Pick My Brain SOS Coaching Call

£80 (45 mins + follow up) 

Many thanks Lisa for a really brilliant chat this morning. I feel focused and better about myself and my abilities (not my failings) as a Mum.

Has it all got too much?

Are you stressed by family life?

Does it feel like nobody is listening or do you feel alone with your stuff and quite frankly aren’t up for sharing it with friends and well-meaning family. Actually, you are sick of hearing the same old story and are hoping that next week it will be different.

When it comes to your child, you are too emotionally attached to:

  • get clarity on what is wrong
  • work out what you or your child need
  • know what to do for the best

All that emotional overwhelm and constant worry is exhausting. You don’t have the head space for it with everything else that’s on your plate. Your head is stuck on loop thinking: ‘Will we ever get through this?’

Well, I think you can. I think you can feel lighter, more empowered (in control) and armed with new strategies. You just need to pick up the phone and tell me about it.

Whether it’s about bedtime wrangles, angry outbursts, setting limits, fostering independence, sibling rivalry, homework, friendship worries or something that you or your child just can’t seem to get past, you can find a different solution with some Smiley coaching. You will be in safe hands and receive warm, wholehearted, non- judgemental support which will help to share your story and make sense of it.

To be heard is hugely healing. To be understood, more so. To have practical and easy solutions which you can implement straight away is motivating and to be told ‘it will pass and you are a great Mum!’ is priceless. There are no appraisals or feedback in this job.
Pick My Brain is a Parent SOS Telephone Call for parents to trouble shoot specific issues you may be having with your child. You might be thinking:

  • Why is my child so angry all the time?
  • Why won’t my child talk to me?
  • Why do I feel as if I’m repeating myself and nobody is listening?
  • Why does my child seem to hate me or tell me that I don’t love them?
  • Why are we constantly fighting all the time?
  • Why is my child so defiant?

It is also a good way to get to know me and talk more about coaching if you are considering it for your child.

For parents who:

  • are feeling overwhelmed by their child’s emotions or their response to their child’s emotions
  • are easily triggered by their child’s behaviour and find it hard to stay calm
  • want to identify how their parenting or their issues may be hindering their child
  • have children under 7 who are not old enough for coaching
  • feel alone and want a trusted and supportive voice to guide them
  • are unsure about how to help their child cope with anger or anxiety or sadness
  • want to change the way they are parenting their child but don’t know how
  • feel as if they are running on empty and want to offload
  • considering coaching for their child

You can book online using the buttons here.

A Pick My Brain Parent SOS Call is or £80 for 45 minutes.

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During this time, we will talk it all out. You will be able to ask me anything you are unsure about.  I may share practical solutions and refer you to suitable resources that could help:

  • books and online resources including courses from my Online Learning Den
  • referrals to other experts that may be able to help
  • tried and tested parenting techniques that children respond to positively
  • a big pair of ears, understanding and a warm heart

I will help you get clear about what you want and guide you to take positive action that will benefit you and your family.

Book a Call with Smiley today!

£80 (45 mins + follow up)

Lisa it is working a treat! After speaking to you last week I started doing guided visualisations with her at bedtime. She loves it and hasn’t had any night terrors since. We go to bed happy and there is no more anger. Thank you so much!

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