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For families who want to get real with how they feel

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Catch up with a replay!

“We’ve stuck our happy place on our bedroom door to remind us to go there when we wake up……”
“We used our Buddha Belly breathing on a visit to the dentist……we used ours for car sickness on a long journey.”
“Thank you Lisa. We’ve loved this. Everything you do gives me a moment to reflect and ground myself.”
“I have become a better Mum since meeting you. Yes I slip sometimes, but I try. I am a lot prouder of my children and I don’t get embarrassed by emotions. I allow them to happen. We talk about them more.”
“We’ve learnt that it’s OK to be angry and why it can sometimes feel so strong….and that’s OK too. I feel I can deal with that now.”
“I like your idea that other people’s feelings can stick to you like Velcro and now we know how to stop catching other people’s feelings which will come in very handy at school.”
Happy Families Everywhere!

Are you or your child sensitive?

Do you have big feelings which sometimes get the better of you?

How would you like to get comfortable with all your feelings and learn fun, easy and practical ways to live with them? Well you can every week with Smiley at The Energy Pod. I want to work with families who are committed to making this all important self care a priority and role model it to their children.  Watch the video (above) to find out what happens in class!


Everybody has their own version of happiness

Happiness is a state of mind. It’s the ability to understand yourself and your emotions.

⭐ The ability to be emotionally resilient when it all goes a bit wonky.

⭐ The ability to remain calm and recognise what your emotions are telling you.

⭐ The ability to sit with our most uncomfortable feelings and not react but respond. This stuff takes practice and we learn through repetition. None of us have got it completely nailed and all of us are human and have days where life gets the better of us.

Parents bring their child to coaching when things reach fever pitch

With The Energy Pod, you won’t get to that place because you will have the knowledge, confidence and tools to handle any emotion that comes your way. Your child will be on board too. What a team! This will strengthen your relationship and your understanding of each other which will make those challenging fraught parenting moments so much easier.

You can find out more about The Energy Pod here …

Why have you created The Energy Pod?

The truth is lots of us (big and small people) live with anxiety. We live in a crazily busy world where overwhelm is fast becoming the norm for lots of us and we are too busy to do anything about it. Oh the irony.

We are addicted to the busyness.

What are we all running from? One of my most well read blog posts is The Letter to a Busy Mum. It’s like this perpetual state of doing -doing-doing has got us on the run and we don’t slow down. We are bombarded by messages saying do this and do that and look at what so and so is doing and why aren’t you doing that too? It’s a bad habit and it affects our health. It affects our child’s health. They live in a space where we are stressed and angst ridden and it’s like head lice, it spreads like wildfire into their little hearts and minds. Sadly, they don’t have the strategies to deal with this. They don’t learn this stuff at school and if we are taking society’s lead, then we aren’t teaching it to them either.

It starts with us …

If we are showing our children that we are prepared to work on our stuff (yes we all have stuff, none of us are perfect), then they feel more accepted for the way they are. They have a long way to go in terms of catching up with us and sometimes we can’t tell them or teach them, they hear us when we show them.

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How do we know if it's for our family?

If you are not sure, why don’t you give it a go?

Signs that our emotional or mental wellbeing are suffering are:

  • We are struggling to sleep or relax (we have busy brains that we can’t switch off)
  • We feel overwhelmed or spend a lot of time worrying about things which are out of our control
  • We have lost our appetite or are eating a lot of sugar
  • We are reliant on caffeine to make it through the day or we are reliant on alcohol to destress and wind down
  • We have become a shouty house or are often on the brink of emotional meltdowns
  • We live with  ADHD, ADD, Autism or SPD which means we find it hard to regulate our feelings
  • We have been bullied and have lost our way
  • We feel resentful, cranky and overstretched (we find it hard to say no)
  • We are impatient and expect others to change so that we feel ok
  • We have low self esteem or lack confidence in our ability (self doubt looms and we are seeking validation)
  • We are easily triggered by other people’s words or behaviour and can get easily angered or upset

So how do we know the state of our emotional and mental health? We don’t and lots of us don’t do daily practices (or habits or rituals) which help our mental and emotional health. Read this blog post for 10 Obvious Signs of A Stressed Child that Parents Often Ignore. So what happens is, we leave it until it manifests in maladaptive behaviour before we take action.

