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From my shady bench in the park, I can hear the annoying dogs bark. 

The children nearby laugh and run, it looks like they’re having so much fun!

They look so happy and carefree, smiley faces and dirty knees

That tell a story about their day; of how much they like messy play. 

The freedom to enjoy life without worry, nowhere to go; no need to hurry. 

There’s one all alone and he won’t join in. His Mum is telling him to ‘Pack it in!’

He looks really cross and upset, he is mourning his favourite pet. 

Brodie the Pug died on Tuesday, they put him in a box and took him away. 

Nobody thought to ask this kid, what he wanted before they closed the lid. 

If he wanted to say his final goodbye, pay his respects and have a big cry. 

Now it’s pouring out all over the place because he fell over and lost the race. 

He doesn’t care about the stupid game, he just wants a cuddle to ease his pain. 

Children love their pets, who love them unconditionally. If that’s the truth, then why can’t we?

See their need and hear their call, all behaviour is a message after all. 

To tell us when things get overwhelming, it’s down to us to be loving and caring. 

Have we forgotten where we’ve been? We were once that child, so desperate to be seen.

Until we truly know who we are, these children won’t get very far.

They’re relying on us to be the right fit, there’s no make do and mend; this is it!

From my shady bench in the park, I can clearly see, that the world needs more kindness and empathy.

It’s the way to heal our suffering and return to who we are,

It’s the way to connect with each other and raise the bar.

The next generation is crying out and really needs us too.

So let’s do our bit, commit, and make sure we see it through. 


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