This week, I received an email from a lovely Mum which made me cry. I felt so proud of her because after doing my ‘How to Trust Yourself to Be A Confident Parent Course’ back in February, she recognised she needed to make some important changes.  

The overwhelm was huge.

 So after lots of back and forth on messenger and encouraging emails, she unstuck herself and just this week watched 2 Energy Pod replays. NO judgement. Actually incredibly brave of her.

Change can be terrifying for lots of us

It was worth the wait though and guess what? …….Nowhere near as bad as she had anticipated. In fact it was fun making paper aeroplanes and talking about feelings. That’s the trouble with fear. It’s not the truth. It’s not real. It wants to keep you safe. So it lies to you. Her worst fear was dealing with the anticipated fall out watching the class on replay. PLEASE NOTE: There was no fallout because I was guiding and talking the children through it. I’m trained to do that and I have a way with them….you’ll see if we work together.

This is what her email said …


I want to help you make that positive change and take action too. So I have a random question for you…..

Do you know how to cook meatballs?

I don’t know, but an educated guess tells me that your answer is going to fall anywhere between ‘Yeah it’s my signature dish and cooking: what’s that?!’ Or maybe you’re a vegetarian! Whatever the answer – NO judgement. If you want to shift your perspective on change, you will love this week’s rather random meatball-esque vlog  I think it will motivate you (that includes the veggies too!) and see that you can do anything you set your mind to. I know you can.

I want to inspire you to take action!

and if food doesn’t do it….I’m done! Come on – FOOD is everything isn’t it?!

Here are some Smiley highlights if you’re short of time…

4:06  Let me take you on a journey where we make lovely meatballs together (now I’m starting to sound like Keith Lemon, but I can assure you it’s all good clean fun!).

6:25 Wouldn’t it be great if you had a recipe book for Emotional Literacy that could help you understand and process all your emotions step-by-step, don’t you think life would be a lot easier?

7:30 Why you don’t need me to be physically present (even if you think you do!).

8:34 What’s the worst thing that can happen? Lots of you are scared of getting in wrong.

9:22 I tell you something that’s quite mean if you do this to your kids.

10:30 What will happen if the kids don’t like it?

11:29 Are you catastrophising or having other unhelpful thoughts? (this video might help you with that).

14:35 What are the negative consequences of not taking care of your emotional health? (hard to hear but good to  keep it real!).

15:50 It’s really worth remembering this one very important lesson my therapist taught me.

18:51 What it means if you’re are having lots of thoughts that start with ‘what if?’

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Now it’s your turn to be like that lovely Mum and take action. Whenever you are ready: click here to access all the previous classes. 

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