Boost Your School’s EQ + Bring Positivity to Your Classrooms


Dealing with stressed or anxious children?


In an average class of 30 15-year olds* (source: OFSTED)


  • three could have a mental disorder
  • ten are likely to have witnessed their parents separate
  • one could have experienced the death of a parent
  • seven are likely to have been bullied
  • six may be self-harming




Life has become busy and pressurised


In fact in my work I see that it’s often a struggle for many children. There is big need for emotional intelligence support and tools to help them cope and bounce back. My Smiley Thought Cards quickly and easily change the way children think and feel. Each card carries a positive affirmation or mantra on the front and guiding messages on the back.




Minimum Effort: Maximum Effect!


All it takes is repetition, fun and a little Smiley magic for children to  train their brains to think differently. Smiley Thought Cards are beautifully illustrated cards. There are 40 cards in each box with 10 cards of each type and 2 spare cards for the children to create their very own Smiley Thoughts. They cost £19.99 +P+P


morning smiles collage





It’s a habit that can be cultivated for life

The way we think impacts how we feel. When we feel better, we do better and that is key to learning. We need to feel good inside and relaxed for our brains to learn Watch this video and see how that works. All it takes is repetition, fun and a little Smiley magic for children to train their brains to think differently.

The possibilities for fun are endless!

They are a go-to resource which ticks lots of boxes and supports OFSTED’s 8 principles of a whole school approach to emotional health and well being for both staff and children.

Here are some ideas of how you could use them in you school to inject a feel good energy into your students.

Want some Smiley Support?

Download the flier to discover all the ways Smiley can help your school today!

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