Would you like to discover the most insightful and powerful journal prompts that will strengthen your self-trust and grow your self-confidence? It’s Oracle and tarot cards.

Really? Yeah.

I am well-known for using oracle and tarot cards as journal prompts at my monthly class Journal in your Jammies. This is something I discovered by trial and error through my daily journal practice. Watch the video and see how I do that ….

Recently, it’s all about the ‘woo’ over here. I’ve been busy with Tarot Therapy sessions. Lots of you are searching for more meaning in your life, or trying to work out what your life’s purpose is. I can see how that could be a ‘thing‘ after a global pandemic.

The intuitive hits give me goosebumps – you can visibly see people’s energy shift when it all falls into place for them. if you’d like a Tarot Therapy session, click here to see what’s available in my diary.

Just for fun, I thought I’d share some facts about the cards and dispel the many myths about them. The cards were how how I discovered my intuitive gifts, and how I found my way back to myself. You have intuitive gifts too. All Wildhearts do.

I don’t use cards to predict the future because I believe that you have free will. You are a grown up with choices.

The cards are a mirror and show you what you cannot see. They tap into your full body energy which you lose the connection with when you are all up in your head overthinking, procrastinating, catastrophising and doubting yourself. The cards will reveal the answers to everything that’s ever kept you awake at night! All the answers live inside of you and it’s just about learning how to tap into them and listen.

The language of your intuition is colour and symbolism. As you use the cards, you develop a relationship and dialogue with them that builds self-trust and self-confidence. For example, I use the chakra colour system to identify where my energy is blocked in my body. If the card is predominantly blue, this represents my throat chakra and is a reminder to speak up and use my voice.

My very first card reading was with a Reiki master back in 2007. It was from Doreen Virtue’s Mermaids & Dolphins’ deck. I pulled a dolphin jumping out of the water and it said, ‘Break Free‘. At the time I didn’t realise how trapped I was. I was so disconnected from my real self and that was the cause of my panic, anxiety and depression.

– I taught myself to read the cards by having readings, going to classes, watching readers on YouTube and reading lots of books. It turned out I was a natural. I used to think that psychics were just fraudsters that read crystal balls on Brighton pier. It’s not true! We are made of energy and energy can be sensed and intuited.

 I made this beautiful deck of cards which recently received lots of love by the Wildhearts on my 30-day journaling experience. Every day, for 30 days, you’ll receive a card as a journal prompt (with a short audio message from me), so you can experience the magic. 

– Protect your energy and clear it after using the cards. You can keep your decks clear by leaving a crystal on them overnight or out in the full moon light.

– I do not work with dark energy. I empower Wildhearts by using the cards to tap back into their intuition. Listen to this episode of The Wildheart Diaries. For many of us that grew up in emotionally neglectful or unsafe homes, this is the first thing to go. Without this connection, we struggle to feel safe.

– It’s rumored that celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, and Bruce Springsteen are known to have their cards read multiple times weekly, if not daily. In fact, I read somewhere that right before her wedding, Jennifer Lopez sought the advice of a Tarot card reader and then cancelled her wedding. 

Check out my favourite card decks for journaling: 

Smiley Thought Cards – by Lisa Parkes

I originally made this deck for children, but I journal with it to connect to my inner child. It was also featured in my 30-day journal experience to access limiting beliefs, lost dreams and to heal their pain. Meeting your inner child is the foundation of growing your self-trust and self-confidence.

There are 40 Smiley Thought Cards which are illustrations and words over photographs with positive messages on the reverse. The deck is split into ten of each type of card:

  • rainbows for positivity
  • red hearts for love
  • orange sunbursts for encouragement
  • purple stars for confidence

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