Here are some Smiley highlights if you’re short of time…

0:49 What I did this week to free me up, to move on and stop playing small.

1:38 My Smiley dream for the future.

2:40 How you can explore the balance of power in your close relationships and see where you might be keeping yourself small.

3:40 How your self talk can increase your personal power. Here is the ‘Well Done’ game I mention in the video.

04:44 Other ways we keep ourselves small which leaks out in our behaviour.

05:08 How denying your story to protect yourself or your family from pain, keeps you small.

05:40 What happens when you don’t address your past trauma.

06:05 How invalidating ourselves and others keeps us small; when a person’s thoughts and feelings are rejected, ignored, or judged it disrupts relationships and creates emotional distance.

07:24 What is holding you back from fully stepping into your power?

08:33 Why feeling powerless makes us feel anxious and afraid. It also tells us that our boundaries are weak and need work.

08:50 How some parenting styles rob children of their power.

09:33 If you want to help your child step into their power, you can catch the replay of the training ‘How to Safeguard Your Child Against Frenemies, Tricky People and Meanies.’ If you watch it until the end, there are goodies for you!

10:48 How I help families step into their power every week. If you want to be part of that, then please join my live classes at The Energy Pod. These small, practical changes made over time together as a family are POWERFUL and long lasting. You can easily integrate them into your daily life.

11:20 If you’d like your child to learn how to step into their personal power with some Smiley coaching, you can apply to take part in my new online course ‘How to Be Your Own Best Friend’. This will ensure your child grows up equipped to bounce back from disappointing relationships and know that their self worth is not defined by others.

14:00 How your parents may have unconsciously taken away your personal power and how you may be unconsciously doing the same to your child.

15:07 How you can become more POWERFUL using the Smiley Thought Cards to improve your self talk. The way you think, the way you see yourself and the world around you impacts how you feel and behave. Do you feel powerful or weak and small?

15:27 When you’re not fully in your personal power, your propensity to enter into controlling, abusive and manipulative relationships is higher.


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