“You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart.”– George Michael

As part of my healing journey from complex childhood trauma, I was sick of people telling me 

WHO I WAS  Over sensitive, wrong, over reacting, difficult, extra, making a fuss…

WHAT TO DO  Just meditate! Don’t say ‘breathe’ to somebody who is cycling through chronic self-doubt, anxiety and low self-esteem.

I was so tired and overwhelmed. I wished there was an off switch. Not a chance with my brutal inner critic’s unreasonable demands for perfection, shaming, blaming and should-ing. 


As hard as I tried, I couldn’t find much self-love and only fleeting moments of calm. I wanted to feel at ease in my own body and trust myself. Then, quite by accident, I found all the answers I’d been looking for. 


I want to share it with YOU!

Are you ready to embark on this empowering adventure back to your heart?


♥ Writing & Creativity for Self-Healing ♥ 

Follow your Heart

I’ll be your compassionate guide as you enjoy this unique coaching experience combining automatic writing (journaling to channel your higher self) and Tarot (as a tool to switch on your intuition so you can be your own life guide).


getting ready


Intuitive Toolkit

At our first session, I’ll introduce you to the tools of the trade and explain how it all works. You’ll be able to choose from my suggested list of card decks. I’ll ship them to you and a copy of my intuitive tarot journal that has reflective questions & prompts.




Private 1-1 Intuitive Guidance

12 private lessons (50 mins via video). Unlock your intuition & connect to your higher self. Learn how to interpret your chosen card deck alongside automatic writing to understand your heart’s messages and release blocks that are holding you back.




 Messenger Follow Up

We’ll stay in touch via Whatsapp. I’ll keep you motivated and on track with your learning. You’ll get regular inspiration and card reads. In return you can ask me questions and let me know how you’re getting on. You’ll be compassionately and consistently supported in this work together.


tools for life


Daily Practice

You’ll be able to use this powerful technique to coach yourself and others through challenges, difficult decisions & wobbles whenever you need to. Over time, it becomes a regular self-care practice that calms your mind, so you hear your own inner voice.

SIDE NOTE: I use tarot, NOT to predict the future, but as a powerful transformation tool that connects with the subconscious. It reveals our blind spots (things we’re ignoring or cannot see!). The numbers, colours, imagery and symbolism in the cards is the language of our heart. Over time, it becomes a regular self-care practice that prioritises emotional wellbeing and grows self-awareness.

🔑 You hold the key!

What is possible when you switch on your your intuition (your inner guidance system) & unlock its MAGIC

 ♥ weed out self-doubt, indecision and procrastination (be on your team for a change) 

♥ let go of anxiety and fear of what other people think

♥ love and approval of yourself (you won’t tolerate being invalidated or seek approval from others)

♥ connect to your higher self – the wise part that already has all your answers

♥ love your sensitive self and all the gifts that brings (it really is your super power!)

♥ make decisions that are aligned with your values (you get to decide what’s right for you – we’re not putting our hands in the fate of the cards)

♥ trust yourself and listen to your heart

♥ work out who you are and what you want from life

♥ protect your energy from toxic people, situations and daily stress

♥ calm your nervous system when it all gets too much (the overwhelm is real!)

find peace in your mind & self-love in your heart

🌼 Who is it for?


Are you an artist, writer, Coach or healer? You might know yourself to be a HSP (highly sensitive peeps), INFJ, introvert or empath – you can feel the energy in the room. I’d call you a Wildheart. You can’t wait to get home and chill in your PJs! Unprotected, your senses are easily overwhelmed. Your mind is busy and you feel things deeply. 

You may have found yourself in a toxic relationship where you lost touch with your truth because of all the gaslighting. You wonder why life has gotten so hard. You’re trying so hard so make it right. You doubt yourself and assume that that there must be something really wrong with you. 

Here are some other signs you’re very likely disconnected from your intuition:


You’re a perfectionist busyaholic – you can’t relax until everything is done

✔ You can’t say ‘no‘, without feeling guilty 

 You comfort eat and carry extra weight

You worry about what others think of you

You’re the one who works it all out and then sorts it 

You get stuck making decision and have to ask others what you should do

You find it hard to stick up for yourself and walk away wishing you had said or done something else

You are peaceful by nature & avoid conflict

You find yourself in one-sided relationships – you do all the hard work

You feel like the odd one out & a bit lonely

You can’t be happy & relax unless other people are

 You’re overly responsible & give unsolicited advice

You don’t take risks & need detailed plans or lists

✔ You think good stuff happens to others, your dreams feel out of reach

✔ You get hunches about toxic people & dismiss them


What Wildhearts are saying … 


I know you said this wasn’t ‘witchy woo woo magic’ but it blows my mind how the cards reflect back to me how I am feeling and what is right for me in any given moment. Working with Lisa has untangled all my confusion. At first, I wasn’t sure, but now I pull cards and journal every day. I’ve used them in the run up to my finals, for an interview and for working out drama with friends. Actually, there’s less drama! I don’t feel anxious when I wake up. I’m more in control and I trust my judgement.”

