How does it work?

What coaching or support do I get with my course?

There are 3 ways you can get support while you are doing your course.

  1. You can start a new thread in the online discussion & support forum – Watch this video and find out how. The other families who are doing the same course as you may be glad that you spoke up or it may be something which has come up for somebody else. You can learn from each other.
  2. You can email me directly and if it’s something I can quickly answer I will.
  3. If your needs become more complex during the course (they shouldn’t do as the course content is designed to do what it says on the tin, but sometimes this happens), you can book a Speak to Smiley video call where we will have a 121 session to deep dive into your specific challenge.

Be patient. Trust yourself!

Like anything new, I’m sure it will take you a few attempts before you get the hang of it, but don’t let that be a big thing in your head or stop you from having a try. There is an email help function so you can message me directly. Help is always close at hand.

How easy is the Online Learning Den to use?
It is soooo easy and you can access your course on the go – tablet, phone or laptop.

Watch this video and see how you can easily navigate through your course.

Like anything new, I’m sure it will take you a few gos before you get the hang of it, but don’t let that be a big thing in your head or stop you from having a try. There is an email help function so you can message me directly. Help is always close at hand.

How do I know what course to buy?

Each course explains clearly what is involved. All courses lead to the same place – a happy healthy family. If you don’t know where to start, you can  use this helpful infographic or you can watch this video

If you still can’t decide, then you can come to the Energy Pod which is my weekly live class. Then you and your child can get to know me a little better.

How do I explain online coaching to my child?
Keep it really simple, light and age appropriate. For example, when you are trying to get your child to engage in your online learning pack or master class, it’s all about the language you use and what you call it. If you make it fun, your child will respond accordingly. If you make it sound like school or hard work or about your agenda, it’s very likely they will lack enthusiasm too.

How about saying something like: ‘There is a special show with Smiley on the iPad which I want to watch. It’s going to help us have a calmer happier family. I really want that for us because I love you. We need pens, paper and it’s going to be a lot of fun. I thought we could watch it together because I’d really love to spend some time with you.’ *smile and relax*

If your child is resistant, you watch it and leave them to play nearby. If they hear something that is meant for them, they will come over. 

So for a Speak to Smiley Call, I would say something like:

‘So wouldn’t it be fun to have some special time with Smiley to talk about all the wonderful things you have been doing since you started. You can also tell her the bits that were a bit tricky and she will listen really carefully so she can help you with that.’


I don't think my child will like it or I'm worried they won't do it
Is this true or is this your fear?  If it is: get out of your child’s way and let them discover that for themselves!!!

If your child likes watching TV or YouTube, there is a very big chance they will watch this class. If you are watching it with them and there is a chance for you to snuggle and be close, they are going to want to do it. No child is going to turn down that opportunity. Children are constantly sniffing out your love and approval so if it’s up for grabs, they will be there.

Sometimes parents say their child won’t like or won’t do something because of their own stuff and they haven’t even asked their child. Granted there will be some children who don’t like it, but give it a go and try. You won’t know unless you try! You may even be surprised how your child responds…lots of people often are!

How do I get my child involved + engaged?
In all my years of coaching, I see how children engage based on your approach to coaching. If you are excited, enthusiastic and positive, then they will be on board. They may not approach it the way you would and that’s OK. They may not sit still and want to do other things while they listen. Please let them. Trust that everything they need to hear at the right time will be revealed to them (and to you!).

The courses are written with a big dose of fun and creativity. They are light-hearted and practical. That’s how Smiley rolls and children relish the opportunity to draw and write about their lives. It’s nice when somebody is interested in YOU isn’t it? When you feel seen and heard for who you are.

This is also why I say tackle your struggle as a family. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are the only one with a problem and actually in most families, that is not the case. The family is a system and everybody has their part to play. You are all energetically feeding off one another. Everybody needs to take responsibility for their part. It really helps if the big people in the family can guide and gently lead by example. Everybody gets involved and if you are leading the way, they will follow. 

If you want to see me in action and introduce them to Smiley, come to my weekly workout at The Energy Pod. This is a weekly online class which puts those all important Smiley teachings into practice. 

Doesn't my child need to be with you so you can help them?
No. Most of the work and processing is done by the child and is done between sessions. We can’t see it because it’s what I call: joining the dots. The information goes from their brains (self awareness) into their hearts and souls. It takes time and sometimes repetition for them to find their way with it but eventually they do. What also helps is the worksheets and putting pen to paper (whether that is drawing or writing it doesn’t matter), it cements their learnings. Discovering and learning needs to be fun and relaxed with no pressure for desired outcomes.

The children are the ones who do the work. Not me! They are the ones who have the answers they need to take them beyond their struggle and my coaching programmes are simply brilliant at asking the right questions and leading them on that path. That is what coaching does. The courses are tried and tested and their content gives your child what they need to feel better. Check out the testimonials to see how people feel about working with me. 

I'm not good with technology and don't think this is for us
You don’t have to be a wizard with tech stuff. Besides maybe your children will intuitively know what to do. They seem to know way more than I do these days – I must be getting old. I will guide you through the process and once you’ve done it once and seen how easy it is, you won’t look back. It only becomes a block to coaching if you see it that way in your mind 🙂 It doesn’t have to be and even though I was resistant to being coached online initially, I realised that it can be just as powerful as face-to-face.
What is a Speak to Smiley Call?
This is for a parent or a child to spend some 121 coaching time with Smiley to address anything related to the online course you have purchased. It is a 45-minute online call made via Skype or Facetime. It is booked and paid for online. You can book a single call or you can book a package of calls.

A Speak to Smiley Call can be used to:-

  • Ask Smiley questions
  • Look at areas in the course where you are  stuck or confused
  • Provide a motivational boost
  • Give insight and an alternative perspective on matters where you are too close or too emotionally involved to see the wood for the trees


Is there a maximum number of Speak to Smiley calls I can book?
No, there is no limit. So long as it is in relation to the online course you have booked, you can have as many calls as you would like or need.
Who is the call for?
It is to support either the child or the parent. I will not coach both of you together. In my experience, children learn and participate more when parents are not present. Each party is entitled to their privacy. Some conversations will not be age appropriate or for little ears.

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