I’m really excited to invite you to my first pyjama party. It’s NOT a Pandemic (Plandemic) Pyjama Party.

I actually planned it long ago but the timing is right for us to all stay in, hunker down and make the most of our time together.

I planned it because we are losing our connection with ourselves and each other. We’re constantly responding to external stimuli and consequently, we’re not teaching children the magic of going within. 

I really hope you will come to my Pyjama Party. I have to admit I’m quite nervous about sharing this part of myself and teaching you about what I call the ‘magic‘. We all have it and we can all access it. Without it we are lost, confused, miserable and anxious. 

It’s easy to make magic from darkness 

All you need is the willingness to introspect and be open-minded. That’s not easy for lots of us who are living in fear, exhausting ourselves trying to control the uncontrollable and caught up in the darkness of our catastrophic minds.

That is life though, isn’t it – uncertain, unknown and a lot of it out of our control? No judgement. I do that too, but less so nowadays.

My brain was so hyper – wired with worry!

In 2008 when I had my Dark Night of the Soul, the worst thing for me was obsessive intrusive thoughts – at worst suicidal. I rang my Mum and told her that I wished I could find the off switch for my brain as I frantically paced around the cricket green outside my home sobbing down the phone. 

Medicate was the answer. But not for me.

I weaned myself off the meds and set out to find a way to feel more at ease in my own skin. I felt even further away from what it was I was searching for when I was drugged up in that way. What else was bad was self-doubt. It was crippling. Nothing seemed possible. I couldn’t hold onto joy or happiness. I was full of anxiety.

I didn’t know it then, but I had PTSD and C-PTSD.

My body had become a hostile environment for my spirit.

It felt desperate. It truly felt utterly hopeless. I felt helpless. 

If you’ve ever experienced a Dark Night of the Soul, may I say that it’s often the toxic puddle you’re sitting in that is causing you so much irritation and stress. Your reality is very much influenced by the people, words, places and stories we choose to consume and believe. I hate it that we’re all too easily medicating kids before we are taking steps to positively change the world they are growing up in.  

What is in your toxic puddle?

Fast forward 12 years and I’ve developed my own way. A way that turns down the volume on that chattering monkey mind. I simply pull Oracle cards, ask the right questions and journal. Not to predict the future or to find the answers – I’m not Mystic Meg. Besides, some things are unknown and we have to learn to live with that. 

These daily conversations I have with myself via the cards and my journal have opened up my intuition and that’s when the magic started to happen. 

How I noticed the magic appearing in my life

When I wrote Stuck Between Two Worlds, I knew that it wasn’t coming from my thinking brain. It poured out of me and as I would go back to read over and edit the text, I would think ‘Did I write this?’

Clients would ask me ‘How do you know that?’ as I started to see images or get a strong sense of how they felt or what they were thinking before they told me.

I would get ideas, messages and songs in the shower. If you’ve listened to this episode of the podcast, you’ll hear me try and explain in age-appropriate language for the kids how this way of interacting with the world works. 

If that’s one step too far. It’s too woo woo + out there!

Think of it as your gut instinct. Your 6th sense. You know you’re not tuned in to it because you’re overthinking, obsessing, catastrophising and not able to find peace. The cynical amongst us may just believe it’s an excess of empathy and poor emotional or mental boundaries.

Whatever you think, is right for you. I’m not here to convince you because I can only tell you how it feels for me.

It feels bloody wonderful. Liberating. Exciting. Safe. Loved. 

What do you call your intuition?

Is it something you’re aware of?

You could call it inner strength or emotional mastery. You could just call it journaling, but who has ever finished a journal? No matter how good your intentions are, ‘Dear Diary‘ gets pushed down the list of priorities at some point. You’re taught from early on to react to what is going on around you, and that you’re selfish if you put yourself first.


You could say it’s self-belief. It’s a trust in yourself where you know that you will be OK. It’s peaceful and calm. It’s definitely a form of self-care. 

This is what I teach the children: to go within.

I’m currently writing a book to teach others more about this way of relating to life and how focusing on what is on the inside, stops us constantly searching (or should that be scrolling) and reaching out to find that ‘one thing’ that is going to make it all better.

We’re currently teaching them that what they need is out there somewhere. That’s why they feel so anxious the whole time.

They are not accessing their inner power and this makes me sad because I don’t want them to end up pacing the cricket green wishing, hoping, desperate for an answer that is nowhere to be found.

And worst still thinking ‘What is wrong with me? when they can’t find it. 

Now the search is over.


It’s not out there. It’s inside of you!

And for all of us that can’t be still in our bodies or for those of us that check out (What to Do When You’ve Lost your Mum Mojo) it allows us to find that place of peace and wellbeing without having to sit with our legs crossed, close our eyes and feel consumed by all the noise that goes on in there.

Have you ever had deja-vu or felt you were a little bit psychic?

Spiritual types will call it your third eye. Or you inner voice. The voice that lifts you up and wants the best for you. Not that mean girl voice that makes you wrong, humiliates and shames you to keep you small. 

I’m so nervous telling you about this because I understand how foreign or weird or random it may sound to you. It’s certainly different to any other conversations we’ve had before. Or maybe you have always known you were a little bit psychic or intuitive. I certainly know that some of the children I have worked with are. 

Whose life are you living?

It feels like such a crime to not teach this to you  because it really does feel good. It motivates, inspires and empowers. Rising up and reaching your full potential is scary for some, but staying small, invisible whilst it feels safe is NOT living. So many of us unconsciously are trapped in the values and structures placed on us by society or even by our parents. So many people don’t grow up to be who they are forced into following somebody else’s ideology and are shamed if they don’t.

The don’t follow their dreams. They bury them deep down inside and blame it on their kids, or their mortgage or something else that they believe is holding them back. That’s how fear gets you! Your primary goal is to keep yourself safe and there is no energy for anything else. You lose your joy and you figure you’re just like everybody else – a little bit depressed and very anxious.

Learn to access your intuition!

Find your own way! 

Instead of seeking permission to do it your way because you fear the judgement of others. What do you think will happen if you don’t follow the Sheeple?! Well it’s the fear of not belonging – of feeling ignored, unloved and out in the cold.

Fitting in is about assessing a situation and becoming who you need to be to be accepted. Belonging, on the other hand, doesn’t require us to change who we are; it requires us to be who we are.” ~ Brene Brown.

Set yourself free – rise up from the darkness!

So to all the freedom fighters and forward-thinkers and those of you consumed by fear but figure there must be something more to life, there is! Access your intuition and find your way back to that connection. You won’t find happiness like it.  If that’s you, you’ll be right at home at the pyjama party. Well, you will because you don’t have to leave the house. Not that that is really an option for many of us right now.  

Intuition is magic because it:

  • fosters empathy and boy do we need that right now in our nasty Narcissistic culture
  • stops us from anxiously scrolling through our phones for that addictive dopamine high
  • develops introspection and self-awareness – you feel more confident when you know who you truly are
  • encourages independent thinkers who aren’t afraid to challenge or hold a different opinion (less people pleasers)
  • teaches emotional intelligence – you have to feel your way to joy and happiness
  • helps us feel safe and in control – we have an unwavering inner strength
  • helps us make better decisions, have better relationships and trust ourselves more fully
  • harnesses our creativity and inspires us to express ourselves
  • gives deeper meaning and purpose to life which is ultimately the key to happiness (not more material things!)

I really hope you’ll come to my pyjama party. You’ll feel better afterwards and I’d love to meet you because making magic in a group is powerful and lots of fun. I could really do with a sense of community and uplifting energy right how. 

All the details are here. 


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