Are you ready to re-write your own rules, so you can work out WHO you really are and WHAT you really want from life?

Then, I am on your team! I have the wisdom, the expertise and razor sharp intuition to guide you there. I’ll take away the STRESS of figuring it out alone.

Follow Your Heart is a transformational 1:1 coaching programme for sensitive souls that will help you discover your truest self and love all of you MORE. Once you know what that feels like, the rest will naturally unfold! Imagine the FREEDOM and EASE of just being yourself. You would think that would come naturally, but it takes courage in a world where we are conditioned to conform.

Are you ready to be TRUE to you and Follow Your Heart?

Where the woo meets the practical. Working with me 1:1 is an entirely unique experience designed for you and whatever season of your life you find yourself in.

Is Follow Your Heart for you?

I love to emotionally educate Wildhearts and get them back in touch with their true selves. Sometimes called an HSP, INFJ, Introvert or Empath, your highly SENSITIVE nature and INTUITION are actually your most brilliant gifts.

You’d love to be able to make your unique temperament work for you. Instead of hiding it away, or worrying there’s something wrong with you.

You likely have complex FAMILY relationships and have had some THERAPY. You’re well-versed in the world of self-development, but you believe there is more for you.

You feel STUCK repeating old patterns that aren’t working (don’t worry, you’re only human!). You’re often stressed or fraught with worry. You spend a lot of time firefighting your mega noisy, critical brain which means you don’t listen to yourself. You burn out quickly.

You’re incredibly curious and value learning. You’re ready to make an investment in yourself so you can fulfil your HEART’S DESIRE.

You’re fed up of doing it ALONE. You want somebody to lead the way. Somebody who can see what you can’t, who’ll tell you the truth with kindness, and who wants the very BEST for you.


Do you find yourself: 

♥ stuck in thought spirals of SELF-DOUBT indecision, overthinking and catastrophising

♥ letting other people’s mood dictate your day and consume you

♥ flooded with ANXIETY and consumed with what other people think

♥ seeking external VALIDATION from people who can’t or won’t give it to you

♥ judging yourself harshly and trying to do it all ‘perfectly

♥ hiding your sensitivity because somebody once told you that it’s ‘too much’

♥ daydreaming or hoping for a life that you really want, but somehow it never seems to materialise

♥ beating yourself up when things go wrong, or worrying if you’re doing it wrong

♥ tolerating terrible treatment or accepting crumbs from TOXIC people

♥ avoiding CONFLICT and finding it hard to stand up for yourself  

♥ hanging on to situations and relationships that are past their sell-by date and unable to let go?

Listen! Please believe me when I tell you, that you don’t need to change a thing. Contrary to the wonky societal beliefs and pressure from the media, who claim that you must read more self-help books, think happy thoughts, diet, tone up, or whatever else they’re selling. You don’t want to be more like their ‘ideal’. You want to be your TRUE self. Let’s spend some time finding HER, and working out what happened to her.

Don’t waste another minute of your precious time trying harder to be something you’re not!

You can’t buy that back anyway.

Instead use your time wisely to invest in yourself. You deserve to live peacefully in your body where your heart is. Your heart is your internal compass and life guide. When you’re connected to your heart, you don’t need to keep seeking answers and approval from others.

Here you’ll also find your truth, your intuition and the REAL you! 

I’ll slowly guide you out of your head where all your shaming, negative critical voices live and back into your body. There are NO quick fixes. Long, lasting change takes time and gentle patience to integrate. Start today and imagine where you’ll be in six months time.

Instead of fighting against yourself, make better use of your time and learn how to: 

  • be yourself (your real self)
  • respect yourself
  • nurture yourself
  • protect yourself
  • listen to yourself
  • and love your sensitive self just the way you are!

Most talk therapy and coaching will work on your mindset, and we can do that, but when our pain is rooted in the past, mindset just won’t cut it. Follow Your Heart uses a unique blend of healing modalities to get to root cause of the pain that’s blocking you from connecting back to your heart. My wish for you is that you feel CONFIDENT, being you! Nothing makes me happier than seeing you SHINE and feel good about who you are.

What happens when you work with me? 

Over 70% of the people who work with me discover they are psychic or have strong intuition.

One person distanced herself from her controlling mother and started to put herself first.

Countless people have tapped into creative talents and started writing poetry or books.

One person left her toxic marriage and went travelling to find herself.

Another person did find herself, once she stopped spending all her time stressing about narcissistic people who didn’t respect or care about her. 

Many people have overcome social anxiety and felt confident about who they are.

One person left her corporate job and followed her heart to become a photographer.

Another person started remembering and feeling connected to her Mum who died when she was very young. 

