Is your child super sensitive, anxious or overwhelmed by their feelings? 

You can navigate the choppy waters of big emotions when you learn …

  • that all emotions have a purpose and a message they want you to hear and understand
  • how to listen and respond to your emotions instead of reacting to them or judging and making them wrong
  • practical tools and techniques to manage all your feelings, even the most uncomfortable ones 

Smiley’s fun and easy coaching downloads will give you back your power. Become a master of your emotions, not a slave to them.

More Co-operation

Children who feel understood and heard, are more likely to listen and co-operate. 

Less Anxiety

General anxiety and ongoing stress is a sign that you’re suppressing other emotions. 

Changed Behaviour

Just like you, when your child feels better, they do better.  

Greater EQ

Your emotional awareness and ability to handle your feelings will determine your success and happiness in life. 

Fewer Storms

If you do these downloads as regular preventative maintenance. 

More Confidence

Imagine feeling calmer, more in control and confident about what is happening inside your own body. 

Signs your child is struggling with their emotions …

  • is checking, overthinking or worrying about things they have no control of
  • shouts or hits you when things aren’t going according to plan
  • is strong-willed and will frequently get locked in a power struggle
  • won’t go to sleep without you there or takes a long time to settle
  • has meltdowns or emotional outbursts which seem to appear out of nowhere
  • is easily angered but cannot connect to vulnerable feelings such as sadness
  • worries about making mistakes and spends far too long ‘perfecting’ schoolwork 
  • is defiant or repeatedly up to mischief to get your attention
  • struggles to regulate feelings and is easily overwhelmed by other people’s
  • hypervigilant of surroundings and hypersensitive to busy or noisy environments
  • is ashamed to express feelings – – may suppress anger, tears or fear to look ‘tough’
  • has been called ‘oversensitive’ or teased / name called for showing emotion 

Once you meet your child’s emotional needs, their behaviour will magically improve.

When we feel better, we do better. 

Thank you –  this was great! My son likes to watch it by himself with his headphones on. He wrote pages on the NEGATIVITY class. I was gobsmacked as he often keeps his feelings to himself and it sparked a conversation with a difficulty he is having in the classroom.

Fiona, London


What will you get?

There are 2 packs to choose from …

PLEASE NOTE: All classes are available to buy individually here.


Collection 1

Special Offer Price £67 (Worth £120)

As fun and easy as watching Netflix to grow your emotional literacy. Your child will thank you for it because they will feel much happier.
8 downloads (45 mins each) 
  *Disappointment  *Worry  *Negativity  *Anger
*Sadness  *Overwhelm  *Sensitivity  *Mindfulness 

Collection 2

Special Offer Price £67 (Worth £120)

As fun and easy as watching Netflix to grow your emotional literacy. Your child will thank you for it because they will feel much happier.
8 downloads (45 mins each) 
*Creativity  *Gratitude  *Kindness  *Courage
*Guilt  *Patience  *Frustration  *Making Mistakes 

How do I claim my offer?

  1. Click the purple ORDER COLLECTION NOW button for the pack you want.
  2. Buy and pay (this is a secure payment).
  3. You will receive an email to confirm your purchase.
  4. You will then receive a follow up email with a pdf worksheet and links to the downloads (these can be enjoyed via a tablet, phone or on the internet via YouTube).


“My eldest has made great progress, the meltdowns that he was experiencing almost daily at one point are now very rare, and he even referred to his bedroom as his ’Happiness Room’ at the weekend which left me speechless. I don’t know if you remember but this was always where he would retreat when feeling angry.”

Vikki, Surrey

“Beforehand, my youngest who is 7, said he didn’t want to do it. He was adamant he wouldn’t join in and pushed away the worksheet when I tried to give him it. So it was AMAZING to see how much he got out of the session. You saw how quickly he joined in and when you referred to the worksheet at the end he couldn’t wait to fill it in.”

Claire, Wimbledon

“’You aren’t going to believe it Lisa! We’ve finally done two of the downloads: WORRY and ANGER. The stuff my son is coming out with is amazing, saddening and touching. They keep holding up their pictures and answers to your questions to the screen for you to see!

I’m really pleased as it has given me such an insight into how he actually feels. I love the techniques you share. We really enjoyed being able to send our worries away by making paper aeroplanes.

Thank you so much. I can’t put into words succinctly how I feel about the sessions.  I’m feeling hopeful this is just the beginning for us!’

Jayne, Oxshott


Why work with me?

Hi there! Nice to meet you. I’m Lisa;  better known as The Smiley Coach. For 10 years I’ve helped hundreds of lovely families like yours unravel, understand and change old patterns of behaviour, so you can live a MORE fulfilling and happy life.

Truth teller. KINDNESS Spreader. Creative Doodlebug. Ninja Detective. Recovering Perfectionist. CURIOUS Life Explorer. Empathy Educator. 

