The love in me sees the love in you! That’s what Namaste means to me.

It’s such a beautiful expression.

Love is a powerful thing and we often mistake what love is and what it does. I try to write about it in all its different guises. For me it’s a doing word – easy to say and hard to do. You can read my blog posts about:

It’s scientifically proven that people who weave Gratitude into their daily routine are happier, healthier more emotionally resilient. Have you taken my quick and easy quiz to find out how emotionally intelligent you are?

As a recovering perfectionist, I find gratitude really helps when things don’t turn out the way I had hoped. Focusing on what’s missing, what’s wrong or what’s still to come keeps us stuck in space of lack and wanting more. When we focus on what we already have and are grateful for that, or even the opportunity to learn a bit more, it’s a game changer.

Here are some other ways gratitude can switch it around and change the way you feel for the better:-

1) See your child for who they are – remember that tiny soul in there that is learning and needs guidance? They are not their behaviour, their feelings, their words or their meltdowns.

2) Beam love – watch the video at the start of this post which explains how the energy you have in any tricky parenting situation makes a massive difference to how your child sees themselves and how they handle it.

3) Start keeping a gratitude journalthese are the ones I use in coaching or as a family start a gratitude jar.

4) Play Three Things I Love about today as part of your morning routine. It fits in nicely on the journey to school or over breakfast every day.

5) Use these great gratitude conversation starters to spend quality time connecting with your child.

6) Put your Smiley Thought Cards somewhere you can see them like next to the kettle or on the coffee table or kitchen table. Visual cues are great reminders for creating new habits and these 40 positive thoughts will literally marinade you and your child’s brain to see and know the good.


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