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The Start Up Session is a prerequisite for coaching. I talk to you first about the challenges you face, establish goals and see if coaching is a right fit. Before meeting your teen, I’ll send a short personalised video message reassuring them about their first session. It’s important coaching is introduced in a positive way. By the end of both sessions, you’ll have clarity on what’s next, and then you can then decide if you’d like to work with me.  My coaching package is listed below.

Start up Session


(prerequisite for coaching 12yrs+)

 1 parent coaching session (30 mins via video) 

 short personalised video message welcoming your teen to coaching 

 1 child coaching session (30 mins via video)

follow up email with coaching recommendations & useful resources

“She’s smiling again. We haven’t seen her smile for about a year. It’s incredible. She really enjoys her sessions with you and asked if she can continue on for longer. Thank you so much for all your help.”

Your follow up emails are the highlight of my inbox – full of wisdom, encouragement, support and practical suggestions to help me understand my daughter better, and be the kind of parent I want to be. Your presence in our lives has been life changing and I finally learnt, it’s not to be ‘fixed’! You have so many wonderful qualities but my favourite is your ability to connect with the parents as well as the child – you bring everyone together as a team with a common goal.

“Incredible! My daughter loved the video message you sent her and was excited to meet you. She got off the call buzzing with all the possibilities of how she could help herself and hopeful that things could change. She can’t wait to speak to you again. It was lovely to see her so happy after struggling with her anxiety for so long.”

“She really enjoyed her first session yesterday and was extremely confident in asking for what she wanted and voicing her feelings at the subsequent dinner that evening. It made me so happy to see the confidence you gave to her.”

“As soon as my daughter met Lisa, she was relaxed and at ease. Lisa just seems to be one of those people who can talk with kids without lecturing or patronising. It’s not a talent many people have, to be honest. My daughter enjoyed coaching with Lisa, and within a few weeks was sleeping much better, and most importantly for us, was back to her quietly confident self.”

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Your 3-Month Coaching Package

Love Your Life

Jump on Facetime or Whatsapp to talk, get it off your chest and make sense of your inner world. This 12-week package includes 2 complimentary parent calls, access to my exclusive client resource library and a signed copy of my book.

Since COVID, my new ‘Walk and Talk’ approach is becoming popular – teens can leave the house for total privacy, call me without the video turned on, and feel grounded in nature as we chat! 

❔ Want more information?👉 Hop to FAQs

 – Love Your Life – £1,500

✔ 12 sessions (50 mins) over 3 months.

✔ 2 complimentary parent check-in calls (30 mins).

✔ email follow up between sessions

✔ Access to my exclusive resource library with coaching videos, workshops, relaxation exercises and more!

✔ signed copy of my book or a box of Smiley Thought Cards

Pay in Full: £1,500

or £530/month for 3 months on payment plan.

What Happy Clients Have To Say

7 years on we’re still feeling the impact of our coaching with you! Calling you that day was one of the best decisions I have ever made as a parent. I don’t want it to ever end but I know we have to be brave at some point. You have helped me celebrate what a wonderful child I already have, you have made me feel positive again, and seen me evolve from a desperate, sad mum to a joyful person once more. Meltdowns will forever be known as tornadoes and they are not to be jumped into!! When things get heated, I hear myself saying “We’re not at war, we are a family” and I have a little chuckle to myself that I am channelling ‘The Smiley Coach’!! I will be so sad not to be seeing you regularly but I cannot thank you enough for your input to our lives and I will be forever grateful.”

“There has been a significant difference in our son since he has been seeing you. He has confidence in his own abilities and he rarely uses ‘rubbish’ to describe himself any more. He smiles more and they are proper smiles too. He still has the busyness in his head, but I feel that is easier for him to manage as he is happier in himself. He has loved his sessions with you. Thank you so much for your amazing work in making not just him but our whole family!”  

“My daughter really enjoys coaching and describes you as ‘The Lady who takes her worries away!” Sometimes mums/dads can’t do it all on their own. It warms my heart to hear her chatting to you so comfortably and takes a huge weight off my shoulders when I know it’s not just all down to me to help her find solutions.”  

a client recommendation about Smiley Coach Lisa Parkes

Got Questions?

Can’t see your question? Drop me an email.

Do we have to walk and talk?

