In this video you’ll hear me talk about:

  • New Moon Wishes
  • Narcissistic parents and parenting styles
  • Abuse & trauma
  • Smacking
  • Inner child healing
  • Boundaries
I will NEVER stop talking about those things!
I also answer all your questions about the new book ‘Stuck Between Two Worlds’ – who is it for, what age, reading ability, how much it costs and other fun activities around the book. There is a free book club and a launch party (Wildheart Huddle).

I never intended to write a book like this!

I started off writing a jolly story – thinking that I was Enid Blyton!! If somebody had said to me write a story that incorporates your life lessons, your recovery, what you’ve learnt as a coach, your clients and all the important parts of the thousands of books you’ve read….oh and top if off with laughter, magic and fantasy………
But that is what it has turned out to be!

Get the book here

Listen in and let me know if there is anything I have missed.


Enjoy this FREE Read-Along Activity Guide for those who want to put the book into action as you read. You know that confidence & self-awareness building takes practice. Pop in your details & start learning today. 

Inside you’ll find coaching activities for 1:1 work, pairs or groups. Includes conversation starters, reflection questions, role plays, journal prompts, games and lots of Smiley creative fun.

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