Smiley + Santa at Christmas 

 So you get what you really really want this year, be sure to order in time. 

Here at Smiley HQ, we don’t believe in naughty children. We see how kind-hearted you are even when you are sad or grumpy or tired. In fact, Santa is more concerned with how hard you try every day and how much LOVE and HAPPINESS you have inside of you. Smiley cares too and she wants to make sure you have things in your life to remind you of what matters most.

There are some truly gorgeous delights in here to help your child feel safe, confident, relaxed and special. 

Happy Christmas to you and your gorgeous family! 

Love  Smiley x ❤ x

A Smiley Christmas Gift from my heart to yours!

Just the word Christmas sends children’s excitement off the charts. The energy of Christmas is full on.  All that magical sparkle makes it super tricky for them to settle at bedtime. So I’ve created this fun guided visualisation. 

Click the red button to listen and peacefully drift off to sleep.

For Bookworms

Get a signed copy of my new bookStuck Between Two Worlds‘ with a personalised message from Smiley. Email your order and you’ll receive a link to pay. You’ll also be asked for the name of the person you’re giving the book to and some information about them for their Smiley message.  A one off special gift for your wonderful Wildheart this Christmas. 

“I loved this from the first page. Written with joy and warmth, Stuck Between Two Worlds is a lovely tale full of compassion and tools to use to find a safe place inside one’s own heart.”


Email me directly  (allow 5 days for delivery).

Ideal for:  Wildhearts who want to learn about the positives of being sensitive and strong-willed instead of feeling like they’re wrong or different. Can also be enjoyed by parents who want to understand their Wildheart’s inner world more clearly or connect with their own inner child. 

Meet Smiley

A 30-minute personalised session with Smiley using the Smiley Thought Cards to help your child set goals and get ready for 2020. Your child will be able to ask Smiley a specific question or you can simply have fun getting messages from the Smiley Thought Cards to help you feel more positive or to motivate your child with a confidence boost. Simply book the session,  get access to my diary and  pick the slot you want.

“My Son loves his sessions with you. He’d like to pop you in a matchbox and keep you near all the time.”


Kick start your New Year with Smiley 

Ideal for: Wildhearts who need a positivity boost or who are going through a time of change and need some support. Can also be for Wildhearts who listen to the Truly Madly Smiley podcast and want to meet Smiley. 


Think Positive

40 beautifully illustrated photos with uplifting affirmations for the whole family. A quick and fun way to develop a growth mindset. A quick and fun way to encourage positive thinking, self esteem, self-confidence and self-love. Children who use Smiley Thought Cards every day feel more confident and happy as they have a clearer sense of self, develop emotional resilience to life’s challenges and learn that they are in charge of the thoughts they think.  

“We absolutely LOVE these! What a great way to start and end each day filling us all with positivity and stimulating some worthwhile conversations even when we are busy.”


PLUS P&P (allow 3 days for delivery).

Ideal for: deepening parent-child connection, talking about what matters, problem solving, self-belief, self-confidence, growth mindset, comforting and calming down.

free video series


Want a stress free Christmas?

Watch the 12 days of Smiley Christmas so you don’t get caught up in the Christmas crazy.

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