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There is limited availability for this intensive 121 work which is tailor-made to your family’s unique circumstances.

By application only.

Are we a good fit for each other?

I would like to arrange a call with you and ask you to complete a questionnaire so we can see if we are a good fit for each other.  Before we do that, there’s some things you need to consider…


My coaching packages start from £999. If this is not within your budget then you may like to consider my Skype Coaching or join me at The Energy Pod.

Your Child:

I work with children age 7 upwards. I believe that most struggles require emotional resilience and this can be built through understanding and learning about your feelings at my weekly Energy Pod classes. Bite sized lessons repeated over time are what will help your child put the pieces of their puzzle together and work through it at their own pace. Coming out the other side wiser and better for having struggled.

However there are some situations require a different, more personalised approach.

My approach:

I’m very child-centred (I work with what your child brings to the coaching session), playful, fun and creative.

I especially love working with families who value team spirit and want to address issues together. Families are part of a system whereby each person’s behaviour will affect the other. Everybody needs to take responsibility for their part in that.

You should know: I’m not for everyone.

I am not a therapist:

Although I’m very interested in how your child feels because their feelings drive their behaviour.  I care about how your child is feeling right now and how that is making you feel. The dynamic between you needs to change for you to get the most successful outcomes from coaching.

My coaching sessions involve:

Lots of questions, scribbles and drawing pictures. I’m very understanding, have heaps of empathy and compassion. I give confidential and honest feedback. I provide follow up exercises between sessions (it’s not homework like school and most children enjoy watching videos and getting their creative on!).

I don’t have the keys to your child’s happiness – they do! And I’m going to show them how to unlock it. I’m not prescriptive as I have no idea what is right for your child but I will help them work out what is right for them with oodles of encouragement and belief in their innate wisdom. (I strongly believe that every child (and adult) has everything they need inside of them to work through their struggle).

I need you to trust me:

I have many proven coaching strategies in my toolkit which have helped hundreds of children in the last decade. A lot of what happens at coaching is not tangible so children are processing and joining the dots internally. You can’t see it but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. I love working with families that trust the process even when it can feel like nothing is happening. I struggle with this myself so I understand this takes courage and strength.



I will not:

  • be a negotiator between parent and child (it’s not helpful for you to email ahead of sessions and update me with your story or direct the sessions)
  • coach you. I will however provide you with a parent’s pack which will give you some soul searching to do of your very own.  I will support you if you find coaching or the content of the pack triggering because I want you to get your needs met too.  Lots of parents are triggered by coaching and this is good because it highlights what needs attention.


I am not:

  • a Super Nanny or a Child Trainer so none of the work I do will look anything like that. When your child feels better they will do better. I will help them with their feelings and grow their self awareness.
  •  a Parent nor a Friend. My work is boundaried as I understand the importance of boundaries to keep children feeling safe. I do not share with parents what happens in coaching although I do encourage your child to share. Unless of course your child is in danger, breaking the law or at risk. Then I will be taking action pronto.


And Finally:

Anytime I’m working with your child 121 my ultimate goal is to help your child understand themselves, feel better about themselves and have a toolkit to become more emotionally resilient (bounce back from these types of curve balls so they know what to do next time).

Interested in working together?

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‘Smiley coaching has been amazing! Absolutely life changing for the whole family. It’s given me the confidence to parent in the way that is right for me and for my family.

I have learnt to look after myself and to say no. I have learnt that I don’t have to be perfect and apologising is positive role modelling.

My daughter is so much happier too and it’s brilliant to see her change and flourish in such a short space of time.

Your techniques and exercises are so simple and yet so powerful and fun. We have loved it and we are sad that it has come to an end. Thank you for everything!’ Helen G, Surrey

Mum to Rosie, age 11

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