Wouldn’t it be wonderful to play and work at the same time without exerting any extra energy?

You can appreciate how excited I was when I discovered this quite by accident, and at a time when I needed it the most. I had so much to do: in the end, I was doing nothing apart from worrying about how much I had to do!

My new year arrived late with an influx of new clients and an MSN journalist who wanted some tips for a Warburton’s sponsored article about a brighter start to your day .  Then came a second journalist who had read another one of my blog posts and wanted to include me an article for Woman’s magazine. Wow!

Then life literally turned mental –  too much for one pair of hands!

Half-term brought with it workshops and my birthday (shall we say that Valentine’s Day was full of cards but not from admirers). The month ended in an altruistic flourish for Ladies Day; a shopping & pamper day that raised £700 for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

If you have to-doers paralysis, move away from it + switch on your creativity

You don’t have to be the next Van Gough or Beethoven to get creative. All it means is making something that didn’t exist before or reworking something from it’s current form to a different one. You can creatively solve a problem, style your hair differently, rearrange your home or garden or cook a meal. You are probably more creative than you realise.

For those of you who noticed I went missing from the world of blog

During my blog absenteeism, I didn’t park my creativity.  In fact I don’t think we ever do as it is part of who we are and a very basic driving force common to us all.  If we let it.  If we know how to find it and tap into it. I spent some very valuable time at a creative writing workshop.

“Writing with Spirit” taught me how to combine the wonders of the Universe, with breathing, my brain and my intuition or my higher self as some may call it. That was all captured with a good old-fashioned pen and paper. The powerful part was saying my words out loud; it brought out some very raw emotion that was totally unexpected.

Your internal chatterbox has a huge influence on how you feel

The first 10 minutes was spent sitting in blissful silence.  This was followed by a full 6 minutes of writing as fast as my hand would allow.  Sometimes referred to as ‘The Stream of Consciousness’ but to you and I,  the rubbish downloaded from my head and onto paper.  It went a little something like this: ‘What’s so and so was thinking? Did I eat too much yesterday? What was I doing here?  Should I be at home doing work?  Did I bring the right food for the shared lunch?! Had I returned calls? What was I going to do about this and that?

Seriously, I wrote drivel – utter drivel that made me wrong or inadequate. The lower self does ONLY that and never serves us well. That is why through coaching I spend a lot of time getting my clients to concentrate on what they are thinking.  Bringing into awareness the way they speak to themselves and how their internal dialogue has a huge impact on their emotions.

What else do you need to be creative?

Stimulation  – the workshop was held in a beautiful old house with a garden and that provided stimulation for all the senses – I saw blue skies, smelt lavender in the garden, felt the warmth of the sun on my skin and heard the traffic on the road outside.

Timing – saying there isn’t enough time is a block in itself.  It’s resistance to doing what needs to be done.  I had allocated the day to be creative and so I had given myself permission to indulge.  It didn’t take as long as I thought to get in the zone.

Remove distractions – this may be email, telephone, tv, radio.  I personally like writing to music as this puts me in a good mood.

The 3 Ss – space, silence and stillness. We combined yoga and meditation techniques in between writing and it worked wonders.  This gives your mind to shift from chatter mode and into your imagination

Repetition & routine – to stay in shape your mind needs to be exercised daily

So next time you are stuck or bogged down with life, don’t give it too much thought

Go out and enjoy yourself.  Whilst your brain takes time out, your subconscious still continues to work on your behalf.  By taking your mind off what you are stuck with, your mind will keep working in the background and present you with a solution. How clever is that?!

I’ve also just realised that would also explain why I dream about things I need to know about.

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