“Fear is simply excitement without the breath – Fritz Perls 

Join Lisa for this one-off creative online event. I’d like to invite you to my  pyjama party where snuggled up from your own sofa, we will learn to create magic from darkness.      

 Are you a sensitive, intuitive kind-hearted soul who feels overwhelmed and uncertain?

Would you like to learn how to activate and tune in to the wisdom of your higher self? 

Come and hang out in your blanket fortress with me!  Find a quiet moment to yourself, away from the fear and noise of social media.

A little self-care where you can learn to listen to the whispers of your soul and turn down the volume on your fear, doom and anxiety. I’ll show you how to rediscover a place of calm and connect with other like-minded souls.

By candlelight, we’ll learn how to use the magic of the Oracle cards and the power of the pen, I will show you how you can:    

  • Turn the volume up on your inner voice (intuition)
  • Feel confident and empowered to take charge
  • Learn how to make decisions that align with your wishes
  • Say no without guilt
  • Gain light relief from anxiety and overthinking
  • Feel energised and inspired to trust yourself and follow your heart
  • Develop a valuable and practical life skill that inspires, motivates and sparks joy

I’m also happy to answer questions and pull cards for individuals who are looking for reassurance. 

Sunday, 29 March 2020

8:30 PM – 10:00 PM  

 The fee to join is £25  

 Bring your journal, pen, blanket  (no oracle cards required). 

Dresscode: pyjamas || Where: from your sofa

This event will be held via Zoom. This class will not be recorded to allow people privacy and the space to share their concerns and feelings. Once you have signed up a Zoom log on link will be emailed to you so you can join live.  No Refunds. Please check your spam/junk folders for the dial in confirmation email as they sometimes end up in there  

Meet Your Host Lisa Parkes, Intuitive Coach & Mentor

Hello I’m Lisa! You might know me as The Smiley Coach.

It’s my one true wish for everybody to grow up knowing the magic that already lives inside of them!

I understand the peace that comes from feeling comfortable, happy and confident in your own skin, because I have also known the darkness of chronic self-doubt and anxiety. I spent years thinking there was something wrong with me and wondering what would make it better. I wished somebody had taught me growing up.  

Even now, after 10 years of doing this job, I’m still blown away as I witness these deeply wise (seemingly young but most likely old) souls rediscover their love of life again. As they start to believe in themselves, they are finally free to be who they came here to be and they can let go of the myth that somebody or something outside of them has the answers to all the big questions in their busy curious brain.

Now is the time to go within. It’s your time! Are you ready?

“It struck me today that you totally understood what I was saying and picked up on my deepest fears. I found you to be so insightful and despite many hours of counselling, found that you cut to straight to the truth on so many things.” 

“We started off with a box of Smiley Thought Cards and it just grew from there really. Both my girls have taken to learning in this way rather easily. In fact, often my eldest daughter will come and ask me if she can listen to you. We’ve stuck all our artwork up around the mirror in her bedroom and I can see how slowly but surely she is starting to smile more and get less fixated on what used to worry her before. I think what you teach is brilliant and so important for kids and parents. It should be taught in all schools.”

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