You’ll often hear me say that it takes a village to raise a child and that it’s an unfair expectation for a parent to place upon themselves to know, be and do it all….and yet lots of us still try to achieve perfection. As a recovering perfectionist I would ask you to be kind and have some self compassion. Cut yourself some slack.

Are you unconsciously getting in your child’s way?

Are you creating stories or reasons why you can’t engage in coaching but your child actually might benefit from it? 

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2:50 Why EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is more important than your school grades.

4:16 If you scored low on the test and your EQ is low, then your child’s EQ will be low too.

4:40 What does low EQ look like and how I’ve based my work around this.

5:30 Why you struggle with relationships when you have low EQ and why that could make you stressed or worried.

6:35 Why this is just history repeating itself and that you can break the cycle.

7:22 Why attention seeking is not bad (it’s your child asking for their needs to be met in the only way they know how. Are you listening?)

7:59 Low EQ means you are likely to have anxiety and there’s a workshop to help you with that in June.

9:10 What are the 5 pillars of EQ?

11:00  What is the most important thing you need if you are going to be emotionally connected to your child.

12:53 What are the signs that you have good EQ? You can take the test here.

18:52 What does it mean if you grow up in a family with low EQ?

19:23 Anger is the most downloaded Energy Pod class and what else does that mean if you’re struggling with anger?

21:30 Why you particularly need to pay attention to what I’m saying if you were raised in an addictive or narcissistic family.

28:00 The top questions parents are asking me about The Energy Pod and my answers.

28:17 Is your child missing out because you are getting in their way?

29:48 Why the Energy Pod is a 3-pronged approach which not only supports you and your child, but also strengthens your relationship.

50:58 Why children are avoidant of some of their feelings and how The Energy Pod can help with that.

51:32 Why your parenting style may be affecting your relationship with your child. My eBook can help you strengthen that.

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