“I doubted myself so much and would waste hours rehashing everything in my head. I was beyond overwhelmed – I wished I could find an off switch for my mind. If I made a mistake or if something happened to knock me off my perch, I was crushed. I loved learning how to protect my energy and understand more about how being sensitive is more of a gift than a curse. It all made perfect sense. You really do get it! I thought there was something wrong with me and it was freaking me out. It feels amazing to stand tall and confident. Thank you!”  

“Practical and magical! I found it really easy to use the cards and journal. I chose the angel deck but I’m going to treat myself to the energy oracle for my birthday. There are lots to choose from and the artwork is beautiful. This is such a clever way to help you to see life in a different way. I really enjoyed working with Lisa and learning how she works with the cards. I got some powerful insights to move my personal and relationship goals forward. I’m listening to my heart now and what is right for me instead of getting blown about by all the noise and drama.”

“The moment I started giving myself some much needed time and attention, was the moment my life changed for the better. Lisa is an angel. I feel like I’ve got my life back. She read my energy very accurately. She’ll be kind to you, she wants you to do well, but she won’t let you away with it when you’re not being honest with yourself. She was quick to see where I was sabotaging and how hard I was on myself. I hadn’t realised that I was so mean, and highly sensitive – I thought everybody was like this. It was a relief to see how certain people and environments were toxic for me. It was a great experience to take stock of my life and reset.”


My Wish for YOU! 

at the end of our time together!

❤  YOU will notice a shift in your energy – there will be more CLARITY and less confusion.

❤  YOU will be more CONNECTED to your truth, desires and goals. No more I don’t know!  

❤  YOU will have increased TRUST in yourself and stronger intuition. It’s like working a muscle.

❤  YOU will have INSIGHTS into your strengths and your blind spots (exactly what is blocking you from making progress).

❤  YOU will feel more CONFIDENT about making decisions that FOLLOW YOUR HEART.

❤  YOU will feel PROUD of yourself for carving out some ‘me time’ (for once!) & prioritising your needs.

❤  YOU will have transformed your NEGATIVE THIKING and SELF LIMITING BELIEFS. You intuition speaks to you in a whole new love language.

❤  YOU will have a DAILY SELF-CARE ritual & structure for coaching yourself through wobbly moments whenever you need to. 

Save £200 when you pay in full or 4 payments of £500

£500 today & 3 further monthly payments of £500

& then 3 further monthly payments of £500

smiley coach lisa parkes unplug retreat

Hi, I’m Lisa

HSP Intuitive Coach ♥  Wildheart Guide

I’ve definitely mastered the art of making MAGIC FROM DARKNESS  (using sh1t to grow my own roses!). You can blame it on my Scorpio moon in my 8th house of transformation. (Aquarius Sun and Aries Rising if you’re interested!). I left a well-paid corporate job to set up a successful coaching business, and ended up on a spiritual quest. I got creative – launched a kids podcast, wrote a book, created online courses, designed journals, overcame childhood trauma, ended a lot of one-sided friendships, navigated family estrangement and along the way I discovered that trauma and heartbreak blocks your super-spidey senses. Let’s call it intuition because you have it too, and I want to help you tap into it. That is what makes life EASIER

When you want to make change or start over, the biggest thing that keeps you stuck is doubting yourself. Worrying about getting it wrong or what other people think. You think you need to nail it perfectly. There’s no such thing. Phew! Instead you have to be on your team, and take baby steps in the right direction. And then you pay close attention, because the answers, I’ve discovered, live inside of YOU. You just have to know which questions to ask to FOLLOW YOUR HEART!

Got Questions? 

Can’t see your question? Drop me an email.

🤍 Who is this for?

