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This week, I jumped online to talk about what your anxious child needs most of all

In this video you will hear me talk about:

2:23 Why the world we live in is anxiety provoking

6:54 What it means when you have a worried brain (it’s still a healthy brain)

7:10 The difference between fear and worry

8:22 Some children are more anxious than others and are more prone to worrying

8:41 What parents find really hard when their child is worrying

10:07 What you can say to an anxious child to help them

13:07 How you can learn to process all your feelings in a healthy way

14:41 What does an anxious child need most of all

16:09 What anxious children tell me is hellish for them

18:02 What do anxious children need their parents to be

20:27 What questions do you need to ask yourself if you are a parent who doesn’t trust easily (you might also like this blog post)

22:30 What one really important thing do children need to feel safe?

24:34 What do families with healthy boundaries do?

27:57 How my Smiley Thought Cards help children with their worries

29:13 Why you must try not to give your child this label

33:42 Why balance, play and relaxation are so important for these children (you can pick up the Smiley Sweet Dreams pack that I talk about here).

36:33 What I think could be creating lots of bullying in schools

48:25 What I tell children who are being bullied to help them feel safe

I also mention the replays of the Energy Pod which you can catch up with or come to class.

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