In a world where instant gratification is at the click of a button, how can we help children learn and master the art of patience?

I guess in an ideal world, we role model it to them. So what about you? Do you respond or react to your child? Are you able to sit with your uncomfortable feelings? I jumped onto Facebook this week to have a chat about that and explore patience in more detail.

Here are some Smiley highlights if you’re short of time…

0:58 All good relationships, especially the one with yourself takes time (there is no quick fix)

1:05 Do you sit with your feelings and connect with them and listen to what they’re telling you – even the uncomfortable ones or do you just react from a place of fear,  worry, frustration or anger?

1:30 Your children didn’t create your hot buttons and what you can do about that

1:50 Your child is like an empty packet of seeds – you don’t know who they are going to grow up to be and so what environment are you creating for them to grow and how much are they growing up into what you need them to be versus who they truly are

2:19 Are you allowing your child to grow or are you comparing them to others, trying to control the process or the outcome

3:08 How hard is it for you to trust your child,  trust yourself and the process and be patient?

3:45 What ONE thing does your child need more than anything to flourish? I’ve written a whole blog post about it here.

4:00 What stops you from sitting with your feelings and being patient?

4:38 What are parents triggered by in coaching most of the time?

4:45 What happened recently when a parent didn’t have healthy boundaries with their child and they couldn’t trust?

6:42 What are you always searching for when you don’t trust and why?

9:48 How hands on or hands off do you need to be as a parent?

10:18 Are you comfortable with the messy uncomfortable feelings?

11:55 Why I’ve created The Energy Pod and stopped doing my creative coaching workshops

12:18 Why some temperaments are more patient than others and what makes that tricky. >>You can download a replay of the energy of Patience here.

12:52 Make sure you download the free webinar which tells you how you can transform your relationship with your child or take a deep dive into my boundaries course called ‘No More Power Struggles‘.

14:37 Hear me give an example of how to set boundaries with empathy — so say no but still respect your child’s feelings without compromising yourself

17:00 Join us for our weekly club at The Energy Pod. All the classes are recorded so you can pick up replays or bundles of replays here.


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