“Thank you Lisa. He was beaming after he spoke to you. He told me what you talked about. I’m so pleased he easily opened up to you. I loved the idea of naming the monsters under the bed. He has been listening Truly Madly Smiley for a while now and I think it really helped to meet you. You’ve given him the encouragement to keep going and see that he’s more than capable.”

The Start Up Session is a prerequisite for coaching. I meet you first to talk about the challenges you face, establish goals and see if coaching is a right fit. Before meeting your child, I’ll send a short personalised video message reassuring them about their first session. It’s important coaching is introduced in a positive way.

By the end of both sessions, you’ll have clarity on where you can affect change and some suggestions of how to make that work.  You can then decide if you want to continue to work with me. Some parents find this is enough to get their child on the right track.

Got questions? Scroll down to FAQs


Meet Smiley Start up Session £197

(prerequisite for child coaching 10yrs – teens)

🔸 1 parent coaching session (50 mins via video) 

🔸 short personalised video message welcoming your child to coaching 

🔸 1 child coaching session (50 mins via video)

🔸 follow up email with helpful resources and suggested plan of action

“Incredible! My daughter loved the video message you sent her and was excited to meet you. She got off the call buzzing with all the possibilities of how she could help herself and hopeful that things could change. She can’t wait to speak to you again. It was lovely to see her so happy after struggling with her anxiety for so long.”


An essential investment in your child’s emotional wellbeing

After your Start Up, you can continue to work with me by choosing one of the coaching packages below. I will provide a safe space so you can talk and make sense of your inner world.

3 x 1-1 Smiley coaching sessions

(50 mins via video)

Total Investment:


 6  x 1-1 Smiley coaching sessions

(50 mins via video)

Total Investment:

£549 (save £45)

12 x  1-1 Smiley coaching sessions

(50 mins via video)

Total Investment:

£1,020 (save £168)

“There has been a significant difference in our son since he has been seeing you. He has confidence in his own abilities and he rarely uses ‘rubbish’ to describe himself any more. He smiles more and they are proper smiles too. He still has the busyness in his head, but I feel that is easier for him to manage as he is happier in himself. He has loved his sessions with you. Thank you so much for your amazing work in making not just him but our whole family smiley!”

Mel, Farnham

“I thought we would need more than six weeks with you, but we seemed to reach a calmer place already. We’re still making our way through all the brilliant materials in the coaching pack. We were blown away by that and how much our daughter took it upon herself to do the exercises without much prompting from us. I think it’s because she could see how much they were helping her and they gave her back some control. She has her fav audios and video as go-tos on the days when she’s feeling wobbly.

Working with you gave us all the things we needed to take control of these intense emotions. It’s surprisingly easy when you see things differently and understand where you can make the most difference. I also feel more in control and definitely less panicky which is having a positive knock on effect on my daughter. Lots of the tips and suggestions you’ve given me have stuck.

It’s a great weight off my shoulders knowing that you are at the end of the phone when we need you. My daughter loves talking to you and I can relax knowing she is in safe hands. There’s definitely less drama and more fun times in our house since we started working with you.”

Janice, London


I’ve got answers! Can’t see your question? Drop me an email.


What days and hours do you work?

I have a limited number of slots per week. My core hours are 10am – 7pm Mon-Thur. I do not work weekends. When you click to book and pay for your coaching, you will be able to see the availability in my online diary.

Can I call you for a quick chat?

I get asked this a lot. Everything you need to know about private coaching is here on the website. Please take the time to explore and understand the services I offer. A first call is never a quick chat – see the question Why Do I need a Start Up Session? Some parents find a Start Up Session is enough to get them back on track.

I don’t have a receptionist like a Doctor or a Dentist, but like these other professionals, my busy schedule is prioritised by my existing client caseload. My experience of quick chats after 10 years in this business, is that they always turn into coaching calls. Part of the coaching process is to give adequate time and attention to your personal and private situation in a safe and professional environment. People are often overwhelmed, emotional and confused when they make that initial call asking for help. It takes courage to reach out sometimes, but it is the right thing to do. If you need my help, please book a Start Up Session.

If you have read the information on the website and you still have questions, I am happy to answer any concerns on an email.

Why do we need a Start Up Session?

The success of coaching is largely due to the rapport between Coach and client, so it’s essential the chemistry is right.

A Start Up Session is to give you and your child the time and attention you deserve. This is an important part of the coaching process. Often we’ve been challenged by something for a long time before we seek help. It can feel overwhelming and also a relief to have somebody listen and understand. It’s a chance for us to work out what you need, and you’ll also experience the positivity and power of coaching firsthand. Some parents find a Start up Session is enough to get their child on the right track.

During your session, we will talk more in-depth about your family’s history, what isn’t working, what you’ve already tried, what has worked so far, your objective for coaching. I will also explain more about how coaching works, what you can expect from me and answer your questions.

During your child’s session, I will keep it very light-hearted and ask your child questions about their world – their friends, their school, their likes and dislikes. My goal is to put them at ease. If they want to get straight to the heart of the matter, they can. However, many children are anxious and I prefer to go at their pace.

At the end of the Start Up Session, you will have clarity about where you can affect change, you will feel confident and reassured about the way forward and you will have some practical suggestions to support your child with their challenge or struggle. You can then decide if you want to work with me.

Why do you involve parents so much?

Parents are the most influential person in a child’s life. As you are the person who spends the most time with your child, it makes sense to educate you – your impact will be far greater than mine!

