Do you see your child struggling to make friends or feeling alone at school?

Maybe they are being bullied or getting in too deep with tricky types who manipulate or are aggressive. They just want to fit in and find the right people for them.

Perhaps they feel left out or find themselves being the 3rd wheel or they struggle to make and keep friends.

It’s so hard to send them off to school every day knowing that they don’t feel safe. You’re worried about how it’s affecting them and their learning.

In this 60-minute SUPER SMILEY mini online training, I will share with you: 

  • WHY this is hard for YOU
  • WHY this is hard for YOUR CHILD
  • WHAT you can do about it
  • some of my QUICK & EASY TOOLS to help you and your child cope

This is a recording of a live class. There will be a Smiley Bonus if you watch the whole class right to the end.

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