spirit & without compromising yourself.



From my Wildheart to yours!

I want to help you find your own brand of happy.

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