I call it ‘The Magic’

At the end of every coaching session, we choose a Smiley Thought Card. In that moment, something fabulous happens. Every single time, children pull the card which reflects back to them everything we’ve discussed in our session together.


It literally blows their minds!

I love to see their reaction and they look at me as if to say; ‘How does she do that?’

 I don’t do anything of course. Our thoughts are made of energy and that energy is projected onto the cards meaning that the right card for the right person will show up at the right time.


It’s easy – try it for yourself!

If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself or better still, watch this video of me talking about the magic of the cards.

The key is to find a way to make the Smiley Thought Cards part of your everyday life and recognise that they are a priority. I mean if you can’t spare 2 minutes to do something fun which has a huge positive impact on how everybody in the family feels, then I wonder if you need to re-think your schedule.

Think about it: only 2 minutes for a HUGE difference!


Are you willing to try?

Since I wrote my first blog post about the magic of my Smiley Thought Cards, and sold 350 boxes, I’ve discovered 30 ways to style out the cards and help you inject magic, love, encouragement and positivity into your home.


1. Returning to School

Some children find transitions hard. I know I find it hard to get int work mode when I’m returning from a holiday. Watch this little video clip to see how the cards can help with that.




2. In the Car

Get off those screens on long car journeys or pick a card when you’re stuck in morning school run traffic. Find a little home for them in the coffee well or back seat pocket so they are in easy reach.



3. In the Calm Down Corner

When your child’s emotions are running high, create a quiet safe space to calm down and use them to help you. Change your thoughts – change your feelings.


4. In a Bag by the Door

Tip them into a cloth bag and hang them by the door. Get your child to do a Smiley Lucky Dip when you leave the house.


5. Stick them to Mirrors

Children look in the mirror to brush their hair or clean their teeth. Fix your cards to the mirrors with blue tack and read them together over and over until those magical words become part of your child’s inner dialogue (and yours!). Making eye contact and really meaning it may feel funny at first but it’s very powerful.


6. Fridge Door

Same with the fridge door. How many times do you and your child go there every day? Another card, another positive thought, another smile! Have a card of the week and change them up depending on what is on your radar at that time.


7. On the Desk

Homework can be a huge bone of contention for so many children. Get your child to pick a card before starting homework so their brain is in the right place to focus and learn.


8. As Reading Practice

Or instead of a bedtime story. Read the words out loud. What you tell your brain it believes so make sure your child gets to hear and feel all the good stuff.


9. In the School Bag

This is a great one for children who are struggling at school or have separation anxiety. It’s a reminder to focus on the good. I am safe and protected is a popular Smiley Thought Card when children are being bullied at school or find it hard to be away from you.


10. Ask for Help

At any time with anything when you are stuck, ask the cards: ‘What do I need right now?’ and the answer will be shown to you. Don’t be surprised if you already knew the answers. You have all the answers inside of you. Sometimes they just need a little poke. This applies to you and your child because Mums like these cards too!


11. On the Bedside Table

Great way for your child to drift off to sleep thinking about what is good about life instead of worrying about what tomorrow may or may not bring. This is called Gratitude


12. On the Doors

As you move from room to room there is a message for your child to remember. Children are so very visual and so with repetition, they will become what they see. Some children will quote Smiley Thought Cards to me during a session and it’s then I know that they have internalised what they need to.


13. Under the Pillow

Leave a little boost of encouragement or love under their pillows. It’s so nice to be reminded of why we are loved and if your child’s love language is ‘words’ this will mean the world to them. Not sure? Find out what your child’s love language is.



14. Make a Treasure Hunt

This is such a fun game. Tell your child you have hidden 5 Smiley Thought Cards somewhere in the house and they have to go and find them. Afterwards talk about the cards and connect with them on an emotional level.



smiley thought card reading with poppy15. Story Telling

Use the pictures to tell a story. Shuffle and pick 5 cards, get your child to make up a story around the pictures they see. Guide them by asking questions:

  • What can you see here?
  • What do you think that means?
  • Does that remind you of anything?
  • How do you think that feels?
  • I wonder what will happen next?

Be encouraging and playful. Listen and be interested. Resist the urge to interrupt or do it for them. It’s a great way to get an insight into what is going on for your child right now or how they see themselves.

16. In the Lunch Box

Pop a card inside an envelope so your child knows you are thinking of them when they are at school. We take it for granted that our children know we love them, but sometimes you have to show them.