No! You can draw and talk, sit and talk, lie down and talk. I’m not joking! Some teens put me on audio and lie down to chat. Wherever you feel comfortable and have privacy. We don’t want to feel like we’re being overheard or somebody is listening at the door! If we’re not totally relaxed then it won’t work that well. 

What age is this for?

Teen Coaching is for age 12 +

I work with adults too. You can see all my offerings here.

What can you help with?

I help teens:

  • who have social anxiety and depression.
  • who have low self-esteem and negative body image.
  • who doubt themselves and struggle to make decisions.
  • deal with performance related anxiety (public speaking, exams etc.)
  • prepare for big life changes such as moving house, starting a new school, university or job.
  • to deal with challenging relationships, heartbreak and bullying.
  • who have divorced parents and have been through a toxic family break up.
  • who feel confused, lost and lonely (like somehow they are different to their peers and can’t fit in).

I do not work with teens who:

  • are experiencing panic attacks
  • have eating disorders
  • are self-harming
Can we buy one session at a time?

No, but you could check out the Discovery Day and see if that feels like a better fit. 

How many sessions do we need?

Every teen is different and has different preferences, desires, wants and needs. I work on a bespoke basis with each teen, and for a minimum of 3 months. I like to be transparent about how I work so you know exactly what to expect. 

Parents often want results for teen. This puts pressure on the teen to ‘get better’ or change. It helps if the process has time and space to unfold naturally. There is no magic wand or quick fix. I don’t have any tick boxes or labels. Long-lasting change takes time and will also bring up some tricky feelings for both of you (fear, sadness, anger, worry etc.) I am here to guide you through.

The teen is meeting a strange adult and before there can be progress, there must be emotional safety (trust). I don’t force this. I allow the teen to be where they are and I take their lead. My priority is always to build trust and create rapport, before any ‘work‘ can begin. This sometimes looks like playful conversations or light-hearted fun, as opposed to directly addressing adult issues. Sometimes we don’t even talk about the ‘problem‘ but that doesn’t matter. It’s so important to get this solid foundation in place. This can take between 3-6 sessions, and sometimes longer depending on the teen.

Can I call you for a quick chat?

Everything you need to know about private coaching is here on the website. Please take the time to explore and understand the services I offer.

I don’t have a receptionist like other caring professionals, but like them, my busy schedule is prioritised by my existing client caseload. My experience of quick chats after 10 years in this business, is that they inevitably turn into coaching calls. Part of the coaching process is to give adequate time and attention to your personal and private situation in a safe and professional environment. People are often overwhelmed, emotional and confused when they make that initial call asking for help. It takes courage to reach out sometimes, but it is the right thing to do. If you need my help, please book a Start Up Session.

If you have read the information on the website and you still have questions about the coaching process, you can email. I respectfully ask that you do not email me personal questions that relate to your current situation. I am very sorry but I cannot respond unless you are a client.

Do we need a Start Up?

No, not if you’re an existing client. You can go right ahead and book your package.

If you’re a newbie, it’s important to understand that the success of coaching is largely due to the rapport between Coach and client. It’s essential the chemistry feels right.

A Start Up Session is to give you and your teen the time and attention you deserve. This is an important part of the coaching process. Often we’ve been challenged by something for a long time before we seek help. It can feel overwhelming and also a relief to have somebody listen and understand. It’s a chance for us to work out what you need, and you’ll also experience the positivity and power of coaching firsthand.

During your session, we will talk more in-depth about your family’s history, what isn’t working, what you’ve already tried, what has worked so far, your objective for coaching. I will also explain more about how coaching works, what you can expect from me and answer your questions.

During your teen’s session, I will keep it very light-hearted and ask your teen questions about their life – their friends, their studies, their likes and dislikes. My goal is to put them at ease. If they want to get straight to the heart of the matter, they can. However, many teens are anxious and I prefer to go at their pace.

At the end of the Start Up Session, you will have clarity about where you can affect change, you will feel confident and reassured about the way forward and you will have some practical suggestions to support your teen with their challenge or struggle. You can then decide if you want to work with me.

How do I explain it to my teen?

We can talk about the best way to approach it. I’ll make sure the video message I send to your teen (as part of the Start Up) is in agreement with what we’ve discussed.

What is your availability like?

I have a limited number of slots per week. My core hours are 10am – 7pm Mon-Wed. I do not work weekends. When you click to book and pay for your coaching, you will be able to see the availability in my online diary and be asked to sign my terms of business.

How do we book?

Book a Start Up Session and let’s work out what you need.

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