Group Coaching – You are not alone!

There’s validation and understanding when you realise you are not alone with your struggle. Sharing and talking about how we feel in a safe space is the antidote to shame and helps us to be more accepting of our shadow self (we all have one – you cannot have light without dark).

Group coaching is such a great way to validate your child’s struggle (and yours because you are part of the solution too).


Nobody is perfect and trying to be that way is exhausting

When your child meets with like-minded souls who share the same struggle, it’s amazing how quickly that can shift the way they feel about themselves and their ability to move beyond their struggle. For parents, when you meet other families who get it, it’s the most comforting feeling which helps us be kinder and more compassionate to ourselves. Let’s be really honest: parenting is tough and there is no use pretending.

There are 2¬†ways group coaching can work for you and your family….>>click on each image to find out more information<<

1 -The Energy Pod: Weekly Workout for Your Family’s Emotional Wellbeing


2 – Smiley’s Online Learning Den, Community + Chat Forum

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