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We have Smiley Thought Cards so do we still need to come?

“We have all the Smiley Thought Cards, downloads and have watched the videos but we only use them when things reach crisis point.”

We all know that eating our five a day and cleaning our teeth is part of taking care of our physical health. We know that if we don’t drink enough water, we become thirsty and sometimes dehydrated. We visit the Doctors when we get sick but in the meantime, we take care of our bodies and limit things which we know aren’t good for us like sugar, alcohol and refined foods.

Prevention is better than cure …

In my job, lots of people bring their children to coaching when they have reached fever pitch: too angry, too out of control, not sleeping, too worried, too stressed and then they want me to ‘fix’ it. I don’t fix children because we are all broken but what I do wish more than anything is that we would give our children the tools to deal with their emotions.

How does it work?

  • Book your class online for £10. Each week we will follow a similar format (so children learn through repetition and it’s easy for you to replicate at home) but we will also follow a theme. Sometimes if the children get involved I follow their lead and go off piste! It’s about the energy of the group and what is right for you. 
  • Prior to the call you will be sent a link so you can join the call. Make sure you have a Facebook account or know somebody who will let you use their account.
  • After the class, you will be sent any follow up materials, downloads and bonuses.

When and Where?

Every Monday at 5pm for 45 minutes. Each workout is recorded so if you book and you can’t come, then you will be emailed a link to the playback. You can buy replays and worksheets from previous classes here. The results you get from a replay is just as powerful.

Where do they take place?

From the comfort of your own home. You click on a link and enter a closed Facebook Group where you can access the class. You can watch it on a tablet, your phone, a laptop or even stream it through your TV. This is a one way broadcast where you cannot be seen or heard. You can interact with the class by typing into the chat roll.

How safe are we online?

You are safe in the closed Facebook Group and any comments you type will appear in your news feed (because you are a member of the group but they will NOT be seen by your Facebook friends and family). Members of the group will also see your comment and you will see their comments. Book Now!

How much does it cost?

Each 45 minute class is £10 pay as you go. We do require 24 hours notice in the event of a cancellation. Book Now!

What happens at The Energy Pod?

It’s a new kind of gym where you don’t need any sportswear!

Just as you would work out your body and nourish with healthy foods and water, The Energy Pod is a unique opportunity for you to step out of your busy life and focus on your emotional wellbeing. It’s a fusion of music, fun, yoga, meditation, games, challenges and other Smiley coaching stuff which takes place every Monday at 5pm.

🌈  The Energy Pod takes you from the chaos of everyday life to more moments of calm.

🌈  The Energy Pod strengthens your emotional resilience so you can cope when life goes a bit wonky.

🌈  The Energy Pod brings your family together and gives you a shared goal (you’re all on the same side remember!).

🌈 The Energy Pod is a safe, fun and transformational space for you and your family to regroup, take time out, share, observe, learn and emotionally connect with each other in a positive way.

🌈 The Energy Pod is a place to shake up (motivate and energise) or shake down (relax and wind down) your energy.

🌈 The Energy Pod is a place to slow down and learn the art of being which is vital for healthy mind, body and soul.

Each class is for 45 minutes and will include some physical activities, some fun learning, and an opportunity for parents and children to ask me anything they like about their emotional and mental wellbeing. Each week we will choose the energy of a different feeling to work with. So it’s not just about picking the negative ones you want to work on, but also picking the positive ones so you know how to create those feelings too when you need to.

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Why work with Smiley?

Often called The Smiley Coach, Lisa Parkes is a qualified and experienced Life Coach who works with children aged 7 up. Lisa gives them life skills and practical coping strategies for life’s hiccups. She has helped hundreds of children become self aware and develop a positive outlook on life; beating their fears, worries and stresses about homework, exams, friendship struggles, bullying, nerves and anxiety to name but a few. Lisa is passionate about helping children feel great from the inside out. Her creative coaching workshops and 1-2-1 sessions help children develop self belief, positive thinking and most of all to find their own way without judgement in a safe and trusted environment. Lisa is also the creator of Smiley Thought Cards; positive affirmations which encourage emotional intelligence and connect families with love.

