Oh I cannot deal with all this drama. It feels like the fear of the virus is stronger than the virus itself. The energy of fear is spreading like wildfire, and isn’t that contagious?

How do you cope with fear?

I understand how fear works. I get that some of us need to take control when we are afraid – hello panic buyers – whilst others tend to minimise the fear to feel safe.

What’s your style? You may want to check out my stress response training to learn more about yourself.

I don’t have my head in the sand because that would be denial but I find perspective to be a great leveller. I went to Morrisons this morning and got everything I wanted. I came home, washed my hands and sat down to write to you.

I’ve also found a little humour super helpful to change up my energy and lighten the mood.

You have to do what is right for you.

You can trust yourself to do the right thing for you and your family. You really can. I’ve gone within using my favourite soothing and reassuring tool of the moment because it grounds my energy and turns the volume down on my fearful voice.

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I refuse to get swept up in the drama that is playing out online. I am very sensitive and intuitive. I feel the ‘noise’ when I launch an app in my phone and yesterday when I did it, I felt my body go hot and the fear rise up in my chest and tummy.

I take responsibility for my fear.

I own it and I take appropriate action and take care of myself.  I don’t worry about what anybody else is doing because I know what is right for me!

And that is the key to facing our fear isn’t it, because it’s part of life. There are so many unknowns and trusting ourselves is the key to getting through the tricky bits.

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Want some reassurance + support?

In this post, you’ll find my list of recommended Smiley resources for you and your family to manage your fear – without making it wrong, shaming it, dismissing it or denying it, but using this situation as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Stay in your power!

Do not give it away to media hype, other people’s drama or the collective fear which is rising to a frenzy and dragging us under.

What’s more important is role modelling appropriate responses to fearful situations

Children pick up on our fear. They feel unsafe and they notice when we are afraid. If you work with children have your own children, or see children, find a way to let them know that we are taking care of them and that they are safe.

Simply remind them: ‘We’ve got this. It feels strange right now and scary but that’s OKAY, we will get through it together. Keep talking to me and let me know how you feel so we can help you with that. I’m here for you.’

Don’t make up stories, deny or dismiss their fear – acknowledge it and help them understand it. Be as honest as you can in age-appropriate language to share with them what is happening. Try to stick to routines or create a new routine around what is happening because repetition and consistency will help create a feeling of safety. 

Although it may be hard to witness and feel like there is nothing you can do, simply allowing and witnessing their feelings, will provide them comfort. To known that we are seen, heard, understood and supported is very comforting. Allowing the feelings will help them pass quicker. There are lots of downloads on how to work through feelings in the feelings library here. 

It may feel like it’s out of our hands, much of life is, but we can always CHOOSE how we respond to life. Talk and give choices. Let them feel like they have some control.

Take care of yourselves and remember to zip up your energy!

Smiley Fear Fighting Resources

– Ground your Energy – 

Feed your mind uplifting and wise words to feel safe with these soothing relaxations. 


– Tune in, Understand + Make a Plan –

Tune in to the Truly Madly Smiley podcast and understand more about how your fear works and how you can take care of you. The brand new Comfort Zone series is 10 Courage Chats – 10-15 minute pep talks to help you and your child navigate the choppy waters of change. You can go from Scared to Smiley in 10 Simple Steps and at the end of each chat, you’ll be ONE step closer to overcoming your fear or reaching your goal. This way sustained growth is incremental and NOT scary at all.



– Learn How to Fight Your Fears with Ruby –

Read Stuck Between Two Worlds and follow Ruby on her adventures as she learns to overcome her fears. You will learn so much from her and she will show you how easy it is when you know how!


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