Private Family Intensives

This powerful online coaching programme is tailor made  to your family’s unique circumstances.

Intensive family coaching works with the whole family to heal, educate and also bring awareness and insight. The goal is to  enhance and strengthen connection, as well as bring about greater understanding of one another.

By application only.

Leave a loving emotional legacy for your child

Work with me for 3 months to help your family strengthen your emotional connection, communication and understanding of one another. You will have ongoing support from me – I’m just an email away, so we can work through challenges together. This is the best way to learn – on the job!  This programme also works well for parents who have childhood trauma, were raised in abusive families or are experiencing family estrangement. 

You can sleep easy knowing you’ve got the best person on your team!

Parenting is incredibly stressful and full of unknowns. You’re constantly second-guessing yourself and worrying about your child. Your child may be struggling emotionally (high levels of anxiety, explosive anger or deep sadness) or socially (tricky friendships and feeling left out or lonely). You don’t have to have it all figured out and you certainly don’t have to do it alone!

I’ll be there to answer all your questions, fears and niggles.

I’ll help you prioritise what matters most to your family.

I’ll give you helpful insights into the relationship you have with your child, so you can get clarity and direction. 

I’ll reassure you that you’re good enough (you don’t have to be perfect) and cheerlead you through the days that feel too hard.

I’ll coach you to feel more confident in your ability and this will help your child feel more safe and secure too.


In the absence of reflection, history often repeats itself…Research has clearly demonstrated that our children’s attachment to us will be influenced by what happened to us when we were young if we do not come to process and understand those experiences.”

-Dan Siegel -


 It helps if you have some level of self awareness (have previously had some therapy or done self development work) and are willing to change.  This isn’t mandatory but it’s a good place to start because this type of work is triggering.

Coaching can bring up intense feelings which helps identify where there is work to do.  It requires courage to stick with it even when uncomfortable feelings get dialled up. I’m here to reassure you and guide you through. 

I want to work with parents who value collaboration. Families are part of a system whereby each person’s behaviour will affect the other. Everybody needs to take responsibility for their part.

Your Child

I coach children age 7 upwards to understand that they already have the keys to their own happiness inside of them. 

I’m not prescriptive. I will guide and encourage your child to work out what is right for them.  

 Your child must be slightly curious and want to engage in the coaching process. Some resistance is to be expected, but if they are adamant they don’t want to, they’re not ready.  

A good way to get to know me is by introducing them to the Truly Madly Smiley podcast or book a free taster session with me. 

Total Investment: £2,000

(Or 4 monthly payments of £510)

‘Smiley coaching has been amazing! Absolutely life changing for the whole family. It’s given me the confidence to parent in the way that is right for me and for my family. I have learnt to look after myself and to say no. I have learnt that I don’t have to be perfect and apologising is positive role modelling. My daughter is so much happier too and it’s brilliant to see her change and flourish in such a short space of time. Your techniques and exercises are so simple and yet so powerful and fun. We have loved it and we are sad that it has come to an end. Thank you for everything!’

Helen G, Surrey

Mum to Rosie, age 11

‘Lisa! I just want to thank you wholeheartedly for your loving support and guidance this week. It feels amazing to have you on my team and I can’t put into words how much I appreciate all of your email and text message correspondence outside of our calls. I have tears in my eyes reading your email today. It is that feeling that you are with me standing by our sides, that you are supporting me and there is no judgement. Even though this is a business arrangement, I can still feel the support, it feels pure and rooted in love. I am so grateful, thank you.’

Celia H, Wimbledon

Mum to Amelie, age 8

Parent Engagement

I will ask you to prioritise and work through the online coaching materials.  Our time together is for you. You can share your insights, discoveries and ask me questions.

I want you to be open and willing to change. To be accountable and to be committed to doing the work. I will not talk about the content of your child’s sessions but am more interested in what it is triggering in you.

My ultimate goal is to help you understand how the way you were parented shapes your relationship with your child. I want to help you foster a healthy loving relationship with your child. You can parent optimally when you’ve uncovered your childhood wounds. 

Child Engagement

To the child, coaching is enjoyable. It’s uninterrupted, quality time for them to explore and express their feelings. Even though it’s presented as fun and light hearted, it’s much more than that and is cleverly designed to  help your child move beyond their struggle.

I provide follow up exercises between sessions (it’s not homework like school). 

My ultimate goal is to help your child understand themselves, feel better and have a practical toolkit to become more emotionally resilient (bounce back from life’s challenges), so they can thrive now and in their adult life.

VIP Private Coaching

12 private 121 Smiley coaching sessions (50 mins via video)  


These sessions are unique to your family and will give you the skills, support and encouragement you need to overcome your particular struggle. Parents or children can use the session time, but I will not coach the family together. I will hold confidentiality for each family member and ensure everybody gets what they need.


Transformational Coaching Materials

A tailor-made Smiley Tool Kit which includes videos, downloads, activity sheets and exercises to grow your child’s EQ, self awareness and self confidence.

Parents Online Coaching Pack to help you find your parenting style, that’s the right match for your child’s temperament. This contains videos, reflection worksheets and step by step guides on how to:

* deepen your relationship with your child  * understand their behaviour  * become their emotional coach * set healthy boundaries


Personal Email Support

Personal email support and guidance between sessions. 

As a Smiley VIP, you can feel reassured when you need it most. You will have me in your life for the duration of your package when you need it. Reach out when you feel stuck and Smiley will be there to calm and encourage you. 

You’ll also get email follow up from Smiley after each session with any tasks, videos and activities to do. 


Smiley Bonus Goodies

A box of Smiley Thought Cards for helping your child to see the good in themselves and the world around them.

A selection of audios and relaxations to help your child feel good. A copy of my book Stuck Between Two Worlds. 



Total Investment: £2,000

(Or 4 monthly payments of £510)

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