Child Coaching supports the modern day parent who wants the best for their child.  It is not a quick fix or counselling.  In fact The Daily Mail recently wrote about how support for families and children is moving forward as we learn more about how children develop and what they need in order to be happy confident human beings.

I constantly get positive feedback  from Mums and Dads who are astounded at the change they see (and almost immediately) from just one or two coaching sessions.  Here are 5 things that I’ve noticed Mums seem to love about coaching:

1.  Helps children create healthy habits such as:-

Cultivating a positive attitude is essential if you want to be happy and enjoy your life.  We often spend far too much time focusing on what’s wrong and how we can improve. Your child already has so much to contend with; this is a quick and simple way to help make growing up easier.  Your child will learn how to relax and be comfortable with themselves where ever they are and whomever they are with.

2.  Self discovery is fun and children love to learn.  Lots of parents worry that this is too intense for children, however my approach has been described as “help, guidance, friendship and non-judgemental.”  I use story telling, crafts, worksheets, scribbles and anything creative.  I work on the basis that each child is different so their coaching will be tailor made from them.  As well as 1-2-1 sessions, there are shared coaching sessions for 4 or more children and school holiday workshops all which use playfulness and fun to help children feel good from the inside out.

3.  Everybody can benefit from life coaching.  It’s more about creating solid foundations for children to learn life skills that will take them into adulthood and not necessarily ‘fixing a problem’ .  Read more here to find out if your child needs life coaching.

4. It touches the whole family and the results last  The way the sessions are structured means that Mums also get a chance to vent or download some of their stuff too.  Most children have weekly sessions to begin with and then move onto a monthly maintenance programme so they can check in regularly and know they have a safety net if they need it.  I work in a way that empowers children to do it for themselves to foster independence and self confidence.

5.  It’s good value for money.  You cannot put a price on your child’s well-being and happiness. For only £399, a coaching programme with me could make a huge difference to your family.  In fact, like this family, it could restore peace and harmony to your every day life.

The coaching experience can be life changing

It was for me and that is why I do it for a living.  Here is a story from one Mum that explains very clearly the transformation coaching has made to her family.

“I am the mum of a 10 year old highly sensitive child who up until recently was spending a lot of  time worrying about ‘stuff’ – some of it very real and very important like the illness of a grandparent, some of it not so important and some of it completely trivial (although not in our daughters eyes). It was becoming incredibly draining and emotional not only for our daughter but also for us as her parents – constantly having to offer advice, comfort and support. The anxiety provoking thoughts were taking their toll on us all and our daughter would struggle at times to eat and going to sleep alone could often become a drama.

Coaching is not counselling or medical advice

I happened to come across Lisa’s website by chance in a magazine having visited it once and seen some of the topics that she tackles, realised that she may be the help that we needed. When I first mentioned it to our daughter, her initial response was “I don’t want to see anybody medical” and it took a little bit of careful explaining to reassure her that the help that Lisa could offer was not of a medical nature and would hopefully be someone that she could talk to freely and in confidence, someone who was going to try and help equip her to tend to her own worries before they escalated out of control.

We  noticed a difference immediately – an air of calmness has returned to our home

I made the phone call and our relationship with Lisa began.  Lisa sees our daughter at home (they decided that between themselves after their first session) and we have now been seeing her weekly for the past 5 weeks – I noticed a difference almost immediately and so did our daughter!

Lisa has become our daughter’s friend and confidante and together they tackle whatever our daughter wants to talk about in a fun, positive, consistent and non-judgemental way.

As her mum I feel like she is in safe hands. I hoped more than anything that our daughter would feel the benefit of these precious 60 minutes each week.  What I wasn’t expecting was that as a family we have all felt the benefit

I am no longer spending endless amounts of time talking about worries each evening, instead I am now able to spend that time with both my children talking about all the stuff we should be talking about with girls of 4 and 10.  An air of calmness has returned to our home and that for us is priceless and worth every penny!”

Lisa has taught our daughter various techniques and coping strategies for dealing with her worries – a handy toolbox of things she can use whenever she needs to – the most effective has been the use of visualization.

I wish we had called Lisa sooner!

Would we recommend Lisa to others ?  Most definitely and I wish we had done it sooner!  Both my daughter and I know that Lisa will be a part of our lives on and off for the foreseeable future as we go through different chapters and challenging times that require her help, guidance, friendship and non-judgemental, non-parental approach!

And that is why I love my job and why you could be a mum that ends up loving coaching too!  If you want to find out more, get in touch today!

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