Most of my clients feel at peace, are no longer confused or worried about whether they’re getting it right or wrong because they’ve found ways to live from their hearts.

Following your heart looks different for every person!

What will it look like for you?

“I have worked with therapists before but always found them to be too clinical. Working with you, Lisa has been life-changing.

I have been able to unravel my past, to reconnect with myself in a way that wasn’t previously possible. I now realise that I have spent the majority of my life in freeze response, you have helped me get back in touch with my feelings, to recognise them, to feel them. I have been able to let go of things I have been holding on to all my life and the relief is immense! Safety in people is not something I have ever experienced, you are that safe person, you have allowed me to feel emotional safety in my vulnerability. Your validation, empathy and kindness is breathtaking and has allowed me to recognise my strengths, to see talents where I didn’t previously and to have the courage to explore them.

You are a truly gifted Therapist Lisa Parkes (I know you always tell me you’re not a Therapist!) and I am very grateful for you.”

Are you ready to Follow Your Heart?

Here’s what’s inside your 1:1  Coaching Package:

We’ll lay solid foundations for our coaching work together, by building rapport and trust with these 5 power sessions:

#1. Re-Write the Rules we kick off your coaching by identifying how you live your life in ways that no longer serve you. Then, we will re-write your rules, the ones that are most aligned with your authentic self. (90 mins)

#2. Feeling Safe & Secure is an essential part of this work that creates emotional safety and helps you find your boundaries. This will protect your highly empathic energy from absorbing negativity, stress and being used by emotional vampires. (90 mins)

#3. Deep Dive Soul Search let’s deep dive into the wisdom and energy of your heart’s desires to discover your forgotten dreams, what brings you joy, and what you really need in live to feel content and most like you. (90 mins)

#4. Emotional Reset is where you learn how to take care of your highly sensitive nervous system, tune into the wisdom of your body and reconnect to your intuition where all the answers live. (90 mins)

#5. Your Personalised Self-Care Plan let’s sit down and get real about what’s getting in the way of your self-care. We’ll map out a practical plan to ensure you’re taking excellent care of yourself as a priority. (90 mins)

2 Coaching Sessions a month for four months (8 in total) for self-reflection, progress check-ins, emotional support and guidance as you find your way. (50 mins each  

Email Follow Up after each session with a helpful summary and action steps. I will very likely send you a challenge, journal prompts, and reading recommendations.

On-Going Support we’ll connect between sessions via email or Whastapp to keep you on track and focussed. This also means we’ll face the fear and overcome the tricky bits in real time together.

Final Review & Check-In to celebrate your progress and wins, and see what’s next for you. (50 mins)

Investment: £6,000

Pay in full, save 10%.

Or pay monthly £1,1000 x 6

You’ll also receive these brilliant *BONUSES*  

‘Wildheart Emotional First Aid: is practical energy hygiene and nervous system regulation tools for sensitives living in survival mode.

Journal Starter Kit is a step-by-step guide to experiencing the transformational power of free-fall journaling.


Here are your Brilliant Bonuses!

You’ll also receive these two BONUS kits: Wildheart Emotional First Aid and Journal Starter Kit which are your go-tos for moving the needle forward on your personal growth journey. Even better, when you get knocked off your perch or have a wobble, you’ll know exactly how to get back to yourself again. You’ll also find that they’re so effective and easy to use that you’ll return to them over and over again, and long after our time together has finished.

What Wildhearts are saying …



“What a dream you have been to work with. Your insights are spot on. I followed on social media when you were working with children and I admit my inner child was jealous that she couldn’t work with you too. So when I say dream, it came true when you started working with adults, we knew you were the right fit for us. Thank you. “

“Your emails are the highlight of my inbox – full of wisdom, encouragement, support and practical suggestions to help me be the kind of parent I want to be. Your presence in our lives has been life changing. You have so many wonderful qualities but my favourite is your ability to connect with the parents as well as the child – you bring everyone together as a team with a common goal.”

I’m so glad I found you. You’re a remarkable human with a beautiful soul. I’ve talked to various people about working with you. They’ve noticed the change in me. I am certainly more positive, decisive and in control of my life. I feel more positive about my past and more open to embrace the future. I don’t feel stuck. You got me thinking about me – really thinking about me, for the first time in my life. You listened without judgement and were so reassuring. I wish I had come to see you a long time ago. Thank you so much for your help, guidance & understanding. It’s nice to know I can fly now without my ‘Lisa wings‘!”

Lisa, I just want to thank you wholeheartedly for your loving support and guidance this week. It feels amazing to have you on my team and I can’t put into words how much I appreciate all of your email and text message correspondence outside of our calls. I have tears in my eyes reading your email today. It is that feeling that you are with me standing by my side, that you are supporting me and there is no judgement. Even though this is a business arrangement I can feel your support – it feels pure and rooted in love. I am so grateful! Thank you.

