Episode 21

Reflections on Self-Love for Father’s Day 

Today on The Wildheart Diaries, I’m talking about how our relationship with our father shapes our lives. We’ll be exploring absent fathers (physical and emotional), how critical and harsh parenting impacts our self-esteem and how in the narcissistic family system, some fathers are blocked from having emotional access to their children. This unwritten rule deeply wounds and abandons the child, because the father prioritises the relationship with their narcissistic mother. The child is left unprotected from the narcissistic mother’s cruel abuse, and longs for love and approval. In adulthood, this sets the child up for unfulfilling relationships and a belief that they are unworthy of love.

Links mentioned in this episode:

The original blog post, ‘Where was Daddy?’ can be found here.

Check out my book Stuck Between Two Worlds and follow the story of Ruby Wildheart who grew up in a house of secrets and lies.

Diana Jordan from Dealing with Divorce specialises in divorcing a narcissist. Her book, ‘How to Divorce a Narcissist and Succeed in the Family Court’ is awesome.




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