Is it how you thought it would be?

Parenting is tough – not for the faint-hearted. Simply by being here, I reckon you want the best and you’re doing your best. I don’t think anybody can be prepared for being a parent. I’m not one but I know how much time, effort, emotion and training it takes to do my job. 

For over a decade, I’ve helped hundreds of families connect with love. Every parent and every child is different, but I’ve found a very unique and light-hearted way to get children to talk, listen and open up so they can move beyond their struggles. Imagine how it would feel to be able to do that too.

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Smiley Resources

From cards, videos & fun sheets to detailed online learning packs; I’ve created a tonne of helpful stuff so the whole family can Get Their Happy On!

From £20

Smiley Podcast

Truly Madly Smiley is the only show where children everywhere get their weekly burst of confidence,  encouragement, love and positivity.


The Energy Pod

A fun, light-hearted weekly workout for your family’s mental & emotional wellbeing with practical tools for handling all your emotions.

£15 per family

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