Here are some Smiley highlights if you’re short of time…

If you’re Googling stuff because you’re worried about your child, you’re not alone! Listen to the full video and you can hear my discoveries. It may put your mind at rest. 

2:41 Why this gave me a bit of a wake-up call which felt overwhelming (imagine what that must feel like for you guys!).


My Child Is …

3:35  When I typed into Google: ‘My child is….’, this is what came up:

5:02 How parents hinder their children (not intentionally) when their child is being bullied or struggling with high conflict situations.


Why Won’t My Child …

6:00 When I typed into Google: ‘Why won’t my child ….’, this is what came up:

  • BEHAVE – we need to stop judging children’s behaviour and understand their feelings. This is how they communicate with us sometimes. It creates low self-esteem if we keep on labelling our children ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

7:00 Why we are wasting our time troubleshooting and problem-solving children’s behaviour and what we can do instead.


How Can I Help My Child With …

8:49  When I typed into Google: ‘How can I help my child with ….’, this is what came up:

  • ANXIETY – if you’re an anxious parent, it’s likely your child is anxious too. It would really help if you could learn to manage your anxiety, then you will be in a better position to help them.
  • SLEEP – Check out my blog posts The Most Common Reasons Children Don’t Settle at Bedtime and maybe grab my Smiley Sweet Dreams Pack which will get you into a healthy consistent routine around bedtime.
  • LOUD NOISES – your child is quite possibly sensitive. Lots of people don’t like loud noises.
  • OCD – this is a form of anxiety. Anxiety can also be a sign that your child is carrying lots of unprocessed feelings or does not feel safe. Emotional processing and learning about your feelings takes time and is why so many people are loving the Truly Madly Smiley podcast


Why Is My Child So …

10:05  When I typed into Google: ‘Why is my child so ….’, this is what came up:

  • CLUMSY – I’ve got nothing??!
  • CLINGY – this is separation anxiety and you can read more about it in this blog post How to Handle Clingyness without Losing your Cool
  • ANGRY – What an Angry Child Needs will really help you to understand why anger has become such a problem.
  • NAUGHTY – children are not their behaviour but their behaviour tells you exactly how they are feeling!
  • SHY – some children are introverted and don’t need to socialise as much as others.
  • NEGATIVE – this is common with children who have anxiety and low self-esteem. My Smiley Thought Cards will help with this.
  • DEFIANT – this is a call for connection with you and a way of getting your attention.
  • LOUD – Are you a shouty house? Maybe your child is mirroring you. Check out How to Be Heard Without Turning Up the Volume
  • PALE –  Diet? Vitamin D? These are two things which spring to mind. I would check with your GP first.
  • DIFFICULT – you can hear me say why I HATE it when people label their child difficult.

14:21 A lot of these are behaviours you would expect to see in a child, but if you’re an anxious parent then you will need a lot of reassurance. I’ve got something here that will help you with that. You may also like to read this blog  What is normal anyway?

15:15 Why secure attachment is so important to your child and it’s the solid foundation for all their relationships in life.

17:05  Why it’s good for children to be scared in a controlled safe environment.


How Can I Stop My Child …

18:17  When I typed into Google: ‘How can I stop my child  ….’, this is what came up:


How Can I Stop My Child Worrying About …

18:27 When I typed into Google: ‘How can I stop my child worrying about ….’, this is what came up:

Watch my How to Take Charge of Your Worries and Fears video with your child and that might help them understand what happens to their brain when they feel worried.

21:00 How children internalise negative experiences and how coaching can help with that.

22:10 The one thing that people are also searching for a lot is ‘Why are children nowadays so entitled?’ I think this is to do with parenting style. What do you think? I’d love to know. Pop your comments in below.

23:30 The serious effects of bullying and why it’s getting worse.

What is your plan for your child’s emotional wellbeing?

If you or your child are struggling, make sure you get the support you need. There is no shame in reaching out for help, but it is damaging when you are refusing help or hoping it will go away on its own. You also run the risk of long-term mental health issues such as depression, harming and addiction.

You can either ask yourself the following questions or I will give you clear guidance with your very own Coaching Success Blueprint. A detailed, customised report that gives you the answers you’re looking for. 

  • Am I trouble-shooting and fixing? Am I more concerned with how things look and being in control than how things feel?
  • Am I role modelling healthy emotional expression? Or Am I shut down, avoiding uncomfortable feelings and keeping busy?
  • What am I doing to nurture my child’s emotional resilience? Are there daily routines and rituals in place to take care of this?
  • What support do I have to ensure emotional health is a priority? Are you finding it hard to let others in and receive help?
  • What excuses come up for me when I don’t or can’t make this a priority? Are you assigning blame elsewhere and not taking responsibility? You are giving your power away.
  • What are the consequences of not making our emotional health a priority (for me and for my child)?
  • What story am I telling myself, if I need to do something different or make changes to meet our emotional needs? Notice how you judge or shame yourself or others, or need to be right. Notice how you feel afraid of what may happen if you do things differently.


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