Do you want to learn how to set boundaries and take back your power without crushing your child’s spirit or compromising yourself?

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Most parents I talk to who struggle with defiance, emotional meltdowns, anxiety and assertiveness lack boundaries. They are either too permissive or rigid in their parenting style. This blog post explains how your child will tell you that they are looking for boundaries.

You can also read more about why children need boundaries here

Who is this course for? 

When you have empathetic boundaries …

  • You can stop exhausting yourself trying to control everything
  • ‘Yes!’ stops becoming your automatic response to everything
  • You can let go of worry, feel safer and more relaxed
  • You can stop trying to save the world with your pants over your trousers (not a good look!)
  • You won’t have to threaten or bribe or shame your child into co-operating
  • You will enjoy parenting and being with your strong-willed sensitive child again

Even better with empathetic boundaries …

  • Your child will feel SAFER
  • Your child will be strengthening their ability to control themselves
  • Your child will be assertive (no passive aggression or aggression here)
  • Your child will grow up knowing how to set boundaries 
  • Your child will be less likely to be bullied 
  • Your child will be clearer about who they are
  • Your child will be able to make the right decision (for them!)
  • Your child won’t be a people pleaser
  • Your child will be able to get their needs met (without manipulating or feeling ashamed)
  • Your child will value themselves

Boundaries are a vital part of your parenting tool kit

Without boundaries you and your child will struggle in life. Take it from somebody who knows and is still learning now. That’s a big therapy bill. I’ve learnt that the reason we don’t set boundaries or we can’t uphold them is because we can’t deal with our child’s response to them. Click here to access the Online Learning Den and see a list of the modules and lessons in more detail.


Here are Your 2 Mega Smiley Bonuses


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Rediscover the Magic of Parenting in a Busy World

* 37 page eBook with a step-by-step guide to make connection parenting part of your family life.  

* A Smiley-Ometer, to note down your learnings and track what works and what doesn’t  * 2 Smiley Coaching Videos so you can master the art of using love languages. You’ll be amazed at how easy and powerful it is! 


Bonus 2 (worth £120)

* not available to buy as a standalone product 
The Energy Pod Collection is a bundle of Class Replays. As fun and easy as watching Netflix to grow your emotional literacy. Your child will thank you for it because they will feel less anxious and much happier. You get eight 45-minute videos


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Got Questions?

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“Since doing the ‘No More Power Struggles’ course, my relationship with my daughter has gone from strength to strength.  I now invest time in myself as a person as well as real quality time with my child and the results are just fantastic. When people used to say about giving choices to a child I would be the person that would roll their eyes and think that’s too soft!  Not true at all.  I have a happier child, a happier me, a happier home and it works.  It sooo works! I can’t thank you enough! “ Sarah, Oxford

I now know that when my daughter is being a pickle I have let my connection slip somewhere along the way but that automatically makes me more empathetic to her meltdown.  She was in bed ready for our meditation when she decided she wanted more milk.  I stuck to my boundary and said that she had already cleaned her teeth so she couldn’t have any more milk.  She was cross and told me she was going to go downstairs and get some more.  Before I would have stopped her but this time I let her go.  She got to the top of the stairs and I said “I would like you to stop, put your hand on your heart and take a deep breath….What do you need to do now?”  She said “I need more milk”  I repeated the boundary and said how I understood she was disappointed. She came back from the top of the stairs and got in bed and we carried on with the meditation. This is amazing! Thank you! Caroline, Weybridge

“We’ve noticed that since we have started to show our daughter empathy – especially when she is mad or frustrated that her feelings pass so much quicker. It’s taking some patience and commitment to stop our old way of doing it, but I can see that over time we’re remembering. It’s like you said, we weren’t shown empathy by our parents growing up BUT it is a skill that we can learn. We’re doing it! It feels much easier, we’re less intimidated by her big emotional outbursts, and she is much calmer. Emma, Oxshott

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