17. Pump Yourself up for School

Help your child, pump themselves up for school. Especially on days when there is a test or exam or a subject that they are not that engaged with. Or maybe when they are super sleepy and school feels like hard work. Show up at school in the confidence zone and ready to learn. 


18. Do the Slide

I can guarantee that your child will love this one as it makes for some care free silliness to lighten the mood. The video below tells you more.

19. With Music

Music can really raise your vibration – think ‘I’m Happy’ by Pharell Williams or Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. Put on your family’s happy song to jump about and discharge some of that unwanted energy or release some worries or sad feelings. When you are done, pick a Smiley Thought Card. You may want to even do the slide (see previous point).


20. With Relaxation

All of my clients do a guided relaxation before bedtime, here is one I’ve created which is guaranteed to make you feel better. Get your children to lie down and do the relaxation with their eyes closed. While they are doing that, pop a Smiley Thought Card on their tummies or by their feet. Tell them they will have a special message waiting for them when they are done.

You can also listen to me read the Smiley Thought Cards to your child in my Smiley Sweet Dreams Bedtime pack, so that their brain is absorbing all those beautiful words while they are in a relaxed state.


21. To Connect

If you have read my eBook ‘How to Rediscover The Magic of Parenting in a Busy World.’ then you will understand the importance of connection and how that allows you to parent in a way that doesn’t mean you have to control behaviour. You can’t do that anyway. Children have to be in control of their own bodies and learn their own way. Use the cards to connect daily – if only for 10 minutes so you can really start to meet your child in the place they are in. Not only will you make a massive difference to their world, it will enhance your relationship to the point where you will see more co-operation. Imagine that!


22. After A Fall Out

Use the cards to help you learn from the experience and work through how things could be done differently next time. We call this a do-over and it helps us to learn from our conflicts and our mistakes, instead of feeling bad about them. My Friendship Be Your Own Best Friend Course is also a great way to learn how to deal with tricky friends and get the friendships which bring out the best in you.


23. When You Feel Lonely

There are times in life where we may feel that people don’t understand us and that is a lonely place. The cards always understand us and are there as a great source of comfort. You can share your good times and bad times with them.


24. In Stressful Situations

I did a 12 Days of Christmas campaign and used the cards to help us find our way through the stress and potential drama that Christmas brings. These 12 little videos contain nuggets of wisdom and can be applied to a move, a change, disappointment, loss or any stressful situation. 


25. To Be Brave

The cards are great to use when your child is about to try something new or they’ve started to get on the worry train and think that they can’t do something. Anything is possible when you know how. Use the cards to shift your child’s mindset so they can get the most out of life.

Read how Poppy used the cards to feel more relaxed about her choir performance.


26. To Make a Decision

Life is full of uncertainties and lots of us worry that we won’t make the right decision. The fact is you can’t make a wrong decision because whichever way you go, there will be adventures to be had, new people to meet, things to learn. Life is about having fun but if you or your child get stuck and really can’t make up your mind, pull a Smiley Thought Card and then you will know.



27. Boredom Buster

When your child is at a loose end and doesn’t know what to do, give the cards a shuffle to instantly provide inspiration and refocus. Contrary to what people believe, it’s good to be bored. Some of my best ideas have come from the silence.


28. After a Bad Day

When things don’t quite go according to plan, your cards are on hand to help your child feel good about who they are again. Do you get it? The cards are there to make you and your child feel good whenever you need them to and whatever the situation. Once you start using them, you will want to go back to them again and again.


29. Get Alexa on the Case

For those of you who have an Amazon Alexa, your child can now get their Smiley Thought Cards read to them for FREE, and by another child. Simply say ‘Alexa! Play Happy Thoughts!’ and see what happens. Whenever your brain needs a confidence boost you’ve got it! This was a joint project with ‘The Little Book Magazine’ that you can read more about here.


30. To Solve A Problem

Use the ‘Inner Smile Card Spread’ to go within and work out what you need. Any tricky situation can be worked through with a little introspection and reflection. Watch me explain how to do that here.

Don’t let your cards gather dust in a drawer

Get them out and proudly show them off. They are a great way to bring families together and to encourage communication and understanding. Hold them, talk to them. Get to know them like you would an old friend. They want to help you. What is your favourite card? My all time favourite is the duck and you can read how he became my favourite when I made a special trip to New York.


Spread a little Smileyness

If you know somebody who could do with some good energy in their home right now, forward them this message and tell them how much you love your Smiley Thought Cards. When we feel good, it makes a massive difference to family life – for us and for them. You won’t regret it.

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