This is for women of all ages, including teens. Here is a list of people this powerful coaching programme can help (but is not restricted to):-

  • Anybody who feels lost, alone or heartbroken
  • Anybody who feels without purpose or meaning in their life
  • Anybody who worries about what other people think of them
  • Anybody who feels stuck
  • Anybody who has been bullied or name-called for their sensitivity
  • Anybody who doubts themselves
  • Anybody who lacks confidence or struggles with low self-esteem
  • Anybody who find it hard to trust and let go
  • Anybody who is looking to develop a compassionate, self-care practice.
  • Anybody who is perpetually busy, overwhelmed and wants to slow down.
  • Anybody who wants to be more mindful but struggles with meditation.
  • Anybody suffering with anxiety or depression.
  • Anybody who is curious about tarot, channelling, automatic writing or their higher selves.
  • Anybody who works in the healing arts or professionals (Coaches, therapists etc.) who are looking to grow their creative toolkit.
🤍 What if I'm not creative?

Creativity is self expression and how we bring ourselves to the world. It can manifest in many different forms. We are all creators.

Writing is a tried and tested way to release your creative blocks, which are really emotional blocks.

Sometimes, it’s not writing – it’s odd words, scribbles, colours and doodles. And whatever comes out is meant to.

You don’t have to be J K Rowling. If you approach the sessions with playful curiosity and give yourself permission to explore and have fun with it, your automatic writing may surprise you. In a safe and compassionate environment, magic happens.

🤍 Is 'Follow Your Heart' trauma-informed?

This programme is suitable for those of us struggling with trauma. It is a powerful tool and daily practice that helps express stuck feelings (trauma can get frozen in the body), and unconscious thought patterns.

I am not a qualified therapist, but as a survivor of C-PTSD (complex childhood trauma), who has been in recovery for nearly 20 years, I consider myself to be trauma informed. My approach is client-centred and compassionate.

If you have already done some healing work, this programme is for you. You can continue to unravel your story and build on your truth.

I felt really stuck when I developed this process. I was gaslighting myself (internalised from years of emotional and mental abuse). I found it hard to uphold emotional and energetic boundaries, trust myself and hold onto my own thoughts and feelings.

If your trauma is more recent, or you are new to this work, I encourage you to seek support from a trauma-informed therapist.

🤍 Can I try before I buy?

Sure. Check out Dear Diary (30 days of Journaling for Clarity, Courage & Confidence) and experience this powerful technique for yourself.

Or book in for a intuitive session with me and see if the connection feels right to you.

🤍 Isn't the tarot a bit witchy woo woo?

Everybody has intuition, but doesn’t know how to access it. Many of us ignore it. Or hear it and push it aside. I don’t use tarot like a psychic or to channel spirit. Some people do and they are awesome at it! That is NOT what these sessions are for. The objective of this package is to unlock your intuition, so you can fully trust yourself and feel confident and in control of your life.

As you observe the imagery, colours, symbolism and words on the cards, they act as a mirror. They reflect back to you your heart’s wisdom – – your unique messages that you need to heal you.

It works like practical magic! I have used tarot and oracle decks for years as part of my recovery from childhood trauma and abuse. It is a very powerful tool for harnessing the mind. It shows you what you cannot see – we all have blind spots! We are more motivated to change when we embark on our own personal discoveries at our own pace. We feel safer and calmer when we’re connected to our sensitive souls in this way.

🤍 Do I need previous tarot experience?

Tarot is a tool for self-connection and to unlock your intuition – you won’t be learning how to read tarot cards and don’t need any previous experience! You will simply need curiosity, courage, your journal and deck of cards.

🤍 What tarot cards do you use?

I use a mix of Oracle and Tarot cards. At your first session, I will show you how to use your intuition to decide which deck is right for you.

🤍 Can I buy your tarot journal even if I'm not a client?

Yes, you can get the journal on Amazon. It has tarot spreads, reflection questions, lined and blank pages.

There is a purple one and a bright pink one for you to fill up with all your beautiful words and doodles.

🤍 Can I have coaching without the tarot?

Yes, check out the Discovery Day which might be more your cup of tea ☺

🤍 What happens after I book?

After you have Booked Your Package, this is what happens:

  1. You’ll receive an email receipt of purchase with a blue schedule link.
  2. Click on it to access my diary and schedule your session.
  3. You’ll receive an email confirmation.
  4. You can change your appointment up to 24 hours in advance by clicking the purple button at the bottom of this email confirmation.
  5. My contact details are also in the email. Facetime or Whatsapp me at the designated appointment time.
🤍 I have one more question

No worries. Just send me a message or go to the contact page and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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