The Small Print

I base my coaching on my Life Coaching Diploma, Child Coaching Diploma and my direct and vast 10 year experience of working with adolescents and children. I draw from my observations and insights as to which techniques and actions have created the most success. I am NOT a medical professional or licensed psychologist. For issues with medical or psychological gravitas, my input is to be considered just that: input. I am not liable for the actions, behaviours, mental or emotional states of my clients (even though I do care about clients and want the best for them, I prefer to refer clients to a qualified alternative professional who is more suited to their needs). Every effort has been made to accurately represent the power of coaching and its potential. However, each individual’s success depends on his or her honesty, dedication, desire and motivation.

Got some more questions? Let me help you …

How safe are we online?

You are very safe with me. I know how to take care of you and your child online so that they feel safe and secure. Your child will feel safe because they are in the comfort of their own home and they will follow your lead. So it helps if you can be confident and comfortable with it all. 

  • The Energy Pod is held using in a closed Facebook Group.
  • People can choose to actively participate by typing into the chat roll or not.
  • I do not share your email address or personal details with anybody.


Our family is private and we don't want to share our stuff publicly

I totally understand and here are some pointers which might help you feel more comfortable about that. Ultimately, it is your choice and if you are still worried, then maybe an online learning pack for you to do in the privacy of your own home or 121 Bespoke Coaching will be better for you. 

  • The class is a one way broadcast so we cannot see or hear you or your child 
  • Sometimes there is nothing for you to share or do…just being there is enough
  • You can choose to participate as much or as little as you wish (you could watch the replay and then you don’t have to be involved in the live part)
  • The Facebook Group is a closed book so it will appear in your news feed because you are a member, but it is not visible to your friends and family (only other people taking the class)
  • The class is set up so that sensitive issues can be dealt with kindness and love
  • Make sure this is not about your shame or your fear that is blocking you from coming. I would recommend reading this blog post to help you with that. Shame is often the voice which makes us wrong and as humans we often are wrong and imperfect. It is safe for you to be that way in life and at this class (just saying…!)

What age group is this for?

I think children age 5 upwards could do this but if you are doing it and enjoying it, they will follow your lead. I can remember working out to Jane Fonda with my Mum when I was little. I so wanted to be with my Mum and grown up like her. Of course and my Mum was happy when she was practising good self care and role modelling it to me. If you are a parent of little ones, then you could come to this class and learn these strategies and exercises and find your own way to introduce them to your child.  Children won’t know how old the other children are at the class because they will be in their own bubble at home enjoying their experience and they will hear what is relevant and necessary for them. The workout with be engaging enough to hold their attention.

A small note about age: I take the Montessori approach to children of different ages learning from each other. Often our fears that something maybe unsuitable, babyish, too grown up or not appropriate for our child can simply be our fears. Parents will often tell me that my branding is aimed at very young children and yes, it’s true: my branding is rainbows and primary colours. However, the reality is that adults could enjoy and benefit from Smiley coaching and often do. Parents are learning through their children. When we get caught up in how things look or seem, we are making a judgement and reflecting what is going on for us. Judgement is fear. That said, obviously you know your child, but be mindful of this. Let them come along and don’t have an opinion on it, see how they find it. Let them discover for  themselves.

How does The Energy Pod differ from 121 coaching or workshops?

My 8-week signature 1-2-1 coaching coaching programme is an intensive burst of face-to-face sessions all lovingly put together specifically for your child’s unique circumstances.

In a creative coaching workshop 10 local children come together to have fun with arts, crafts and games. Well-loved topics are confidence, friendship and worries. A workshop is a safe and relaxed space for children to explore their feelings.

The Energy Pod is a weekly workout fusion of yoga, mindfulness, music, fun, games and laughter designed to give families practical tools which they can take into their hearts and homes to take care of their mental and emotional well being. It is vital for thriving in the busy world we live in and is preventative maintenance for those of us who sometimes find life overwhelming (urrrm that’s most of us isn’t it?!). It gets them committed to making this all important self care a priority. 


We are not free on that day but want to join in

I may introduce other class days and times so make sure you are signed up to the newsletter to stay in touch. The classes will be recorded. So you could book yourself in and get a copy of the recording. The advantage of coming to the live class is that you are able to ask me questions and get involved. Being in the energy of the group is powerful. Think of chicken wings marinading for a BBQ 😉

You can catch up with all the replays here!

How do I explain this to my child?