Through an intense journey recovering from childhood trauma – I’ve discovered my own blend of healing. I’m not a parent, or a therapist, but I most certainly have done my time in the trenches exploring deep grief, and all the icky emotions which come from recovery. 

It helps to have somebody hold your hand when you’ve lost your parenting mojo and are embarking on a little self discovery. It also helps to have somebody who knows their shiz, who can make you laugh and who gets you. NO JUDGEMENT here!

I want the best for you and your family. I have so much natural empathy for children and I’m razor sharp when it comes to making sure they feel seen, heard and validated for who they are. 


Got questions on your mind? 

Click on your question to reveal the answer!
Which collection do we need?

Pick the one you feel most drawn to! People have a tendency to pick the pain points – so the uncomfortable or negatively perceived emotions like anger or worry and sadness. However, it’s worth noting that if you struggle with

  • ANXIETY, you need more GRATITUDE
  • ANGER, you need more LOVE

You cannot selectively numb emotions. So if you numb out anger, worry or sadness, or are avoidant of particular emotions, you will also numb out the others too – joy, excitement. 

If you struggle with one emotion, it’s an indicator that your emotional literacy needs attention and you would benefit from exploring all of your emotional self. 

What age children is this for?

We have children aged 6 up to age 15 in class as well as the Mums who are getting involved.

If you are doing it and enjoying it, they will follow your lead. Children won’t know what age group it’s for and will have their own unique experience. Think about when you watch a Disney film, what you take away from it, in comparison to their child-like filter. Trust that they will hear what is relevant and necessary for them. 

What sort of things we will have to do?

Each download lasts 45 minutes and can include any or all of the following:

  • a little drawing (bring your pens and journals)
  • simple and effective coaching activities (like relaxation, NLP techniques, guided visualisation, reflective quesitons, yoga poses, Smiley Thought Cards)
  • fun learning about your emotions, your body and your mind
  • helpful life skills like goal setting, organisation, communication, conflict resolution, confidence hacks, assertiveness etc)
Can we pick and mix from both packs?

No, but all replays are available to buy separately here.

What if it's my child's behaviour that needs to change?

Not listening, not going to bed, not wanting to co-operate or any behaviour you are seeing which you don’t like is driven by feelings.

 Your child feels something that is making them behave that way. What could it be?

This is why I think understanding feelings first instead of trying to stop or change behaviour is a better use of our time and energy. Besides we are not in control of our child or anybody else apart from ourselves.

When we feel better we do better. Right?

I believe parenting is a relationship and not a technique, so check out my blog if you want to be sure your child grows up feeling loved and secure with good self esteem.

Click on your question to reveal the answer!
Is the replay download as powerful as a live class?

I think the replay is just as powerful and you can hear me talk about why it’s like watching Jamie teach you to cook Meatballs on Fifteen Minute Meals here. It”s that simple!

It’s also worth thinking about our different learning styles too. One Mum identified that even though her child have two very different approaches, they both get what they need. Children do know what they need and often we underestimate that.

“Thank you for this week’s class. It was great. My two really enjoyed it. They both have very different approaches which seems to work for them. My 8 year old son wants to do it separately on the replay link. Whereas, my daughter is very outgoing and wears her heart on her sleeve. She prefers the live class with you. My son likes to do it on his own with his headphones on. He wrote pages on the negativity class. I was gobsmacked as he often keeps his feelings to himself and it sparked a conversation with a difficulty he is having in the classroom.”

Does the pack come with a guarantee?

As with life, there are no guarantees but if you follow my step by step instructions and are open to learning / trying things differently, you’ll definitely see a big improvement.

How on earth will I get my kids to engage?

If it’s your first time working with me, I understand. Think about it like watching a TV programme with some fun activities to draw or write or questions to answer. Like a quiz show or watching Mr Motivator (do you remember him?!) on the TV doing an exercise class. Or if your child is a bit older it’s like watching YouTube or make the comparison with something else they enjoy doing online. If you are comfortable about doing it, then they will be too. It may take a few classes for them to get into their groove but like anything new there is no pressure and no rush. Everybody works to the beat of their own drum. 

How will I know if my kids will like it?

You won’t, but most of them enjoy it. If your child likes listening to the Truly Madly Smiley podcast, it’s very likely they will like this too.  

What can I do if my child is resistant or nervous?

This is normal we expect them to be when it’s something new. They will take your lead so if you are confident and feeling excited about the class, they will be too. Children will relish this special moment to be close and hang out with you. What usually happens is you get so lost in the moment having fun that the time flies by and you don’t want it to end. There is no room for boredom in a Smiley class. 

Watch this video as it will help your child to feel as if they know me already. Anxious children are looking for safety so give them age-appropriate information and get them excited about coming. 

Or you can click here to let your child listen in to how other children feel about coming to class!


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