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Here you’ll find learning resources, activities, classes, training, and a private podcast feed for children. There’s something here for everybody to enjoy (including educators and professionals that work with Wildhearts).


👇 Take what resonates & leave the rest! 


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Make Learning Fun!

These ‘Smiley-fied’ self development resources are a unique mix of healing modalities (EFT, energy healing, yoga, breathwork, affirmations, CBT, expressive art, journaling, mindfulness and more!). All made with love whilst recovering from childhood trauma and healing my inner Wildheart. I’m so grateful to all the 8-11 year old Wildhearts I worked with during this decade of learning and discovery. It felt like a magical co-creation between souls. They were my teachers, as much as I was theirs.

💕 Understanding Your Wildheart Self 

adventures & discoveries

Wildheart Truths

daily life as a wildheart

Private Podcast


Shrink your Worries

💕 Wildheart Self-Expression (Get ’em Talking)

creative problem solving

Draw It Out!


Smiley Cards


Free to Be Me!

💕 Wildheart Emotional Soothers & Calmers

calm & relax

Bedtime Pack

manage meltdowns  

Tame Your Angries

emotional energy

Workout Classes

💕 Wildheart Self-Esteem & Confidence 

back to school


social confidence &



Body Boundaries

Wildheart Merch

I hate labels but that seems to be a thing right now. So I’d like to give these brave, spirited, sensitive souls a positive identity. Wildhearts are here to wake us up and spark change. They’re literally screaming at us to slow down and do it differently. I think before we medicate and label, we need to look at the energy they are sitting in. Is it the right fit for their temperament? How we’re seen and spoken about impacts our self-esteem. Children look for love and approval. Feeling different from your peers can hurt – we’re hard wired to connect and belong. We all want to be accepted for who we are!

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