Parenting is not taught but modelled and so it makes sense to learn as much about it as possible to give your child the best start in life. I want to empower you and your child to be emotionally resilient, so you can handle any bumps in the road without me. I want to teach you practical ways to overcome your challenge and give you tools that you can keep using long after coaching has finished.

Once we’ve clarified the issue and identified the key areas for improvement during the Start Up Session, you can decide if you want me to support you through the change process.

How do I explain it to my child?

Present coaching to your child in a positive light. Get their input and make sure you have their buy-in. Coaching isn’t for problems. People don’t need fixing. Coaching is for getting the most out of life! I find using positive analogies that your child can relate to work. e.g. comparing me to a Sports Coach who is helping an athlete train for a marathon or a Football Coach who ensures a player is top of his game before a match. A Life Coach ensures you are the happiest in your daily life and can help you overcome anything that troubles you.

If your child has been listening to Truly Madly Smiley, often they are excited to meet me and they want to. You could also show them this video of me talking about how to get rid of your worries once and for all!

What if my child is resistant to coaching?

Resistance = FEAR

We all get anxious about the unknown, and that’s to be expected. This helpful blog post includes a script of what to say if your child is not willing and open to meet me. If your child still refuses, you can access expert guidance & support from me with your very own Coaching Success Blueprint – a detailed, customised report that gives you the answers you’re looking for. Click here to find out more.

Are we ready for coaching?

Although it’s been said that I connect with children at another level and I do have an excellent track record, I’m not a miracle worker and I like to keep it real. I know coaching works when all parties are working hard and are committed to making changes. This is why I need you to take stock and be honest before you begin. There is no magic bullet. This blog post Are You Ready for Smiley Coaching? is worth a read.

How much time do we need to dedicate to this?

The time for your coaching session is not your only commitment if you want to see a change. After all, it’s the silence between the notes that makes the melody. You will receive a coaching pack with videos, audios and coaching exercises to complete between sessions. It’s up to you how much time you invest. I can’t change you or your child, but it’s down to both of you to make it happen.

Think of it like losing weight: there is no magic wand. You hire a personal trainer to recommend a set diet, and to keep you motivated and on track with your exercise programme. Your personal trainer will also make sure you’re doing the exercises in the right way so you don’t injure yourself, help you with any mindset issues that are holding you back and identify where you need to prioritise and focus your energy. In return, you will be committed to change, show up for your sessions, do the homework and be open to doing things differently.

What happens in a coaching session?

Coaching is like magic. I believe you and your child are resourceful enough to do anything!

Coaching allows you both time and space to figure it all out for themselves! I make coaching for children seem like they are just enjoying some ‘me’ time talking about themselves. They usually think it’s a lot of fun as well as being a safe place to share their feelings. I work from the child’s perspective.This helps set goals and work towards them.

Coaching can be: drawing, storytelling, activity sheets, role play, games, using props, or plain old fashioned talking.

I'm not good with tech, will this be an issue?

You don’t have to be a wizard with tech stuff. Besides, maybe your children will intuitively know what to do.  I will guide you through the process and once you’ve done it once and seen how easy it is, you won’t look back. It only becomes a block to coaching if you see it that way in your mind 🙂 It doesn’t have to be and even though I was resistant to being coached online initially, I realised that it can be just as powerful as face-to-face.

You will need:

  1.  A private space where your child won’t be interrupted.
  2.  A good internet connection (please check your internet speed. Google the free Ookla Speed Checker. If you have less than 5mbps download and upload, then your connection is too weak for video coaching.
  3. A smart phone or tablet with Whatsapp or Facetime.
How do you measure coaching success?

Coaching is a process and not a magic wand.  It requires commitment, open-honest communication and effort from all parties (coach, coachee and parent(s)).

There are many success stories about how coaching has helped other families on my blog, and some very kind words from happy children. Coaching is measurable by progress. Children often hold on to their stuff and can hold off change until right near the end. We have to allow them to do it when the time is right for them.

Some clients see changes during their programme, some at the end and some after. I cannot ‘fix’ your child. This may seem like a strange thing to say but I want to manage your expectations. It’s important to convey my intention which is to help your child understand themselves, feel comfortable in their own skin, find coping strategies, strengthen your child’s resourcefulness and resilience to life.

Can we just have one session at a time?

A single session is not a good use of our time or your money. A single session creates a fixing and rescuing approach as opposed to building trust. Over time, with patience, and trust, I can inspire and empower your child to do it for themselves. When they are motivated in this way, the changes are lasting. Rushing to problem solve and find solutions, without exploring thoughts and feelings, does not work. To get the most value, I encourage parents to invest in the process, the child’s future and to make a solid commitment to family emotional wellbeing.

How do we book?

Book a Start Up Session and let’s work out what you need.

What if private coaching is out of our budget?

Truly Madly Smiley is my monthly membership and it much loved by parents and children who can learn together.

I want my resources to be available to as many children as possible because this stuff is not taught, and it needs to be!

I whole-heartedly believe that coaching (or any self-development) is one of the most valuable, worthwhile investments you can make alongside your child’s traditional education.

The way a child thinks about themselves – I am confident and capable versus helpless and afraid, impacts how they experience life and sets them up to fail or succeed. Having the courage and resilience to bounce back from disappointments and overcome adversity is the stuff happy humans are made of. This is how diamonds are made – carbon transforms into sparkly valuable stones under heat and pressure.