Free Monthly Meet Ups

for Your Wildheart Wellbeing

You’re invited to join our fun, creative & caring community of sensitive souls committed to their emotional wellbeing. The more, the merrier… bring your friends!

Journal in your Jammies live session with Lisa 

last Wednesday of the month
08:00pm – 9:00pm

pyjamas, or whatever feels comfortable & cosy for you


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This year, it’s all about bringing us together for a huddle.

If you’ve read my book, you’ll know that Nettie takes Ruby to a cosy campfire huddle to meet her Wildheart friends, where they all find a sense of belonging and acceptance as they talk and learn about each other’s lives as sensitive Wildhearts.

On the last Wednesday of every month, I’ll be hosting a FREE Journaling in Your Jammies live session where we’ll do exactly that!

You’ll be invited to journal along with me in your PJs. I’ll begin with some light relaxation and then we’ll all journal together by candlelight to calm music. 

It’s a chance for us to get to know one another, for you to meet me, ask me your questions, and for you to feel the power of group healing.

Journaling is one of my favourite ways to clear my mind and get curious about what it is I need to know. Life is busy, isn’t it? It’s hard to make time to slow down and listen, but my wish for you in this beautiful community is that you find that rhythm and over time, you write your way back to your heart.

You’ll leave with less anxiety, and more clarity. You’ll feel lighter, brighter and more positive about who you are and what you want for the month ahead.

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“Journaling transformed my relationship with myself! It grew my confidence, sharpened my intuition and turned down the volume on the circus in my head! Finally, I could hear my own voice and work out who I really was and what I wanted from life. I want to help others find a consistent journaling practice and discover the magic for themselves.”

Lisa Parkes, Intuitive Coach, Mentor & Spiritual Detective

You have such a lovely delivery. If you ever stop doing this for a living, you could be a comedian. In between the tears, I’ve been laughing out loud! Thank you Lisa!

Lisa, you’re incredibly talented at what you do! The feeling of safety you bring is amazing. Thank you!”

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