If it’s your first time working with me, I understand. Think about it like watching a TV programme with some fun activities to draw or write or questions to answer. Like a quiz show or watching Mr Motivator (do you remember him?!) on the TV doing an exercise class. Or if your child is a bit older it’s like watching YouTube or make the comparison with something else they enjoy doing online. If you are comfortable about doing it, then they will be too. It may take a few classes for them to get into their groove but like anything new there is no pressure and no rush. Everybody works to the beat of their own drum. 

My child is resistant or nervous, how do I get them to come?

This is normal we expect them to be when it’s something new. They will take your lead so if you are confident and feeling excited about the class, they will be too. Children will relish this special moment to be close and hang out with you. Especially when we are doing relaxation exercises, you can pull them close and snuggle. I don’t know any child who doesn’t want to do that! What usually happens is you get so lost in the moment having fun that the time flies by and you don’t want it to end. There is no room for boredom in a Smiley live class. You can show them my YouTube channel so they feel as if they know me already. Anxious children are looking for safety so give them age appropriate information and get them excited about coming.


I'm worried something will kick off in class and I won't know how to cope with it

It’s quite common during the class that feelings will come out (sometimes unexpectedly) and this is good. The class is allowing a safe space for your child to empty their emotional back pack. This can feel stressful for some parents but it is a sign that there is some work for you to do here too. When you are triggered by your child’s big feelings, it indicates that you are uncomfortable with those feelings and you might want to explore why.

Please do not allow this fear to stop you from coming to class – what you resist persists so it is likely to happen eventually.

Of course I am on hand during and after the class if your child does have a huge meltdown. Sometimes, it’s good to let it all play out and allow your child to express those feelings and come out the other side. In your loving presence, this is how emotional resilience is strengthened in your child.

How often do we need to come?

How often do we need to come?

I would try and come as often as you are able to, or at least for 6-8 sessions so you and your child are able to create positive habits. It’s through repetition and taking action that the tools you learn become habits. Think of going to the gym, you don’t just go once and forget about it. You go regularly and build up your strength, endurance, speed and technique.

Each week we will choose the energy of a different feeling to work with. So it’s not just about picking the negative ones you want to work on, but also picking the positive ones so you know how to create those feelings too when you need to.

I'm not good with technology and don't think this is for us

‘m not good with technology and don’t think this is for us.

You don’t have to be a wizard with tech stuff. Besides maybe your children will intuitively know what to do. They seem to know way more than I do these days – I must be getting old. Like anything new, the first time you do it, may take some getting used to. Sometimes our fear of things new makes us think we can’t do it, but when we start rocking out something new, we feel good for mastering it and it’s never as tricky as we think it is. If you are really worried: get in touch and I will help you.

What if this isn't enough to help my child?

What if this isn’t enough to help my child?

I hope to make time to take questions from you and your child about anything which is bothering them. In a group scenario I can’t always give individual feedback but I will try to. I am doing these live classes so that I can reach and support more people as not everybody can make it to workshops and 121 Coaching. If you have a specific issue which you would like to discuss with me book a Parenting Pick My Brain SOS Call  and we can talk other options.

Can I invite my friends?

Can I invite my friends?

Yes of course! The more the merrier. You could also be helping somebody else’s family.

You can send your friend the link to sign up. Just cut and paste it into a text or an email. www.smileyforlife.com/energypod  

Is the replay worth doing? How can it be as powerful as the live class?

Each class is recorded and posted here for people to buy afterwards. The live video stays up in the Facebook Group until the weekend so if you want to buy a ticket and watched the replay from in there you can. Your comments will be acknowledged and your questions answered by Smiley.

I think the replay is just as powerful. That could be because children have different learning styles and take different lessons from class. Read this testimonial from a Mum who identified that even though her child has two very different approaches, they both get what they need. Children do know what they need and often we underestimate that.

“Thank you for this week’s class. It was great. My two really enjoyed it. They both have very different approaches which seems to work for them. My 8 year old son wants to do it separately on the replay link. Whereas, my daughter is very outgoing and wears her heart on her sleeve. She prefers the live class with you. My son likes to do it on his own with his headphones on. He wrote pages on the negativity class. I was gobsmacked as he often keeps his feelings to himself and it sparked a conversation with a difficulty he is having in the classroom.”

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