“I doubted myself so much and would waste hours rehashing everything in my head. I was beyond overwhelmed – I wished I could find an off switch for my mind. If I made a mistake or if something happened to knock me off my perch, I was crushed. I loved learning how to protect my energy and understand more about how being sensitive is more of a gift than a curse. It all made perfect sense. You really do get it! I thought there was something wrong with me and it was freaking me out. It feels amazing to stand tall and confident. Thank you!”  

Why Wildhearts Work with Me + What I Want You To Know …

“Working with Lisa is life-changing. The relief of letting go of painful experiences I’ve been holding onto all my life is IMMENSE.” 

 Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a Wildheart & HSP (a highly sensitive person), and for 20 years, I’ve been healing from complex childhood trauma. Along the way, I’ve educated myself by reading hundreds of books and attending courses, lectures and workshops. I wanted to understand my SENSITIVE temperament and how it was wired differently. I wanted to learn how to really take care of myself and live out my dream of becoming a writer. 

I’m still learning. I’m a life-long learner. I’m a qualified Life Coach & Child Coach who builds emotional resilience. I will encourage and cheerlead you. I’m a teacher who will emotionally educate you and reconnect you back to your intuition. I am an intuitive healer who works with energy, and will show you what you cannot see.

I’m also a SURVIVOR. I’ve been through darkness and I’ll sit with you in yours. Repeatedly, clients tell me they’re experiencing real emotional safety for the first time in their lives!

I am not a therapist but I will hold space for your pain and your feelings. My work is definitely heart-centred and trauma informed because of my own healing experience. I was searching for something to take the edge off the pain, like reiki, breathwork, meditation, Kundalini and yoga, mindfulness, EFT, inner child work, qoya dance, Kinesiology, EMDR, NLP, Gestalt therapeutic journaling and too many others to list here. That’s how my eclectic toolkit came to be.


How Can I Best Support You?

Working with me means you’ll benefit from my lived experience, my expert knowledge and my eclectic toolkit. All those practical tools are great. You won’t need them all, but we’ll find the right way for you so you can momentarily soothe your nervous system, while we do the deeper work of untangling your inner world. The deeper healing didn’t begin until I learnt how to feel SAFE in my body. I want this for you too, and by working together for six months (or more), you will feel the freedom that safety brings. 

“The moment I started giving myself some much needed time and attention, was the moment my life changed for the better.

Lisa is an angel. I feel like I’ve got my life back. She read my energy very accurately. She’ll be kind to you, she wants you to do well, but she won’t let you away with it when you’re not being honest with yourself. She was quick to see where I was sabotaging and how hard I was on myself. I hadn’t realised that I was so mean, and highly sensitive – I thought everybody was like this. It was a relief to see how certain people and environments were toxic for me. It was a great experience to take stock of my life and reset.”

Got Questions? 

Can’t see your question? Drop me an email.

🤍 Who is this really for?

I work with  women of all ages, including teens. I also enjoy working with professionals in the healing arts (Coaches, therapists, healers etc.) who are looking to build on their personal development and creative tool kit. Predominantly, I work with Wildhearts (highly sensitive souls) who love to learn and know there is more to life than what we see and experience every day.

🤍 Can I book a single session with you?

Not for Follow Your Heart, these are my intensive programmes, but I invite you to explore Unlock Your Magic for an intuitive reading with me.

🤍 What healing modalities do you use?

I have a lot of tools in my tool kit, but I like to keep it simple. So I won’t overwhelm you with too much at once. Here are some of the things we could try: coaching, inner child work, journaling, guided visualisation, tarot cards, emotional release, mindfulness, NLP, EFT (tapping), drawing and creativity. I like to mix it up with spiritual and metaphysical teachings, but I will be guided by what feels right for you. I am your biggest cheerleader and totally on your team. I want to see you get the most from our time together.

🤍 Can I try before I buy?

Sure. Book a free chat and we can see if the connection feels right to you.

🤍 What happens after I book?

After you have Booked Your Package, this is what happens:

  1. You’ll receive an email receipt of purchase with a blue schedule link.
  2. Click on it to access my diary and schedule your session.
  3. You’ll receive an email confirmation.
  4. You can change your appointment up to 24 hours in advance by clicking the pink button at the bottom of this email confirmation.
  5. My contact details are also in the email. Facetime or Whatsapp me at the designated appointment time.

Serious about freeing yourself from the pain of the past & discovering your true self?
Book some time in my diary for a cuppa & a chat! 👇

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