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Here’s my best friend little Moe, he follows me wherever I go.

Then he settles at my feet, pawing me til I give him a treat.

His furry little body and black nose appear, letting me know he wants to be near.

Every morning, we face the day, he’s so excited to get out and play.

You’ll find him on the bottom stair, he sits and gazes as I dry my hair.

He patiently waits for his morning walk, he shows me listening ears when I talk.

From side to side he tilts his head, his ears prick up, he jumps off his bed.

I grab the lead and off we go. ‘That’s it we’re off! Come on little Moe!’

We roam the fields wild and free, when I’m with him, I feel most like me.

We return home for a wash in the sink, then we like a snack and a little drink.

Chicken is his favourite one, but if I’ve got food he will come.

Running to find me at the fridge, he wants to share my cheese sandwich.

He rolls over so I can rub his tummy, he barks at me : ’Where is my Mummy?’

I look after him when she goes away, it’s hard to leave at the end of my stay.

When I’m sad he stays close by, he senses my feelings and understands why.

I brush his coat all shiny and smart, I give him cuddles from my heart.

A secure love that has your back, one protective bark and he’s on the attack.

What I love about our friendship most of all, is that there really are no conditions at all.

I know you love me to infinity and that forever friends we’ll always be.

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