We’ve had a rainy June, but life is still sunny and Smiley here. I wanted to share with you the highlights of my month. Pour yourself a cuppa and catch up with me. 

1 – A New Poem + Draft Book Illustrations.

My latest poem was a celebration of finishing the editing for my book. You have no idea how time consuming this is. I almost found it harder than writing the actual book. It was definitely less enjoyable. My new poem is called ‘From the Park Bench’, and it’s what I see when I’m observing the way we treat children. Can you guess where I wrote it?!

Listen to me read the poem on the video and you’ll see the draft illustrations for the front cover of the book that were created by the mega-talented Ros Webb. 


I also have very kind small people who have volunteered to read and give me feedback on the book. Look at this little Poppet who had been helping me out.




2 – Making the most of the Truly Madly Smiley Podcast.

Fall asleep in 20 minutes, a helpful resource for teachers and a way for children to feel better from the inside out!

Whether you want to feel less worried, more confident or calmer, find out how to make the most of the Truly Madly Smiley podcast. Don’t let the fear of new tech hold you and your child back. I’ll talk you through it in the video.

Click here to get your very own copy of the Most Magical Podcast Guide!

3 – Do you know the difference between self-soothing + self-medicating?

Watch this next video to find out the difference between the two, and also find out how I medicated my anger. If you’re a smoker or overweight, you’ll want to watch this!

I also want to tell you about something that happened to me this week. I sent a voice note to one of my little clients who was flooded with anxiety and couldn’t sleep. I talked him down and reassured him. I don’t usually do this but I know that this particular child responds well to calm, firm instructions and an explanation that nothing is wrong. Anxious children need to know this – THAT THEY ARE SAFE AND NOTHING IS WRONG!

‘It’s just your brain doing its job I told him. There is nothing wrong. You are safe. Use your breathing to stay calm. You can do that. You’re in charge.’  His Mum text me back ‘You’re an actual hero!’

For the record, I am NOT! Parents often get panicky when they can’t soothe their children. Children then feel more scared and feed off the panic. The key is to teach your child to soothe themselves. Help them work out what they need. Don’t make it your job to ‘fix’ it.

4 – Practice getting comfortable with the uncomfortable!

Do you and your child want to stop feeling overwhelmed by your big scary feelings? Do you want to understand that your sensitivity is a superpower? Do you want to work out what makes you tick and understand the messages your feelings want you to hear.  Do you want to learn practical tools and techniques to manage all your feelings, even the most uncomfortable ones. 

>>Click here to find out how Smiley’s fun and easy online coaching packs are a worthwhile investment in your child’s future happiness today!


5 – Talking about separation anxiety, night time worries and staying away from home (School Residentials).

In June, I’ve been talking a lot about the brilliant Smiley Sweet Dreams Relaxation Pack which has helped a little girl that was going on a school residential. It’s also been helping lots of you with night time worries and helping soothe your pre-performance nerves for exams and school shows.

‘Morning!! Just wanted to say hi and thank you for doing what you do. I downloaded the Sweet Dreams Bedtime pack for my daughter to listen to and it has really helped her. Sometimes at bedtime she just can’t ‘switch off’ her brain. Listening to your voice and words has been super helpful for her. She’s just back from a week away on a school trip and I was so worried her homesickness and difficulty switching off at night would get in the way of enjoying her trip.  She was fine, more than fine, she said she would go again. We are super chuffed! So big thank you xxx’

6 – Try a Smiley relaxation for free!

Remember:  you can get the free relaxation download ‘Into the Forest’ to trial here.

I’ve signed up two new clients to my Family Intensives to help them manage their separation anxiety this month. You can hear me talk more about that in the video. You may also want to check out this blog post about separation anxiety.


7 – Will you be running a Summer Club during the school holidays Smiley?

No but I have other plans. Watch the video and see what you think about the book club idea and going on a picnic together. Let me know  – what you think of my ideas about starting a book club and going on a picnic – in the comments below.


8 – The New Book is here!

One angry little girl’s fun and exciting adventure to discover who she really is! Hear me talk about the book more in the video above.
I can’t believe this is happening. It’s a dream come true. Ever since I read Enid Blyton’s Enchanted Wood, aged 8, I quite fancied writing a book. And don’t get me started on my obsession with Jessica Fletcher – Murder She Wrote! They say we all have a book in us. I think I have more than one.
My plan is to get the book ready for the summer hols so you can enjoy it when you’re off school. Keep your eyes peeled and I will post updates and let you know where I am with everything. 
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