Private Intensive Family Coaching

This is a bespoke coaching programme which is made unique to your family. Coaching is a process which needs commitment and time to make a difference. There is no magic bullet or quick fix. If you are looking for something less intense, then why don’t you look at the online coaching options.

Hire me for 3 months to work with your family to help you improve your emotional intelligence, your communication and understanding of one another. This programme works specifically well for parents who have childhood trauma or were raised in abusive families. If you are parent who wants to break the cycle and leave a different legacy for your children, this course is for you.

This package includes:

* 12 tailor-made 121 coaching sessions with Smiley (50 mins per session). These sessions are unique to your family and will give you the support and encouragement you need to move beyond your particular struggle. Parents or children can use the session time, but I will not coach the family together.

* Email follow up from Smiley after each session with any tasks, videos and activities to do.

* A tailor-made Smiley Tool Kit which includes videos, downloads, activity sheets, exercises and your child’s artwork – all designed to give you the practical tools you need to have a healthy family. They will also have a better understanding of themselves and start developing a set of new healthy emotional habits.

Smiley Bonus Features:

* A Smiley Sweet Dreams Bedtime Pack which contains 6 audio recordings by Smiley with guided visualisations, so your child internalises positive words of encouragement, love and confidence before they drift off to sleep.

 * A box of Smiley Thought Cards for helping your child to see the good in themselves and the world around them.

 * Parents Online Coaching Pack as you are part of the solution and I’m sure you want to support your child through the process, I’ve put together some exercises for you to work through at your own pace. This pack contains videos, reflection worksheets and step by step guides on how to deepen your relationship with your child, understand their behaviour, set healthy boundaries and find your unique style of parenting that is the right match for your child’s temperament.

* Free access to four Energy Pod classes to prolong your learning. For more information on how that works, click here.

Cost: £2,400   Book here!

or Payment Plan: 6 payments of £420    Sign Me Up!

Speak to Smiley

Access my diary and complete a questionnaire about your family, so we can work out if private intensive family coaching is right for you.

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