Lots of parents’ worry about their child’s future.

I get that. Growing up today is not easy. If I was a parent, I’d be really concerned about our education system and the social media minefield for starters. So what should you be mindful of if you want to safeguard your child’s future success and happiness?

If you follow me online or listen to my kids’ podcast, you may wonder why, oh why does she go on and on about this stuff? It’s true! I devote soooo much time giving your kids Smiley coaching tips. I shout very loudly at parents and insist that you pay attention. Your child is depending on you!

Here’s why all this stuff – emotional intelligence, mindfulness, yoga, meditation and creativity –  changed my life and why I love it so much, AND why I KNOW if you use it and get your kids to use it the right way you’ll love it too. It changes your life in ways that you couldn’t imagine.

You’re laying foundations for the future today!

How come I know what’s best for your child? Well, I don’t but I do know that we currently have a mental health crisis on our hands and emotional wellbeing is not prioritised in families and schools the way it needs to be. I know that suicide is the second cause of death among 10 – 19 year olds and I know that kids cannot cope with the fast paced world we live in. We seem to be intent on medicating children over other more obvious and natural methods which get to the root of the problem. Their little souls are thirsty, hungry and some of them are even hangry! It cannot go on.

I also know what it’s like to be the child who didn’t get those things growing up and I do know that not having those things made life difficult (like wading-through-peanut-butter-with-the-lights-off difficult), lonely, frightening, hopeless and expensive. Lots of us didn’t if we’re honest about it.

It took a lot of therapy to put me back together again! Now at 45, I’m finally becoming the grown-up I was meant to be. #adultingishard don’t you think? I’m truly motivated by my painful experience. I want more for your kids. I want them to feel loved, nurtured, seen and to be all they can be. I’m sure you do too.

I want to use my heartbreak as a learning experience for you and your family. For everything I’ve known on this journey is pure gold. If I can take some of the things I wish I had known growing up and make them part of your everyday life, I will feel like I’ve done my job. I also want to break generational cycles of trauma and reduce suffering in the world. My Dad always said I was too big for my boots – like all good Wildhearts, I didn’t listen to him 😉

Are you following the crowd?

Who else wants to stop waiting for the rest of the world to catch up and safeguard their child’s emotional wellbeing and give them tools to equip them for life? I hope it’s you because we’re running out of time and I don’t know how much longer it’s worth waiting to see if the others make it. Especially the ones running the world who seem to be more caught up in power and money.

I’ve done a lot in my 10 years as The Smiley Coach and am proud to have helped hundreds of children overcome their anxiety and anger. I started out running little craft workshops and wove in the coaching techniques. A bit like grating veggies in your bolognese sauce to nurture their little souls. Before I was in the corporate world and I’ve also been an au pair and a Nanny. I’ve always tapped into the playful, fun element of life. #adultingisserious don’t you think?

Children seem to like me – they stop me in the street to smile which sounds weird right? It’s not weird at all. I was born to do this job and it feels very natural to chat to kids online and send them away feeling braver, confident and more comfortable in their own skin.

It wasn’t always rainbows and unicorns. In 2007 the wheels fell off.

After 6 months of feeling pretty shit, I lost the will. Something saved me. I took a huge leap of faith leaving my corporate job with nothing else to go to. I stayed at home isolating myself and refusing to take my meds, I read. I’ve always been a bookworm and stubborn (or strong-willed as I like to call it!). As a child, books were my safe space and they gave me comfort. I could dive into a book and lose myself. (I recently wrote my first kids novel – Stuck Between Two Worlds inspired by Enid Blyton and my own healing).

A daily habit. Simply books + nature!

Learning about my mind, my body and how it had been affected by years of trauma felt more nurturing for my soul than any prescription drugs could give me. You can check out some of the books I read here. Simply books and nature. Every day, I would put my big winter coat on over my PJs and pop on my Ugg boots to walk all over town. I’d breathe in the fresh air, listen to the birds and watch the river running by. I’d look up and spot shapes in the clouds, I made wishes upon stars and set new moon intentions.

I learnt to fall in love with life again and not with the world that I had been raised in – a perfect one where materialism and how things looked mattered most. It exhausted me, it made me try too hard, feel as if I wasn’t good enough and like somehow I had always got it wrong. No…that I was wrong and I couldn’t find my place in it, no matter how hard I tried.

I learnt how to manage my mindset and not to let my worries consume me, I learnt that I loved to write and found my voice keeping a journal, painting and doodling. I learnt about moving my body and about energy. I discovered that I was actually a ‘highly sensitive person’ and even though that made me good at my job, it also explained a lot of the time why I felt overwhelmed, anxious and angry. I learnt how to manage that too.

That’s what brought me back to life!

And that’s how this daily medicine became my toolkit for highly sensitive kids – I call them Wildhearts. It’s what brought me back to life BUT if I’d had it to start off with, then my story would have been totally different. Mind you, we wouldn’t be here having this nice chat now, would we?

If your kids have watched my free worries workshop, you’ll know that it’s what they’re thirsting for! They will have shown you! Too often we think we know what is right for another person and you know, most of the time we don’t! They need to have the time and space to figure it out for themselves. Of course, it’s much easier (and less expensive) to create that time and space on your terms instead of having it forced upon you like I did.

It’s a choice you can make

It’s something you can choose to prioritise as a conscious parent who isn’t about to risk their child’s emotional wellbeing in any way. The consequences are too high.

Thanks so much for being here and for the chat. I appreciate your time. I know it’s precious in this busy world – the most precious gift we have.

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