I had so much fun over on Insta stories last week showing the silly bit of me (which you don’t get to see unless you are a little coaching client!). It gives you an insight into my world which is pretty unexciting to be honest. I spend a lot of time in my pyjamas writing juicy blog posts like this one to share my message with lovely people like you.

Life is better in your pyjamas

So the Insta story goes like this: my hairdresser was coming to do my roots and I realised I didn’t have any cash, so I rushed to the cash point in my pyjamas!!!!! I was wearing my sunglasses so you know, I was invisible wasn’t I? I did go in the car braless and brazen. Well you know, needs must!

Over a lovely cuppa, my hairdresser and I were catching up and we started talking about songs and how powerful they are. We were going through our play lists and saying ‘Do you know this one?’ and ‘Oooh what about this one?’ Singing and dancing away. Talking about where we were when we heard a song or what it reminded us of.

The vibration of a song can move you

This gave me inspiration for Summer Club and I kick started the sessions off with crazy time. Here is a little clip so you can see what mean.

The next day I got a text from my hairdresser saying:

‘Morning! Wanted to say thanks for our ‘Summer Songs’ chat yesterday. I’ve been driving around all morning actually listening to songs on the radio smiling and singing away. Lots of feel good tunes. Ha! Have a good day!’

Let me share with you our Top 10  Feel Good Tunes. Put them on and see how they make you feel:

  1. Despasito Justin Bieber
  2. Lovely Day Bill Withers
  3. Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake
  4. Came Here for Love, Sigla and Ella Eyre
  5. Let the Sun Shine, Labrinth
  6. Walking on Sunshine, Katrina & the Waves
  7. Happy, Pharrell Williams
  8. Live While We’re Young, One Direction
  9. Let’s Go, Calvin Harris
  10. You Got the Love, The Source & Candy Staton

It made me realise that music can be so powerful. Sometimes it’s hearing the words and they have meaning or the melody or all of it together can transport us back to a holiday or a person we once knew.

What about your other senses?

So in Summer Club, we really tuned into our senses because our brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what we imagine. We drew and jumped into our happy places. Where is your happy place?

We also called upon our other senses to jump into our happy place just like Mary Poppins jumped into those chalk drawings on the pavement with Bert and the children.

Rarely are we aware of how we feel

This is because we live in a busy world where we are over scheduled and we are constantly doing things.

Also, maybe we are a little guilty of entertaining our children because we fear what uncomfortable emotions boredom brings up for us and them. I did actually do a Facebook Live on this because it’s not your job to turn into a Children’s Entertainer, and it’s also not good for your child.

Allow your child to tune into themselves

This is a Smiley Thought CardI listen to my heart. There were plenty of other ways in Summer Club that the children learnt really important life skills to connect back to themselves. We:-

  • found we could be still through creativity  (the psychological and health benefits of Smiley Calm colouring are huge by the way)
  • used our breathing to calm ourselves down and energise ourselves when we needed to
  • found a Smiley way to feel protected and safe even when we are not with adults
  • made a calm down kit so we have everything we need when our big emotions get too scary or feel out of control
  • understood how important our mindset is and the way we think about things
  • recognised the importance of play, fun and laughter every day

Smiley says: Keep it simple

In a busy world, I know that having these easy, quick and fun tools can make life so much easier for you and your child. You don’t need to over do anything. Over doing leads to burn out and frustration and dissatisfaction. I know because I over do it and have to reign myself back in.

This is what the lovely Summer Clubbers said and did.

“We’ve stuck our happy place on our bedroom door to remind us to go there when we wake up……”
“We used our Buddha Belly breathing on a visit to the dentist……we used ours for car sickness on a long journey.”
“Thank you Lisa. We’ve loved this. Everything you do gives me a moment to reflect and ground myself.”
“I have become a better Mum since meeting you. Yes I slip sometimes, but I try. I am a lot prouder of my children and I don’t get embarrassed by emotions. I allow them to happen. We talk about them more.”
“We’ve learnt that it’s OK to be angry and why it can sometimes feel so strong….and that’s Ok too. I feel I can deal with that now.”
“I like your idea that other people’s feelings can stick to you like velcro and now we know how to stop catching other people’s feelings which will come in very handy at school.”

The gift that keeps on giving

I truly loved reading all feedback and knowing that everybody was going to continue on feeling the benefits of happiness, calm, confidence and peace long after the Summer. This applies a lot in coaching: check out my post The Weird, The Wonderful + 1 year after Coaching
If I’m honest, I wasn’t sure how I was going to convert last Summer’s amazing club to an online activity, but it was BRILLIANT (even if I do say so myself) It was REALLY POWERFUL STUFF. Even better, families were more relaxed being at home and knowing that they could dip in and out whenever they needed to. Something they could all do together and shared goals do that, don’t they? Bring families closer together.

Download your Smiley Family Activity Pack

If you missed Summer Club this year but you would like to grab a pack of all the videos, activity sheets and Smiley coaching, then you can pick up a copy from my online Learning School today.

Simple click on the picture below.

This has been amazing! Thank you. We’ve learnt so much and have some great connecting going on all because of you.
Esther B

Mum to Evie & Elliot

I’ve found it all really useful. Especially how to let others feel their own feelings and how to help them deal with their emotions. We need some more practice though!

Mum to Isabellah

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