creatinghappinessfbmemeHave you noticed how social media is full of memes telling you how to find happiness? Oh look! Here’s one!

I recently wrote a blog post about how to think your family happy and another one about what blocks your path to happiness, so does this mean I am joining the Happy Clapping Clan?

Well urrrm yes I am. With every post ending #getyourhappyon it may seem trite if your day or your life is not going according to plan.

Believe it or not, when I created my Smiley Thought Cards that wasn’t my intention at all. I had bigger ideas than just getting every body to smile and be happy. I know this doesn’t come naturally to some people – even though when we are born our natural state is joy. Then life gets in the way and happiness seems to be something we are chasing.

So back to the cards. The cards were created from a very personal experience that lead to me being happier in my life, but I noticed that not only did they make me feel better, they changed my thinking, they helped me to see the good stuff and got me seeing life through a different filter. I can’t tell you how useful that is if you are anxious or prone to worry.

Now the cards are being enjoyed by families everywhere, (and I do mean everywhere – they are in Australia and America), it occurred to me that they were so much more than finding happiness, feeling good and being positive. Not forgetting that the children don’t even have to understand what’s behind the cards, it is just the enjoyment for them.  The magic happens without even them realising it. They were so much more than I had anticipated. It may surprise you to know other ways the cards are being used:

1. Children with Selective Mutism


My friend, Lucy Nathanson of Confident Children has produced some super educational and engaging videos with helpful tips for  communicating with a child who has Selective Mutism.  Lucy has recently bought a deck of Smiley Thought Cards to use in her wonderful work.


2. Adults and Other Therapists

We all have an inner child inside of us that wants to be heard and seen. Inner child work is carried out by trained therapists who work with adults wounded by their childhoods. Some of these therapists are discovering that the Smiley Thought Cards bring out the necessary playfulness and magic for healing.



3. Reading Practice

“Genius tonight with the Smiley cards. B didn’t have much enthusiasm for the school reader tonight, so I said ‘Hey how about we pick 4 of your Special Thought Cards to read?’ Fanned them out like a deck of card and he chose 4. He then read them all front and back. Then wanted to look at and read the fronts of all the rest. #ReadingSkills”

stc b reading


4. A New Family Ritual 

jane lamb's testimonial


5. Fun with Friends

One Mum wrote to me and told me that her daughter was doing readings for her friends. Look at her go!

winnyallcards2 winnyallcards3 winnyallcards


6. Inspiring Creativity

Children have been drawing and sending me pictures of Little Smiley. I’m going to have to get some more dolls made aren’t I? Another thing to put on my to do list. We under estimate the connection children have with their toys and pets. I know when I was younger, I had to make sure my toys were comfortable before I went to sleep and I really wanted to look after them. I have clients who have teddies to watch over them at night and keep them safe.

hannah'spicnaomi smiley pic










7. Knowing the Self

i am unique and specialWhen children come to coaching, they often don’t know why they are special or what they are good at. I sense fear that this might be seen as showing off.  There is a difference between knowing yourself (your good bits and bad bits) and getting in everybody’s faces with it.

It’s important to know that we are valued as human beings and not human doings! At school we are graded according to our achievements which is all about what we can do. Just by being ourselves with all our gorgeous qualities, we are unique and special. I want everybody, not just children to know this fact. It’s a big confidence booster and takes the pressure away to be constantly doing.

It’s also good to think about how our specialness shines and touches the other relationships in our lives – siblings, friendships, parents, neighbours etc.



8. Random Singing



9. Conversation Starters

“My two daughters absolutely LOVE these! They are a great way to start and end each day – filling you and your children with positivity and confidence as well as stimulating some worthwhile conversations between you.

As a family, we use the cards in different ways. My children like to look through them and pick out a few favourites for each day. This can be an interesting way for me to see what is going on in their head at any given time as they don’t always know how to vocalise their thoughts.

We are already really enjoying our new Smiley Thought time each day. It is a lovely way of “forcing” us to slow down during each busy day and just take a few minutes (sometimes longer) to chat and think about our feelings and our lives in a positive way…….”

To read the whole review by Surrey Mummy, click on the image below.



You can join the masses and #getyourhappy on by getting your own box of Smiley Thought Cards here

how to get your happyon

Love Smiley x

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