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The Energy Pod is classes can be booked online here.

If any of you struggle with expressing your anger, my online learning pack ‘How to Tame Your Angry Dragon’ is a step-by-step practical coaching course which will support parents who are experiencing a very angry or defiant child. I would also suggest reading the blog ‘What an Angry Child Needs’.

Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Love Notes are all about self care and you can find them in my free Resources Library.

Siblings without Rivalry is a great book if your kids are fighting and can’t seem to get along.  You can find it in my free Resources Library. I also wrote a blog post with a summarised version of that book here.


Extending your learning with courses mentioned in this video

You can find all these courses in my online shop. 

‘No More Power Struggles’ is my Boundary Bootcamp for parents who react instead of respond. Reduce the stress today!

Rediscover the Magic of Parenting in a Busy World * 37 page eBook with a step-by-step guide to make connection parenting part of your family life.  * A Smiley-Ometer to note down your learnings and track what works and what doesn’t  * 2 Smiley Coaching Videos so you can master the art of using love languages. You’ll be amazed at how easy and powerful it is! 

The Energy Pod Collection is a family coaching bundle. As fun and easy as watching Netflix to grow your emotional literacy. Your child will thank you for it because they will feel less anxious and much happier. You get eight 45-minute videos and can choose from 22 different energies including * DISAPPOINTMENT * WORRY                  * NEGATIVITY  * ANGER  * SADNESS  * OVERWHELM  * SENSITIVITY  *MINDFULNESS 

Here’s what one Mum who has completed the Boundaries Course – No More Power Struggles said:

We’ve noticed that since we have started to show our daughter EMPATHY – especially when she is mad or frustrated that her feelings pass so much quicker. It’s taking patience and commitment to stop our old way of doing it, but I can see that over time we’re remembering. It’s like you said, we weren’t shown empathy by our parents growing up BUT it is a skill that we can learn. We’re doing it! It feels much easier, we’re less intimidated by her big emotional outbursts, and she is much calmer!”


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