Episode 17

How to Assert Yourself When You’re Conflict Avoidant

Today on The Wildheart Diaries, I’m talking about how being a Wildheart (or a highly empathic and highly sensitive person) means that you’re very likely taking in the energy from your environment and focused on that for the most part, instead of yourself. That can be exhausting. It also means it’s very hard to stay with yourself or stay grounded in your own energy in relationships, especially when conflict arises. 

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Welcome to The Wildheart Diaries

A podcast for brave souls, sensitives and spiritual detectives. Finding yourself after abuse or childhood trauma is a bit like solving a mystery or doing a jigsaw puzzle, without the box. It’s not fun though. It’s hard and it’s lonely. What really helps is having a friend who gets you and sits with you while you figure it all out. That will be me then! Hello, I’m Lisa. I want to share my healing adventures with you – the practical and the woo. I’ve recorded these chats to give you hope, comfort and the courage to follow your wild heart.


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