How can we prioritise emotional wellbeing in learning spaces…

 … so that children can enjoy stress-free learning and reach their full potential?

Stress is the biggest obstacle to learning. It’s also highly contagious and unmanaged becomes toxic. Constant stress, not only impacts our health, but it negatively impacts our ability to learn, our tolerance of each other, and it manifests in children as maladaptive behaviours. Children who are exposed to toxic stress exhibit poorly developed executive functioning skills, lack of self-regulation, self-reflection and reduced impulse control.

Imagine your learning environment is a greenhouse full of stress. All your time is spent reviving and saving the plants. Your primary focus to teach becomes frustrating, unmanageable and another source of stress. Instead of controlling the uncontrollable, it makes more sense to detox and readjust the greenhouse, so the plants can take care of themselves!

‘Lisa’s vibrant personality meant she was an enthusiastic and positive role model in terms of stimulating the children. She outlined her aims through a succinct presentation prior to starting the programme. She showed inspirational drive and determination providing us with regular feedback – positives and areas for development. The high percentage of attendance (over 90%) reflected the success of the club. Without hesitation, we would invite Lisa back to work with our school again. She clearly has a huge amount of knowledge in this field and successfully delivers her vision with understanding, passion and patience.’ 

Director of Learning, Great Marlow School





Let’s create a stress-free learning space together!

Your greenhouse will be positively blooming with happiness and good emotional health. We can’t eradicate stress from the world but we can be aware of it, manage it and protect ourselves from it. My approach is fun, creative, values-led and collaborative. I work with educators and child practitioners to find easy, practical ways to weave social-emotional learning into their learning environment.

Want to find out more? 

Whether you’re looking for online resources, staff training or inspirational talks, I can help you. To discuss your requirements for a tailor-made programme of activity, schedule a call with me today, or click one of the options below to learn how I work with schools.

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‘Stuck Between Two Worlds’ is the story of a group of strong-willed, sensitive boys and girls who are struggling to fit in. We follow them on an adventure where they learn how to overcome the loneliness, anxiety and anger that comes from feeling like you don’t belong. The book is full of practical tools and helpful insights to grow a child’s self-esteem, confidence and emotional intelligence. There is also a video series to accompany the book which brings some of these tools and concepts to life. They can be used in the classroom or in a therapeutic practice.

Either in person or via Zoom, I offer a range of talks and workshops which focus on the main struggles I see in my coaching practice. I support change and transitions, give children practical tools to thrive in our busy world and focus on emotional-social learning. My wish is that they know how to take care of themselves and their feelings. Even when it gets tough (and it will), I want them to know they are capable of working it out. I also provide staff training on creating emotionally safe learning environments that foster calmer classrooms.

Truly Madly Smiley is a powerful resource that creates a nurturing and engaging learning experience to prioritise children’s emotional wellbeing. Promote the podcast with your students to earn Amazon vouchers for your school  or buy a professional membership and add the podcast to your toolkit. Use it as creative inspiration for lesson planning, in the classroom, to run groups and workshops, as a remote learning resource, or in private practice for clients who need extra support outside of sessions. It covers all areas of social emotional learning and is enjoyed by children aged 8-12 years old. 

“Lisa is kind and I trust her. She made us laugh and we had fun doing lots of activities. At first, I didn’t want to be here, as I thought I was different to have been chosen, but now I’m glad I came and stuck it out. I know it’s OK now to be different and be myself. I feel much happier with myself and have learnt how to trust more. I made two new friends who I had seen around school but didn’t know them very well. Thank you for everything you have really helped me. Hope we see you again soon!” Georgia, aged 10

I’ve shared your fantastic resources with staff and parents.  The Truly Madly Smiley podcast ticks many boxes – mental health, life skills, mindfulness and social-emotional learning. The One with the Frozen Planet was part of our online safety morning assembly.  I watched the children’s faces as they intently followed the story and considered the serious consequences of  too much screen time. They certainly paid attention and we’re keeping the conversation going weeks later.”  Andrea, Head Teacher

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