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 Pocket Coach is INSTANT message coaching with an Intuitive Coach and Expert Life Guide who really understands what it’s like to be a Wildheart!

Whether you’re in cocoon or hermit mode, or life has gotten too people-y, we can still CONNECT in a meaningful way that fully SUPPORTS you and moves you confidently forward in your personal growth.

Pocket Coach works with your sensitive nervous system & introverted nature. It gives you all the powerful & POSITIVE impacts of coaching without the OVERWHELM!

I understand that this crazy, busy world makes you want to run for cover! It’s Wildheart heaven to have a DUVET DAY or not have to show up on a call! If I could go make up free, style out a top knot held together with dry shampoo and my PJs to pop to the shops, I would!

Communication is a leisurely exchange of back and forth messaging via Whatsapp that will give you all the insights and answers you’re seeking.

Pocket Coach takes away the INTENSITY of face-to-face connection, so you’re FREE to say what’s really on your mind.

Pocket Coach takes away the PRESSURE of feeling like you have to be ‘switched on‘ or show up perfect.

Pocket Coach slows things down so you don’t feel RUSHED. You’ve got time to think about what you want to say.

Pocket Coach is for you if you often find yourself in a freeze response and you feel numb, stuck, CONFUSED or like your mind has gone blank.

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Wildheart Lucy said that 30-days of pocket coach changed her life!

“Investing with you has undoubtedly changed my life. I’m incredibly grateful you were recommended to me. You came into my life at the perfect moment.” Read more about Lucy’s experience ….

How was the experience of pocket coach compared to face-to-face coaching with Lisa?

On reflection, I prefer this to the face-to- face sessions.

If I’m honest, I was sceptical at first. I’ve been scanning the courses you offer for the last four months wondering if it would work and if I’d still feel your energy and compassion. You completely changed my mind within the first week! Knowing I’ve got you for 30 days to question, processing anything that needed to come up – it was was so natural and flowing. It became of habit of “I’ll just ask Lisa – she’ll understand”. Having the time to come back and read over things until I fully got them was really helpful, especially when it became heavy.

What did you enjoy most about pocket coaching?

My favourite thing is your voice notes.

I can play them over and over again until it’s sunk in. You’re one of the few people I can take compliments from and it actually feels good – instead of  uncomfortable or nasty inside.

Did you using prefer voice notes or typing?

I didn’t know Whatsapp was available on different devices! 

I like a mixture of voice notes and typing. I typed from tablet with a keyboard and on my phone. I find messaging on my phone was good for on the move, and when I know how to explain myself in the moment. But for lengthy stuff, and when I was reflecting on your questions, I’d use my tablet and keyboard.

How did you find the pacing and response times to your messages?

The only thing that comes up is feeling overwhelmed with a responsibility to reply, but this is a me thing. 

When you reassured me enough I was fine with it. I liked the leisurely back and forth. It gave me time to think things through. You were always very sensitive to when I needed voice notes which was really kind and helpful. 

Was 30-day pocket coaching good value for money?

Absolutely amazing value. If I knew it had this much of an impact on me I would have gladly paid more!

What would you say to other Wildhearts about pocket coaching?

Book it! I will be booking again!

Self-Care Super Boost is like having a brilliant mum on the end of the phone. I felt invincible, vulnerable, heard and validated all at the same time. Investing with you has no doubt saved my life. I’m incredibly grateful to have been recommended you. You came into my life at the right moment.

Pocket Coach in 2 easy steps!

Step 1 – Let’s Connect!

We’ll connect on Whatsapp. This enables us to have leisurely back & forth messaging with ample time for self-reflection. There’s no rush to reply. It’s the space between the messages where you’ll find your magic.

Step 2 – Let’s Chat!

 Send me your questions via text or voice note. I’ll reply with a quick pep talk, a definitive answer, a quick coaching exercise, some problem solving questions or I may even pull you a card and help you tune into your intuition. You can ‘star’ the messages you want to save, so you can listen to them whenever you need an encouragement boost!

What supported Wildhearts say about Pocket Coach:

a client recommendation about Smiley Coach Lisa Parkes

“As I was messaging with Lisa, I had a million thoughts going through my head. The conversation flowed effortlessly – she let me ramble and sieved through it all to help me find the gold! It was much more fun than I had anticipated. None of the dread of staring at my to do list and not getting stuff done. Lisa lasered in on where I needed to go – that really took away the overwhelm. Then I could work out what was best for me. Having the day to think about what I want for the first time in ages was so worthwhile. It was a bit of an eye opener actually – I’m usually too busy running around after everybody else. At the end of my day with Lisa I felt calm and back in the driver seat. Thank you Lisa!”

“It was a fascinating process and time well spent asking Lisa about her work with children. She’s been on a real journey to set up her coaching business and has so much experience. She’s so committed and has a real passion for helping people. Together, we brainstormed ideas of what was possible and she had some brilliant ideas and resources for me to investigate. I love having the messages to play back. Hearing yourself say what you’re thinking out loud is powerful. It’s time and I feel ready to get started with my discoveries and carve my own path working with children.”

“I loved this! I felt surprisingly relaxed. I was worried the connection wouldn’t be there, but there was so much creative, inspiring energy, and lots of laughter! I really felt like Lisa was on my team. She emanates a loveliness and warmth that not many people have. I walked the dog, pottered around at home getting chores done whilst pinging messages. I stopped for tea and a spot of journaling. I discovered that I know much more than I thought I did. Lisa taught me how to trust myself and listen to my intuition. I wish I had done this sooner. I didn’t realise how stuck I was, but with Lisa’s patience and support, we cleared all that away. I feel much lighter and brighter. Thank you!

“Lisa, WOW – amazing! This is such a powerful way to make change and progress. Our day together has been invaluable. I just needed this time to get myself back on track. It was so productive. You’ve opened my eyes, and I see things so differently. I’ve got this new found courage to begin again. I can see the path ahead to leaving my teaching job and following my heart into a more creative career. You shared so much wisdom, and asked the difficult questions that were long overdue. It truly was a magical day – thank you for giving me my sparkle back!”

“Afterwards, it struck me how extremely intuitive you are. You picked up on all my fears around my children. Whilst I found it challenging at times, I also found you to be very insightful. Despite already having had many hours of counselling, you cut straight to the truth. You certainly have a way with words – your delivery is kind and gentle.”

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