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Does your child find it hard to sit still, or to settle at bedtime?

Life is busy and stressful. We often get so stuck in our rushing around, that we forget to stop and take a breath.

I want to show you how guided visualisation –  using your imagination and your breathing together – is the easiest way to relax. If you make time to do this every day – you can do it at bedtime if you struggle with worries or to settle at night time. Try this relaxation and then share with me in the comments how it made you feel. 

Want more relaxations for a good night’s sleep? 👇

Sweet Dreams Bedtime Pack


The world won’t slow down. Help dissolve your child’s worries by making relaxation part of your daily routine

🎧 11 Smiley Downloads (120 mins of bliss) to help you feel relaxed, safe and happy.

📕 ‘Reflect on your Day’ Smiley Colourful Printable so before you put the day to bed, you can take stock of what has happened and let go. We need to draw a line under it so we don’t drag it all into tomorrow. This printable has been created with that in mind for you to draw or write down your worries or anything you want to get out of your head before you settle in for the night.

🎬 Invite Your Worries To Tea coaching activity where Smiley invites you to invite your worries to tea, make friends with them and to stand up to them when they are being unkind or unhelpful. Nobody wants friends like that taking up space in their head, do they?!

📕 Get Your Worries Out of Your Head Journaling Page when you write your worries down and set them free from your head, they lose their power. They get bigger and bigger when they rattle around in your head.

🎬 3 Bonus videos and additional resources to help with bedtime, relaxation, and mindfulness for children who are anxious or have busy brains that find it hard to switch off at night time.

I just wanted to provide feedback on your online learning tools. My 10-year-old daughter was very resistant but now LOVES your fun podcast and calming Sweet Dreams Relaxation  Pack. We bought it to help her transition back to school. It has totally transformed bedtime for us and as a result, has really positively impacted the whole family and our stress levels. Long may it continue – Thank You!

“It makes me sad when he is lying in bed yawning and he says, ‘Mummy, I don’t know how to sleep, help me’. Thank you so much for the relaxation pack. My Son loved it. We listened to it together then when I left him to say goodnight he said he was going to spend some more time fishing at his lake with his Grandad. Worked a treat. He loves all the stuff you do and said when can we see Smiley again!”

Sweet Dreams Bedtime Pack


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